Shazam | Season 14 Ep. 13 | FAMILY GUY

Shazam | Season 14 Ep. 13 | FAMILY GUY

WORLD”] Oh, cool, somebody put
Billy Joel on the jukebox. Billy Joel? This is Daft Punk. Da Punk? What is that? What– that– that’s
not even words. What are you saying? This is Billy Joel. It’s “Anthony’s Song,”
parentheses, “Movin’ Out.” First of all, it’s
“Moving Out,” parentheses, “Anthony’s Song.” And second of all, this
is 100% not Billy Joel. You know, when they recorded
“Moving Out,” someone left the studio doors open. And that’s why at the end,
you hear that car sales. That’s not true either. No, this is it. He’s talking about going
all around the world, because this Anthony
fella, he’s moving out, you know, to live
with Mr. Cacciatore down on Mowbray Street. And that’s all I’m going
to say about those two. Peter, I’m gonna punch
you with this beer mug till I’m holding
just the handle. Guys, calm down. There’s one way to solve this. I’ll just use my phone. [beep] It says “Around the
World” by Daft Punk. Thank you! God, you idiots are exhausting. Hey, Cleveland, how’d you
do that with your phone? I’m not an idiot. I used Shazam. It recognizes songs and
tells you their names. Yeah? Hey, what if I farted into it? I don’t know. Be my guest. [farting] It says Lana Del Rey. Wow, how do I get
this on my phone? You just download it. It’s a app. What’s an app? They’re little programs you
use on your phone while driving. Oh, man, apps sounds awesome. This is a real game
changer, like the guy who invented wearing a
sport jacket with genes. So what can I do for you? Well, I’ve got to go to church. But I don’t have time to
change from the rodeo. Excuse me. I thought you were helping
me find a look that will let me cling to my youth in my 40s. Yes, I’m interested in cheating
on my wife in Las Vegas. Gentlemen, I think I can
help all three of you.

100 thoughts on “Shazam | Season 14 Ep. 13 | FAMILY GUY

  1. When did family guy so bad? I knew the quality of the shows been going down, but that wasn't even funny. Maybe the jab at Lana del rey , but using a fart joke? Really?

  2. Can't they be funny without cutaways? Having said that, how many more of these can we take? It's the same joke over and over again. I hope Family Guy gets cancelled real soon.

  3. Why Del rey is chosen to be vompared to fart from all the hoes in the music 'industry ' ? The author sucks and have no musical taste.

  4. Its interesting how peter even got a result from Shazam by farting on a cell phone. Thinking You know, I wonder what would happen if I chucked up on a cell phone whilst it was set on Shazam. Holds cell phone in one hand and sticks finger down throat with the other BLUUURRRRRRR. Looks at the result on cell phone It says the ricky garvis show by ricky garvis.

  5. I love Lana Del Rey but omfg i laughed my ass off xD Unlike others i understand its just a joke and everyone has their own opinion 😀

  6. I'm more shocked people still watch family guy. does the demographic of 10 year old children even know who lana del rey is?

  7. Not gonna lie this is where I discovered the shazam app and been using it ever since, never needed to ask what a song was on a video lol.

  8. Shazam probably detected that one song, "Wintertime Happiness (i.e., "I got that wintertime, wintertime happiness…")," from Lana Del Rey.

  9. I honestly wish Quagmire had beaten Peter with that Mug until he was holding just the handle, he can be so annoying!!

  10. so true when he says its a program ppl use while driving,fucking pisses me off ppl cant put down their phone when driving

  11. They will lick the assess of tailor Swift and Anne Murray (who can't even write her own songs) but claims Lana is crap? Lana's fart particles got more talent than all those shitty performers brown nosed by family Guy. That faggot MacFarlane must've busted his eardrums from sucking too many hiv cocks in loud gay bar glory holes.

  12. This makes me very sad as a Lana Fan, But honestly, it just doesn’t make sense, I mean people will tell me that her songs are so sad and depressing, so like why not tears? Or just replace Lana Del Rey with Taylor Swift, that solves that. 💋💋😂

  13. I agree with quagmire. I love the song all around the world and when Peter said it was Billy Joel I got offended 😂

  14. Noone gotta talk about how the app actually exists and works the same way…?

  15. Around the world around the world around the world around the world around the world around the world around the world

    That’s the lyrics your welcome

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