Cambodia 18:00 Hours
*Safari music plays* You didn’t see me, but here I am. BeastMaster64™*don’t you mean 69 (☞゚∀゚)☞ * *grunts while crawling* *repeats* BeastMaster64™ *ok. ಠ╭╮ಠ* *Music pauses* *Here. We have BeastMaster64 giving birth to a new dank baby* *Music contiues*
It’s been eighteen months Eighteen licks lips eight… teen *fucking tRIPPY* *shhh* x3 Thats poodiepie right there. I’ve infiltrated his office I’ve killed all kinds of shit. Pokémon Dogs
*Laughs like a sociopath* I ate a Chihuahua once.
*true story* But if there one thing I’ve never hunted It’s a Youtuber I’m not just gonna hunt a second level piece of shit Youtuber like… *pauses* Markiplier. Oh frick. Wait. No! Oh no. I’m on the hunt for the “Poodiepie” The greatest god damn Youtuber of all time
#SelfCentered Love his channel, but it needs to die. *epic music starts* *dank intro=dank quality* I’m not just going to kill poodiepie I’m gonna eat his asshole tonight Pewds: Thats…?
Brad: HA ha ha *pewds giggle* *lets try again*
I’m not just gonna kill pewdiepie, I’m going to challenge him *pauses* Then I’ll kill him I’m gonna beat him *grunts while kicking* Just like I killed Jacksepticeye. *gonna see how much Septiplier fans he pissed off….* I’m going to challenge him, in a duel *I’m not a Septiplier supporter.* Then I’ll kill him Have you ever heard of Leafy *yes* More like… Thats him there *Leafy: y u roast me so bad* What did I say about talking back to me? *Leafy: That hurts.* plant You’re a plant
*no shit pewds* You’re going to pay tonight for that. *Solid snake music plays* *licks razor blade* *has an orgasm* You got a new hero. I love you like you were my father I based my whole career after this man. I wish I could call you daddy.
Can I call you daddy? *call me big daddy ˙ ͜ʟ˙* *sad music plays*
Snake please Snake! Snakeo! *high pitch school girl voice*
SNAKE-OOOO Please Snake: Why are we still here?
Just to suffer? Every night, I can feel my leg. The first this has been bothering me for too fucking long These fucking light, don’t turn off! *loud gun shot* Pewds: Oh Jesus! What the fuck are they made of? Oh, oh… I missed THATS IMPOSSIBLE! I’ve never missed a shot in my life, from that close? Holy shit He’s nearby. Him being in his office effects my skills *shitty kazoo playing* he’s near *loud gun shot*
*glass smashing* *Silence* That fucking right *epic music plays* Am I gonna get in trouble for this? 360 *loud gun shot* Do you think it will go though the roof? Cause theirs people working upstairs Ah thats concrete, we’re good Hell yeah, I’m not going to jail bitch! Ha ha! *not again…* Is that a fucking water bottle? *aims* *loud gun shot* Wait I hit it? Its leaking! look at that shit *those aiming skills* hell yeah *loud gun shot*
Got em’ *why the fuck did you shoot that water bottle* *what did it ever do to you* *triggered much* *i am going to flag this video* *Swedish National Anthem starts playing* BeastMaster? *some Swedish garbage* Hey poodiepie, nice to finally meet you. *Swedish: You need to die I challenge you to a shot off, who ever wins… Gets to destroy the the other loves most. *more Swedish but with some crying for some reason* If I win, I get to shot your 50,000,000… thing? whatever, I don’t care AND I get to kill you. If you win, you get my most prized position, in the entire universe it is… been with me since I was born no… I’m okay, don’t worry bro Thats right, it’s on bitch! *Swedish* *Leafy: Subscreb to meh chanel* Leafy, what did I say? What did I fucking say? huh? If your going to be a… if your going to be a plant then shut the fuck up, you’re a plant Nobody watches you anymore he hates when I say that *Pewds giggle* Why don’t you take a three day break? *piff* He went on a three day break. He made a video saying hes going on a break, and how long was the break? Three days? Three fucking days? This is how you do it in Call of Duty
*loud gun shot* Let’s not fire at the glass anymore. Pewds: I should definitely not have a gun
Brad: No, no you shouldn’t *Swedish* *even more Swedish* *gun shot* OH HO, Ha ha Yeah! ha hah ha *Swedish* BeastMaster64 *robotic voice* Perfect You call that a gun? Here we go!
*kisses gun* my first shot As steady as a rabbit… bird *gun shot* *Uncontrollable evil laughter* oh Oh, OH! being on a cross wasn’t a hard enough time *Oh my god! You killed Jesus! You bastard!!* Now you been shot… in the dick! *robotic voice* Perfect *more Swedish* *gun shot* WOW! *swedish* *robotic voice* Japan Time for number two baby! This banana is gonna go…. banana, okay here we go lock and load just gotta aim… *sad music starts*
I’ve never killed a banana before Is it morally correct Who am I to say if a banana lives or dies I suppose we all go to hell anyways *gun shot* I mean if I missed that, that would be pretty shit. I GOT EM’ see right there? Thats the penis of the banana *robotic voice* Perfect *Swedish* *gun shot* *gun shot* ooooh… *robotic voice* Japan Last shot, if i get this one… you die pewdiepie *gun shot* *rip Leafy* damn I won! Thats right I won! But I must confirm the kill *gun shot* wow *rip Leafy* *Grunts* *Pewds giggle* *robotic voice* You win! *Crying* Be right back, I’m going to kill what you love. *swedish* Now I get to destroy the 50,000,000 then I’m gonna destroy you Cause I’m BeastMaster64™ *gun shot* *loud explosion*
*sad piano starts* AHHHHHH! *loud explosion continues* whats this? huh! your old gun what a piece of shit *crying* *Swdish cry for mercy* Now its time for the real poodiepie *gun shot* *rip pewdiepie* *sad piano continues* The End *Directed by Michael Bay* Wait! What! Hes alive! *gun shot* *Whatcha Say plays*
Mm whatcha say? that you only meant well? Well of course you did Mm whatcha say? Mm that it’s all for the be- *gun shot*
Mm whatcha say? Mm that you only meant well? Well of course you did. Mm whatcha say? *gun shot*
Mm whatcha say? Mm that you on- *okay its 10 minuets go home* *gun shot x3* *gun shot* *gun shot x2* *gun shot x3* *gun shot x2* *gun shot x2* *gun shot* *gun shot* *gun shot x2*

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  1. Please sub to my channel and I will subscribe to your channel and please thumbs up also when I hit 100 subs I will post my first video

  2. And people complain on why the 100M plaque is like the 10 million. He would have destroyed the 100M is if was more custom made😂

  3. Why did you shoot it you shouldn't shoot it it is your reward you should have keep it as your memory
    If you believe make this

  4. When pewds hit 50M every Turkish commentary channels made vids about it and i watched it didn't understand it but now I understand it!!!

  5. I'm from the future after PewDiePie was a Minecraft channel I can proudly tell you he is still an awesome gamer 😊🤗👍👌💯💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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