Shoot Your Own Sunset Wall Art – Part 1

Shoot Your Own Sunset Wall Art – Part 1

i thought it might be a bit interesting
to come out and see if we could take one of those iconic landscape shots
that you find in places like ikea something to go on the wall and be
really enjoyed because imagine how much more self satisfying it will be if you
shot your own ikea style photograph got it printed onto a canvas and you can really sit back and feel
proud of yourself for me something that works really really
well is space a sense of peace and quiet so
that’s why i thought we come out here into a nice empty place well empty apart from that it’s fantastic isnt it, doesnt it look amazing infact i think janes just done the job for me with the video camera, you can go now the reason we came down here is that i
wanted to see if i could capture an iconic ikea style picture, to put on my wall now we’re gonna do this for real, now i want
to take you through the whole process of what i’m doing in order to get the shot
that i’m hoping to get later on i might go home completely
disappointed because i dont know what the weather’s going to do, the sun might go in it might pour with rain really don’t know what’s gonna happen this is absolutely for
real we’ve come down here in the middle of the day because i want to do a wrecky this is not about running around taking
loads and loads of pictures this is about coming to doing the
research, i already know roughly the sort of picture though i want to take but now i’m gonna find out what i need
to do in all that to take it the first step is to get myself familiar with the
subject in the surroundings so i’ve got a good idea what to do and i
think this evening its going to be around sunset the sun’s going to go down
over here out to sea whether we get a sunset behind it or not
i really don’t know, but step one is to have a look around and see what’s going on so let’s do that let’s have a little walk and see what happens i’ve just got an ordinary eighteen to seventy lens sitting on the camera im just going to take a few little test shots to see what goes on, and probably going to duplicate the shot that you’ve just been looking at so i’ve got some idea where i want to go with this, i’ve got a lens cap on, that un heard off they’re usually lying in the bottom of my pocket or in my bag or something right have i got my auto focus on, have i got the camera switched on, you know what im like by now right im going to use a low-ish iso just while we’re testing im not going to faf around to much, thats quite sharp, that looks quite nice, thats a nice sort of open, empty i really like the black and white on the
building, can you see they’ve got black-and-white thing going on, i really like that, its nice and sort of simple thats the sort of thing i want with a nice and simple picture i just want to take a look at the same shot but from further away so im going to come over in this direction to see what it looks like when shot with
a longer lengths this is somethig you need to do, its experiment, play with things see how they look, the wide lens often gives tons of space , you sort of really really feel like you’re alone in the wilderness a longer lens will kind of close that in a bit, i just want to see what the feeling is if i actually shoot that with a wide lens from here do you know i really quite like that, i’ve got it really quite small in the frame, havent i? yeah thats quite interesting, i wont to go back further and see if i can get that shot, but withn a slightly longer lens i wanna push it out to about fifty mil that was
eighteen and see what it looks like fifty
mil is a natural looking sort of a perspective thats how our eyes see the world really come on, keep up right what are we doing i was doing this one day at a wedding, photographing a bride and groom coming out of the church and i walked straight into a bin at the other side of the road, caught me behind the knees and i folded up into it, and couldnt get out one day i’ll do this and walk into somebody that’s looking good but i wanna go back further still you’ll notice that im shooting from this angle and its because i dont want to get the town in the background, over there so here we go sorry about that guys here we go that’s getting better the fact that im using the slghtly longer lens mean that im not using so many converging verticals on the light house
itself this is the world record guiness is waiting over here in the bushes for a man walking backwards with a camera one day i will bump into somebody
here we go right, fifty mil lens that’s more interesting, i like that im hoping there wont be people here later on do you know what i think i actually prefer the wider angle one because the wider shot not only is it a wider angle going that way but its a wider angle going that way so im actually picking up more sky and im getting a big sky sort of feel to it so i might actually go for the wide angle, now i’ve already done a bit of reserach and discovered that when we come back this evening the tide is going to be a bit high heres the high tide look, its running across here were all this sea weed is now the tide is going to come up here so therefore im going to get wet if i decide to get out close, so you might have some fun whilst im paddling in icy col water its one of those things you know, if you want to get the shot, its one of those things your going to have to do while we’re here i am going to have a quick look from the other side, just incase there something interesting we can do with the
town in the background because in he evening that all might light up, with the street lights and all the rest of it i dont know so, its worth doing the research im going to wander over there, and grab my tripod and see you there
tripod not see that i just noticed the clouds and whats going on behind the light house, and i think they look amazing and i just want to see if i can find a way to do that shot so im in the classic photographer situation but being in a faf of chasing the picture actually this is precisely what i wanted to avoid this evening i don’t want to get down here and go wow look at the light and then be running around like a headless chicken, which is what im doing now but i do like these clouds up here so i’ve just come down, i want to see if i can get a grad feel going on above it but im not at all prepared, im not ready with this sort of stuff you need to find your shot get yourself in position and then wait for the shotto come to
you ,dont chase the shot otherwise you’ll miss i am breaking all the
rules in the book by trying to chase the shot so i lee filter on there, im using a grad because i wanna try and darken the sky down a bit to get the most out of those clouds so what’s going on here focus up i dont know why i took two shots then mm, its not bad but i actually missed the moment i was so busy trying to find the adaptor, bits and pieces and the correct filter that i actually missed my shot just now there was more blue there was more puffiness in the clouds so thats why im doing my wrecking now, i dont want to miss the moment when it comes later on while im here im just gonna have a little play and see if i can get anything out of this shot, i just wanted to experiment, i said earlier i don’t want to do a shot with the town in the background but why not, you know nah, thats a load of nothing really, abort that, i’ll put my filter away before it gets all salty refills cost lots of money so we dont want to go and mess them up buts its still interesting to stand here and look and see what it might be at night with those you know the shots and the sea front and all the rest of it lit up now i keep the filter wrapped in tissue paper i’m going to try and look after it make usre its all in good nick, dont want it to get scratches on these things and you dont want to buy another one if you can avoid it, i had a lee big stopper in here about 2 weeks ago and i needed it for a shot and i found that i’d broken it fifty quid filter thats several weeks trying to get one i’m just going to leave things here for a minute go for a little walk this way and see what it looks like, actually lets go in a bit closer, im sure my kit will be alright im always leaving things lying around, how i havent had my stuff nicked i just dont know but the shot i have definitely got in my head is the sea closer in, the wide angle big sky sort of a thing i think im going to be shooting across the water because its going to be wet so that should prove interesting as well
one more go from in here to see how this works , see now this wont work terribly well, i like the red stripe on the front of
the lighthouse but i dont particulary like the duenes and the greenary behind it or the town off in the distance what have got here yeah lets go for something like that oh we’ve got a bit of light coming out here which might improve it lets have another go days like today are so changeable you never know what the suns going to do from one moment to the next i dont like all the stuff behind it if we go back to our first wrecky shot thats so much quieter isnt it, thats so much nicer so there we go, i’i’m pretty clear on what i want to do later on we’ve just got to hope that the light and weather, everything comes together so i can do it *pause* so we’ve come back down here to see whats going on, im in a bit of a panic because best-laid plans we’ve got here a little later than i wanted i really like this open space, i dont know if you can see but theres this kind of slanted rays of light going on im using a longer lens because i dont want the beach hut to do this, i dont want the light house doing this, i dont want a convergence in it so im just going to take one from here and see what we got, yeah its interesting ideally you could use a grad to try and darkern the sky but because of the block of darkness at the top and that band of brightness in the middle i cant really use one if i put a grad on it would darken the top but i wouldnt be able to put it along the
lighthouse because that would darken the lighthouse too so this is going to be a case of moving
back and forth also the tide’s coming in so that is
something we’re going to have to work with and with the light further over that side im realising that this is more morning shot than i first thought so ideally i should be here first thing in the morning at sun rise i’m not to be able to so i might do some shooting from the other side coming back this way, even though im not so keen on this greenary but there is a way around it which i’ll
talk about when we get there all i’ve done is move a little bit, i’ve moved about i dunno fifty feet from over there to over here and i’m just changing where the sun is
and instead of it being on this side of the light house its now its on that side of the light house and there’s still some pretty good kind
of beans coming on down towards the ground and that’s what it’s all about moving
around i’m chasing after priority because when
the sun is setting aperture priority actually does a really great job of finding the correct exposure i dont want to
think about i want to think about my shoot at the moment some people may say thats right, some people may say thats wrong i adjust the exposure using the exposure ompensation button so if i look at it and think thats abit bright or a bit dark i can bring up the histogram on an image see that says to me thats its pretty god, and i quite like this image but if i wanted to brighten it i could very quickly press the button and dial in a little more exposure and the camera will deal with it im sitting it on a tripod because im using and iso two hundred i want fine grain, nice colours and good saturation and now it really is going to be a bit of a waiting game this light is changing all the time every shot is slightly different
there’s some very very strong rays going on over there right now and i know there going to look great when i see his image bigger post-production tweaking the colors in the contrast and just brightening or darkening a little bit im shooting raw and im going to do my post-production in light room again thisn is not cheating post productions has always happened when you took your negs to a professional printer they would
burn the sky and it it would dodge brighter at a bit that’s about all im going to do not into hdr thats not what im going to do, i dont really like the look of hdr images all i wanna take is a natural looking shot of this incredible structure in this amazing enviroment im just going to go for a higher level shot now, back on the tripod because the light level is dropping slightly alnow notice i’ve got the lighthouse to the left the sun coming through the hole in the
sky in the cloud to the right but i still want lots and lots and lots
of space around the lighthouse, i really want to capture this kind of empty lonely warm lost quiet sort of a feeling that this place has im having a look at this side of the lighthouse to see what happens because there’s a
red stripe down the front of it wwhich lots of people have photographed, i’ve seen it on the internet i’ve already said im not that keen on the undergrowth behind and the town in the distance also there looks like a big blue rotating light or something on the top the way to minimize that background is to set your lens as short as possible, im going down to eighteen for this im not using a super wide because the wider the lens gets the more conversion you’re going to have some i’m down to eighteen i just want to see how that looks i dont like it it’s just kind of messy we’ve got bush’s coming in on the left and the town in the background when i flick between the two this image is so much quieter its more peaceful you really look at the lighthouse in
that black square on the back whereas in the second is just something
missing its too busy with all that stuff going on so i’m not gonna work this side anymore i’m definitely going to stick behind it looking that way because when the sun does drop from the clouds theres going to be a sharper light here, and it might be really interesting but i dont know, it may not also i think will be intersting as the
sun comes down just to see because i think that we are goint to see a stunning sunset tonight you dont always get the, but tonight could be a goodie i’m going back the other side

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