hey guys hold them back to my channel so today’s video is going to be a shop with me we’re gonna go to at home I need something to go above this couch right here and I have just been stalling honestly I ended up ordering some new white couches last night because I’ve talked about before that these are cream and I just want them to be more white so the ones that I ordered last night are leather white couches they’re tufted so they’re really pretty so I can’t wait to show you guys but I feel like now that I know what couches are going right there I can go buy something and some wall art to go on this wall also I have these flowers over here these pink flowers and they are real flowers but I just love the way they look and I don’t want to have to like change them out all the time or stay on top of having real flowers in the house so I want to go and get some artificial pink flowers my parents are coming into town in two days so I need to get all this done but we’re just gonna go into at home and maybe HomeGoods as well and do some shopping and I know for sure I need to get those two things but I’m pretty sure I’m gonna find some other things there because I always do but I’m gonna take you guys along and we’ll just do an entire shop with me for the new house [Music] so the first stop I made in there was for artificial flowers and I was looking for some pink roses already in a vase and everything but I had no luck and in the past I probably would have bought something that I wasn’t a hundred percent happy with but this time around I’m trying to take my time decorating and I’m not buying anything unless I’m absolutely sure I’m gonna love it so but there were so many beautiful flower arrangements and there and it was definitely giving me some ideas for some other spaces in my house [Music] [Music] [Music] so if you’ve never been to an at-home store I highly recommend looking one up to see how close one is to you we didn’t have one near the last place we lived and it would have taken me about an hour to get to one so I just never went but I had no idea what I was missing out on at home stores are massive and it totally would have been worth the drive in this video I’m really just showing a tiny percentage of what this store has to offer and now that we live close to one it is my go to stop for home decor I’ll definitely have to do more of an in-depth shop with me some time in this store because today I was basically just on a mission looking for some things that I really needed for my house and I was only showing all the stuff that I was interested in yeah just let me know if you guys would be interested in that video and I can definitely do that for y’all [Music] [Music] I’m crazy it’s just the way that I get every time with you you left it takes me to heaven I just wanna make you repeat it and repeat it again make the sky you know this complicated [Music] [Music] [Music] on the highway its away or 66 and would keep on driving we just do all right guys so I am back home now and I wanted to give you guys the haul of everything that I got and also I’ve already hung the picture so you’re gonna be able to see what that’s gonna look like in this room like I was telling you guys in the beginning I do have new couch that’s coming the day I’m filming this is on a Monday and my couches are coming on a Wednesday I’m actually gonna be filming Tuesday and Wednesday because I have a lot of new things coming in from Amazon so I’m really excited to share that with you guys too but I wanted to go ahead and get this video up so y’all can see what I got so I’m gonna show you all all the little things that I got first and then I will show you the pictures now that they’re hung on the wall so this is the first thing that I got and it is just a new bath rub to go in the bathroom the one that I have is just like a plain white one but it looks really dirty we’ve had it for like over a year and it’s gotten to the point where I can wash it and it still looks dirty so I wanted a new one so when I saw this one and felt how like fluffy it was I knew this one was coming home with me I was trying to find the price on it but I’ve already taken it off so sorry next up I got some new glasses and I hope this comes off on camera but it’s kind of like I think it’s called pearl there you go now you can really see it but it’s like a radiant pearl is what it’s called and so I got six of these but whenever we do our butler’s pantry I’m actually doing it’s called mother-of-pearl backsplash in there you can look it up on Pinterest is so pretty but I thought that this would look gorgeous sitting in the cabinets because the cabinet’s are glass so I thought this would look gorgeous sitting in the cabinet’s and also you know just really fun to use I seriously don’t feel like you can see what it actually looks like it has like this pinkish purple hue on it but from far away it just looks like a clear glass but it’s not pretty so speaking of the butler’s pantry I also got this to keep some wine in and it just has this little top on it I actually just ordered two trays off of Amazon and one is gonna go in the butler’s pantry and it’s just like a white tray with gold handles on it so I thought this would be really pretty just to sit on there then I also got four coffee mugs the first one looks like this it has a bunch of like pink donuts on there and on the inside it says eat more Whole Foods the other one is also a doughnut one it says donut worry be happy’ how cute is this this next one says hustle and it just has I think these are green polka dots they look like a really dark green but just this hustle on there and it has the gold handle and then the last one that I got says give me some sugar and it has a little X 0x o in the bottom this next thing might be a little bit boring but I got two of these curved shower curtain rods I feel like the curved ones just feel like you have so much more room in the shower so we got two of those for the upstairs bathrooms but that is it for all of the little things now I’m going to take you around the house and show you everything that we just put up this is how our sitting room is coming along I cannot wait to get those new couches and we also have a new rug coming for in here as well and we still have to get outlet covers to go over there but this is how everything is coming along I got this picture from at home and I feel like it just matches perfectly with the pillows that I have on this couch it was like made for it and then over here on this wall I have this picture that says stay a while but I feel like it just gave it that modern touch that this room needed so I love it I love how it all looks all together and I just cannot wait to finish this room up with the new rug and the new couches lastly I wanted to show y’all we got some side tables to go over here so it just had like this marble top on it and then the legs are gold because we are going to be incorporating gold in here we’re gonna have silver and gold and this blue color I actually just ordered some huge wall art to go over there but it’s gonna take like three weeks to get here and then I also have to have it framed because they’re just sending it like a canvas so then I have to get it framed so it’s gonna be a little while probably a month or so before you see that wall art but it has gold and silver and this blue color in it and it’s so freakin pretty I love it but I got two of these I’ve got this one over here and then one over here on this side as well but that is how it looks and I cannot wait I also got new barstools my house is a mess do not look at that but I got new barstools coming from Amazon this week and everything so everything is coming together but thank you guys so much for watching today’s video leave it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and hit that subscribe button if you are new to my channel I have lots more house updates coming like I was telling you guys so be sure to hit that subscribe button if you want to see more and I will see you guys in the next video [Music]

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