SHOCKING Storefront Transformation | Rustic Makeover

SHOCKING Storefront Transformation | Rustic Makeover

Alexandra: Let’s do this. Hey guys, I’m Alexandra,
a decor expert. Welcome to my series, Make My
Space Work, where I am helping entrepreneurs who are in
desperate need of a change. These are people who have started
their businesses from the ground up and need a workspace refresh. Today I’m helping Cynthia Beretta. She and her husband are the
owners of Beretta Farms. I have a budget of
$900 for this space. It’s my first commercial project,
so I’m feeling nervous but really excited. Make sure you hit that subscribe
button so you don’t miss any more makeovers like this one. Beretta Farms is an organic,
antibiotic and hormone free meat company. Two years into starting our farming
business, we had a devastating barn fire. And, uh, we were very fortunate
that a local Mennonite community came together and helped
us get back on her feet. To this day, what I’m probably
most proud of is not only that we continue to farm, but we also work
with about 40 Canadian farmers across the country. About a year and a half ago,
we moved our, uh, Beretta Farms headquarters out of
the city onto our farm. However, what has happened from
moving our headquarters is we’ve kind of forgotten about our
catering company and our online sales division, which is
still out of the city. We kind of put some pictures on the
wall and didn’t really make it a welcoming environment. I’d really like to see it changed
into a space that when people walk in, they’re like, “Oh,
I’m at Beretta Farms. Of course I’m here – this
is where my order is.” Alexandra, please come and
help me make my space work! As someone who started their own
business, I cannot imagine losing everything two years in. Cynthia’s story really resonated
with me and I feel so inspired that her and her husband
just kept going. They lost everything and instead
of giving up, which I think most people would do, they persevered. I feel a lot of pressure because
this hallway is totally customer facing. It’s the first thing that customers
are going to see when they walk into the space. So I really have to nail it, but
I’m ready to take on the challenge. Being in the space this morning
and prepping, I feel a lot better. I’m so honored that I got to do
this makeover for Beretta and I think it’s going to be good. So, I just wanted to catch you
guys up on a few things, um, that Beretta Farms has already done. They have moved this cooler right
here, so it separates the front door from the rest of the,
like, staff kitchen area. They have also dry walled
over the door here. The door didn’t lead to anything
– it’s their neighbor’s door or something – anyways,
they just covered it up. They never used it. It wasn’t opened in like years
and years, so they could close it. This gives me an amazing
focal wall to work with. The things we have to tackle today
are painting all of these walls, famous Beretta red. When we went to pick up the paint,
the guy said, “So, just so you know, this paint looks really pink
but don’t worry, when you put it on the wall it’ll look red.” So I really hope he’s right
because it’s like a neon pink! Oh Lord. As you can see, I went for a
very bold, red paint color. This is Beretta red, it’s the
color on all of their branding. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend
painting, you know, a room in your house bright red because that’s
going to date really quickly. But if you do want to have fun with
color, pick a low traffic area in your home like a hallway or a
powder room and have fun with it. Pick a bold color! And I really think that this color
was a good choice in this space because it makes an impact and when
customers walk in, they know that they are at Beretta Farms. Friends, it is raining, but I’ve
just come out to grab the piece de resistance for this makeover, which
is the kitchen Island that’s going to be turned into the customer
pickup area / cash register zone. It is a reveal day. We have absolutely
zero time to waste. So I’m going to get started on
refacing this island with some beautiful old barn wood. Now, the thing about this kitchen
Island was that I knew I had to get it secondhand because I wanted
to totally customize it. I wanted to put barn wood all
across the front and the sides, and so it didn’t make sense to go
to the store and get a brand new island and drop like $600. Last one! Woo! This looks so, so good. It’s exactly what I envisioned. And now I can’t wait to put it
at the front of their store. It’s so good! This sounds so stupid. You guys can totally eat me alive
in the comments down below, but to be honest, I didn’t actually know
that what made real barn wood “barn wood” was that it actually comes
from a farm, like an old barn. And I think that’s because you go
to a lot of stores and you see barn wood advertised, but it’s faux. It’s been, like, stained to look
that way or distressed to look that way. If you can take a day trip out
of the city, you can find really authentic barn wood, like the real
deal, for very, very inexpensive. Such a great division of the space. It’s like, I know that this
is where I pick up my order. Walk in, no questions asked,
“I’m here to get my meat.” I left this shelf open specifically
so Beretta could display all of their products. Again, just to make it
feel more like a store. So when customers walk in they
see all of their products and the pickup counter all in one spot. Next up, I’m staining this barn
door because what is a farmhouse style office without one of these? Seriously. And the great thing about this is
that I got this from the hardware store for less than $150. It comes untreated so I’m going to
stain it one of my favorite colors, which is English Chestnut. Well, let’s get started! I’m wearing a white
shirt…perfect, perfect attire for this job. We took the door off in this
corner because it was always open. This door was never closed, and
so it was blocking the wall that I really want to make kind
of the feature wall. I want it to be the first thing
that customers see when they walk in the door. A barn door seemed like the
really obvious solve for this. It’s rustic, it feels
like very farmhouse. When you’re hanging your barn door,
you want to make sure that you’re hitting studs so that it’s
super secure to the wall. So a lot of the hardware comes
pre-drilled because it’s metal. The only thing is, is that the
holes don’t normally line up to the studs. So a good solution for this is
mounting your hardware on wood so that again, it’s super secure. You’re not putting that
pressure on the wall. Um, we just have an
untreated piece of pine here. I’m just gonna screw it into the
wall and then afterwards I’m going to stain this. So it’s going to
match the barn door! Oh my goodness. That is stunning! Now that we have this barn door
in it opens up the back wall and there’s so much potential here to
make this a focal point of this hallway. There are some really exciting
things happening in this space now. We’ve got the barn door, the
red walls, the cash island for customers. Um, but this next piece…I
shouldn’t say this, I should say “he”! Angus is coming in onto the wall. This is just such a fun piece. This is a faux piece of taxidermy. I’ve always wanted to use something
like this, and this is the perfect space to do it. Now, the only issue is, is that,
well it’s not really an issue, but Angus came with horns. So these are his horns. And while I love how the horns make
this piece feel like, like a big statement piece on this wall, I
feel like we’re going to have to take them off because Angus just
needs to be a Black Angus cow. Because that’s what Beretta
Farms has on their farm! If you’re thinking about adding
something to your wall and you want to stray away from a painting or a
framed picture, try something that maybe you wouldn’t traditionally
think to use like a faux taxidermy or a sculpture, or just, like, some
kind of art piece on your wall. It’ll make such a big impact and
just feel a little bit quirky and different. So Beretta had some beautiful
photography taken of their products. But they kept them
hidden in a corner. They weren’t putting them to use. So I am hanging them
on these red walls. What better place? So when customers walk in, they not
only see the physical products that they have in the island, but
also these beautiful photographs. For you guys at home, you could
take this concept and make it your own. You could blow up your kids’
artwork, this always looks really cool, and it looks like
professional art done by your five-year-old. You could frame fabric
or wrapping paper. There’s so many inexpensive ways to
make everyday objects that you love and turn them into art, just
like Beretta has done here. To complete this little customer
nook I’m hanging this beautiful pendant light. And I love this because it’s
plug-in, which is great for rental spaces. You don’t have to
hardwire it to the wall. One thing I would recommend if
you’re going to get one of these pendants is to also get yourself
a really decorative bracket. Xico the contractor just whipped this up in five minutes. I know not everyone
is as handy as him. Um, but there are so many different
brackets on the market, things from, like, simple industrial
ones to really decorative. And I feel like they just finish
your light off, um, and make it look that much more beautiful. And make sure you’re going to go in
a style of bracket and light that reflects the style of your space. So because this is really rustic,
um, I went for a concrete and then barn wood bracket. And if you guys live in a condo or
an apartment or any building where your lights are really high up,
maybe they’re pot lights and you can’t change them, adding
decorative lighting is such a good solve to add a cozy kind of
warm atmosphere to your space. Three, can you see it? Three, two. One. I’m going to snap on one. Three, two, one. That was pretty close. Now it’s time for the
finishing touches. I’m putting down this vinyl
entryway mat that looks like tile. I’m adding this decal to that back
focal wall that says “Beretta” on it. Completing that sign with a
leftover piece of barn wood. Plants always add something to a
space, like you can never go wrong with adding a floor
plant or a hanging plant. And then I’m moving
the freezers in. All the finishing
touches are in place. I’m feeling confident that if you
are a customer and walked in here you would know exactly where you
were and exactly where to go, which is the goal. Before the reveal, we have to
check in with the budget counter. Did I make my goal? Final budget? So this just proves that even if
you have a huge space to tackle, you can implement small changes
that make a huge difference. I’m really happy with how this
space has come together, but at the end of the day, it’s all down
to Cynthia and what she thinks. I’m so nervous! Let’s bring her in. Cynthia: Can I take my hands down? Alexandra: You can
take your hands down. Cynthia: I’ll leave my eyes closed Alexandra: Okay. Okay. On the count of three. One. Two. Three. Cynthia: Oh my gosh! Oh my God, it’s amazing! Oh my God. Oh my God, it looks great! It’s so different! It looks beautiful. I love it! I love the light. And the green plant
– I love plants. And a bell! Yay! Yeah it’s beautiful, I’m so happy. Thank you. Alexandra: I feel so relieved
that Cynthia loves this space. This was a tough one because you
know, it wasn’t, like, her personal space. It was her business. And she cares so much about her
customers so I really had to make sure that I did this right. And judging by her reaction,
I think I nailed it. Let me know in the comments below
what the boldest color in your house is. Or if you’d ever paint your
living room Beretta red. Let me know and make
sure you tune back. Make sure you tune back? Thank you guys so
much for watching. Bye!

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  1. You nailed it Alexandra.. Love when you use such bold colours like red and black and make them work in the space perfectly.

  2. This is amazing! I was wondering just how you were going to pull this off – well done! Stylish, professional and welcoming.

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