Shoot Your Own Sunset Wall Art – Part 2

Shoot Your Own Sunset Wall Art – Part 2

isn’t this just the coolest thing in the world, it’s absolutely amazing as the sun comes up from behind those clouds you may find if
you’re using an auto mode you may have to adjust your exposure, you may have to run with it because if you dont what will happen is that it will confuse your light meter , because if you’re shooting manually it should hold that, if you’re shooting with aperture priority light like myself you will have to keep increasing the exposure or it will fool the camera into making it darker and darker keep your eye on these things keep focused, keep concentrating, and enjoy that, isn’t that so beautiful jenny move, want it there’s nothing like bullying people out of the way let’s see what we can get oh no, that wasn’t the light view, that’s the light view let’s take that in a little more yes she’s rocking and rolling rolling baby look at that we’re going to lose that sun over the horizon very soon and i have a sneaky suspicion it’s going to set the sky on fire i put a tenner on it okay as professional photographers we’ve gotta do what we’ve gotta do to get the shot look at this man over here the waters freezing and i might have to do something similar later i just don’t know, the tied is coming in so fast back to work oh, look at that shoes and socks off, get in the water it’s freezing but it means you can get the shot something to think about i keep on talking about aperture priority, because that’s what i use i’m not saying its the only way but as the sun goes below the horizon your camera will start to think, oh that’s getting a bit dark, so it’ll start doing the opposite to what it did earlier its going to start brightening things up but unless you want it bright your going to have to do the opposite and start under-exposing it a bit, from what your cameras telling you to do otherwise it’s going to look too bright , its going to start thinking hey this is starting to look a bit day light-y , but we want this to start getting a bit darker now so very often you’ll have to under expose, just a bit, oh look at that look at that squeaked jane yes its going to run in a minute, oh yeah i see, this is how you can get trapped, isn’t it oh yes, just go above high water mark somewhere tarran no can you leg them up above the high water oh yes we’re getting some twinkly lights in town now there may even be some shots to be had that way, because the light have come on in town it could be there’s something to be shot from there, oh look at that its changing all the time there’s not a moment to lose in watching this this girl invited us here to come and look at some photography
with her and show me a picture of this place shes ended up lugging my bags around and making sure my boots don’t get full of water i owe her a beer well i’d like to thank you ever so much, owe you at least a beer i like these little ripples, and i like this water in fact i think i’m going to get in the water again and see if i can let them really blur it’s starting to get dark enough but we’ve got to use a tripod to do this so I’ve set the smallest aperture i can the lowest ISO i can, i’m not going to fun around trying to get a filter or something because i haven’t got time, i want to get on and shoot, and also the light level is dropping sufficiently enough that i can probably do this what i want to achieve is these waves just blurring as they come in to the beach am i in your shot? ok, what have we got through the view finder, nearly gone and aw yes, here we go here it is once again we’re now down to the four second exposure lets get those ripples, there they are wow, i love it, i really really love it i’m also getting interested in this water coming in behind the tied is sneaking in, and i’m looking everywhere, but at you but the tied is sneaking in behind us, look at this this is how people get trapped on beaches and drown so be careful if you do this unaware in
all seriousness if you’re going to do this be careful i know we can get round there, and i know how solid the ground is under here because this guy has photographed this place many times, i’m not too worried right let’s see what i can do with this little head land thing because i do rather like the idea of water either side we lets see what we can come up with, oh that’s cool look at that, isn’t that just totally totally totally beautiful and amazing it really is an incredible world we live
in that something as beautiful as that can go on i just love it, don’t you want to capture it so we’re about done now i kinda expected the sky to set on fire with that last sort of little bit of red, i don’t know if you can see but the horizon there, i did kind of hope it would come right across, but it didn’t none the less, it’s been a complete joy and a privilege for me to come here and take some pictures, because i spend so much time in an office and i love coming out into the real world and shoot some pictures it’s been fantastic and i hope its given you some kind of an insight in to what it takes to get a really beautiful picture, much like the ones you will see in ikea there’s a lot of work involving it isn’t
the case of going out and just taking loads and loads of pictures and hoping that they will be an iconically beautiful image in there, it wont work like that, you do have to do some research the journey for me began with a tip of from tarran and then we had er Google earth to look at it, to find out where it is, to find out wheres its pointed, which way is the sun going to come up and where is it going to come down and how we’re going to come about it we got here this morning i reckon eleven o’clock and i first started wrecking it and walking around it and figgering out angles that we wanted to be in so the moment that great evening light was wasted otherwise you arrive you think oh look the suns setting, oh quick in the car and its too late you’ve missed it, you’ve got to put some work into this do it on your own as well, don’t try doing this on a picnic with the family because you’re going to drive them nuts, their gonna hate you take your time work your way through it and you will go home with something you’re really really proud of and when people say to you, did you get that from Ikea? you can just say oh no that’s one that i took aha i love being big headed like that anyway the journey here tonight is over the the next thing to do this to go and
have a look in the office in the morning to see what we’ve got here we are back at camp I’ve loaded all the raw files into the computer, I’ve been through, I’ve edited them and I’ve found the image that i’m going to work on and i am going to do a little bit of work on it, just as a professional printer would have worked on a negative by dodging and burning to get the very best from it, and that’s what i’m going to do this image is slightly under exposed
because down here i kinda wanted to make sure that the sun was still there so the raw thing looks a bit dark and i didn’t want to lose detail around the sun, i didn’t want it to go white when you are working on a doing some
post-production you need to plan that just as you do the shoot so looking at this what i want to do is
a brighten it up, i want to get closer to the way my eyes saw it, so i want the light house a little bit brighter here, i want to keep this moody-ness into the sky and keep a little bit of detail in the foreground and with a raw file, with digital this is really really great because you can really really accurately dodge burn, and it just kind of lifted a bit so let’s have a look here first thing whit balance, i don’t really bother to white balance when i’m shooting raw because it’s so easy to correct with in post-production all i have to do is pick up my white balance tool here, right over something white, yes, that looks about right i kinda like that, that’s about right now let’s start work away we go let’s start brightening it up a bit, and add a bit more detail into that white house let’s push the sky back down a bit it gives a bit more detail into the sky there we go, lets keep that moody-ness at the top, too much, planning to do these things lets take a look at that white house let’s see what we can do to brighten it up that’s going to be too bright we don’t want it to look un-natural, just want it a little bit brighter, that’s it something subtle this is going to take me a while and where as this films more about shooting the image rather than post-production when you come back and join me in a
minute so there we go, job done, that’s how we want it to look all i have to do now is email it to my lab okay looks good doesn’t it, and i think that it absolutely belongs just there you know what the driving the planning the Google earth-ing the running around, taking test shots or wondering whether or not we were going to get the light or the shot at all, all the hanging around, the waiting the freezing cold feet, it was all so worth it

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  4. Thank you. To answer your questions. 1) if by like this you mean lonely fre standing lighthouses I don't think there are. If anyone knows of one please comment.
    2) If you have 8 meggapixels or more, the image is sharp and well exposed you can make prints at least 24 inches wide and they look fine. Most cameras have around 20MP these days so you can print double that size provided you haven't cropped the original

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