because it related to do some Christmas
shopping and never I think this one here had a little too much eggnog he got
schnockered up and knocked over in his cup but I made a hole in there I have
two cards here my husband is really gonna think that I have lost my darling
he already hi welcome back I’m Andrea Jean today we are gonna be shopping at
Hobby Lobby and Walmart I have no idea how I want to decorate for Christmas
this year but we’re also gonna be hosting it but I’m gonna let Hobby Lobby
it decide for me if you’re new here consider hitting that subscribe button
so you do not miss any cleaning and organizing for busy women and since we
do a ton of cleaning over here essentially all of it about halfway
through this video we’re gonna head back to the house I’m going to show you
everything that I got cuz we are gonna be shopping today and getting some
goodies and then we’re also going to do some cleaning so if you want some
cleaning motivation as well you got a twofer one whammy right here okay the
first thing that stands out to me besides the Christmas music and the
dancing stand up there are these ornaments they have so many and I think
for me the holidays is all about traditions I’m seeing all these really
cute ornaments you’re like come on scoot is a love donut ornament tell me what
are some traditions that you and your family do when it comes to the holiday
let me know in the description box below and you know mama loves her coffee look
at these super cute coffee mugs I’m loving this falala one this is one
of my favorite Christmas movies it’s so cute so all the coffee mugs for a really
cute coffee bar one of the first things that I like to
look at when I’m shopping for Christmas decor our entryway mats because it’s one
of the first things that you see when you are guests are coming into your home
if you’re like us we often go through our garage first so I’m kind of thinking
I like this one it’d be cute for the kids because this is something that they
would see super super cute so I think I’m going to get that one I have a
buffalo check mat currently for my fall decor so I’m going to look at my storage
and see what Christmas mats I already have on hand but they have such cute
ones here something that brings me a lot of joy at
Christmastime is wrapping our presents in really cute paper and then seeing
them under the Christmas tree and putting really cute bows on them so they
have an awesome selection of all that here at Hobby Lobby they have a whole
aisle dedicated here at Hobby Lobby to wrapping and decor so it’s just those
little extra things that make a present look really sweet and you put a little
extra love into it you know I love my fuzzy socks these are
so cute it says if you can read this bring the hot coco and I would say if
you can read this bring me coffee thumbs up if you can relate that ain’t right
they have such awesome tree decor here for any style that you might want to
choose from okay I need to take a poll right now
creepy or cute let me know I’m leaning on the creepy side but I could be wrong
I think this one here had a little too much eggnog he got schnockered up and
knocked over in his cup and these two just looked like they had a wild party
out celebrating holidays a little too much and that one passed out this step is super cute reminds me of
kids I always loved these countdowns for Christmas when I was a kid and I loved
doing it with my kids as well loving these gets you excited gets the
anticipation going this right here is so adorable for a
little hot chocolate bar as well yes my kids love this movie they watch it
year-round is that crazy the Grinch this is the cutest this is a whole
section of dr. Seuss Christmas stuff awesome awesome awesome dr. Seuss design
I love this adorable if you’ve seen my couch you know that I
love a good throw pillow these are super cute I like the simplicity of them they
are elegant loving them okay I thought I hit the jackpot before with the dr.
Seuss and the Grinch stuff but there is a whole nother section here of all of
that my kids would be in heaven right now this is so soft I’m really loving the
Buffalo check and this bread plaid it just is really cozy to me some kind of
leaning towards that theme here but we’re gonna decide here at the end would
I go with but ah and who doesn’t love some good softness there beautiful anyone else agree with this yes I agree
look at all of this beautiful tableware if you are hosting or you’re just gonna
have a nice dinner with your family so cute and they have so many different
styles here which I really like if you want to do a country Christmas or you
want to do sort of more of a glam Christmas the possibilities are endless
I saw this table runner and I was drawn to it immediately with these cute little
balls I love that like a sweater on your table okay I just saw this this is a mini
kitchen mitt this is adorable I don’t know if this is supposed to be meant for
kids or if it’s for baking something in particular if anyone knows let me know
but that is super cute okay speaking of coffee bar Christmas
bar I just saw this 12 coffees of Christmas they have a doughnut shop
blend glazed cinnamon roll gingerbread cookie this would be a really cute gift we have some awesome outdoor decor as
well so we can decorate it all around our house look at these you can tell
them really into sort of the cutesy things because I do have small children
but awesome awesome they have a ton of different options for
wreaths here are a few are not a do-it-yourselfer like I am not at this
point lots to choose from lots of different colors different styles I
think you’ll find what you’re looking for
okay this aisle right here has got me all in the fields look at all of the
cute options and decor oh my goodness look at this kids totally
relate you know they ask how many more bedtimes do I have before Christmas I
love that oh it is browning here definitely does
not feel like Christmas but I made a hole in there I have two Kurds full here
to be fair this is only the second Christmas in the house that we live in
now and I have not bought new two for for many many years I think since my
kids were born so we’re gonna quick load this up and then we’re gonna head over
to Walmart and I’ll show you everything that I got and remember we’re gonna be
doing some cleaning as well cuz we gotta get that cleaning motivation it was the night before Christmas I was
closing down for a bit okay I had to make a really quick pit
stop for some food large psycho small fry mix chicken four
bucks right eat this I’m gonna be on our way and it is hot today like I could be
in tank tops and shorts that’s crazy Christmas shopping when
you’re sweating if you live in like Texas or California it’s probably your
norm right oh no not at Christmas all right kind of pound this and we’re going
to Walmart I’ll see you there all right this is real life you know I like to
keep it real over here my camera battery’s dying I did not bring the
backup and I am learning on empty in the gas tank so this is what we’re gonna do
I do not want to rush this experience because I want it to be awesome so I’m
gonna meet you at Walmart tomorrow morning all right well hey here we are
at Walmart I’m going to show you the cute decor that they have they do not
have a ton up yet like they have a lot of trees and decorations for trees but
as far as home decor it’s not super super fullest at this point but I’m
going to show you what they have they do have a few cute items here so let’s take
a look I will say this is pretty cute right
here this tray oh my gosh you could decorate this with candles candies
really anything cookies and milk for Santa and well I don’t know that’s
necessarily a good deal for this but I do think that is cute okay I will say
this these are some items that I did not see at Hobby Lobby they have some
brilliant cute tree skirts right here and of course I am loving this pattern
right here this is super sweet too I love a good tree skirt let me know in
the comments below do you buy real trees or do you have an artificial one they do
have the mood music and a ton of cute ornaments as well I would say here at
Walmart these are more of sort of a country style ornaments not a whole lot
of variation but they are pretty cute and I’m dying for this pattern right
here maybe because it matches my shirt but yeah a good a good decent selection
of ornaments here now this is something that I did not see at Hobby Lobby this
is wall art I do think this is really sweet
especially this joy to the world one and then they have a Santa and snowflake so
I do think this is cute right here and it’s pretty reasonably priced at 798 for
all of these and some more selection right here so I would sing it I mean
they are upping their game here on Christmas stuff this is adorable I’m
actually thinking this would look really cute kind of by our coffee bar mmm
decisions decisions I mean I don’t know what I would be doing with these but
look at these massive old light bulbs LED single hanging giant bulb
I mean what would I do with this somebody tell
me where is this going I like it but I don’t know what the
practicality of it is anybody got any ideas let me know okay now I’m liking
these we talked about wrapping paper and really cute bows at Hobby Lobby but
these are gift bags a little bit sweet I would say they’re a little bit pricey
for a gift bag but oh my goodness they’re adorable
and this one right here I feel like presentation is everything pretty much
with anything so I do like these bags so this next section right here I would say
that Walmart is trumping Hobby Lobby in a way for only if that’s accurate 1792
these outdoor signs I really like they’re not as big as the ones at Hobby
Lobby but I do think I mean this welcome one I do think compares so this is a way
better deal than Hobby Lobby and they’re really cute as well so I am tempted on
that welcome one right there so if I had to give an honest opinion about where I
would shop for Christmas decor at least at this point in time it’s October I
don’t know if a Walmart will be adding new stuff I would definitely be choosing
Hobby Lobby I mean their selection was phenomenal but if I’m gonna be choosing
for more economical things when it comes towards wrapping paper decorating your
Christmas tree ornaments I would probably choose Walmart so there you
have it I am so excited to show you everything
that we got here all right so my two boys are sleeping and then my daughter’s
gonna be off the school bus here shortly so we’re gonna get movin and groovin
cookie cutter is Halloween style this is for clean Tober so if you’re not
following my clean Tovar series you’re definitely gonna want to do that
all right this is I don’t know what you call it they call it a drapey thing that
you hang I think there’s a name for it not bunting but I thought this is really
sweet can you guess what theme that I’m going with yes it’s the Buffalo check so
I’m gonna do the plaid I just really like that
and then if you’ve seen in my planning videos we have a bigger sign that says
our last name and then party of five that my dad actually got us when we
moved into this house so I thought this is really sweet as well it’s just a
smaller version I kind of me on my cat here
this is just a cute little Christmas tree that I can put it one of our
shelves are up on our mantel we have a fireplace it’ll be really nice to
decorate it all up and then smart Halloween plates for clean Tober all
right so I did end up going with several the dr. Seuss items I got this one here
I’m gonna do some sort of a collage I’m not sure where I want to put it but I
just love this especially because my kids love dr. Seuss and I love dr. Seuss
I love the Grinch so we’re gonna do that I’m gonna show you a few more items that
will be a part of that collage there is just this really cute ceramic reindeer
that I’ll put either on the mantel or one of our shelves that we have upstairs
let me grab the next bag I do have a big tub over here that I’m going to put
everything in but I knew I need to get a bigger one for sure okay moving on so I
got three of these different sized Christmas trees they’re fabric with wire
inside and I thought actually on our mantel these would look really cute in
some sort of arrangement so we’re gonna do those and then I got this Buffalo
check blanket that we can put in my throw basket for upstairs next to our
fireplace they had this in front and black and I almost got that instead but
this one just spoke to me a little bit more so I’m gonna be doing a combination
of the black the white and the red and then I got this pillow for a couch my
husband’s probably gonna kill me because I’ve so many threw out those but I’m
obsessed with them if you can see them in the back those are from our upstairs
couch my husband just said there were way too many so he brought them down
here I know there’s no rhyme or reason but they look cute okay
this next thing here very gentle but I thought this was a really nice on our
fireplace it’s sort of this tree with the frosted and I thought just to kind
of add an anchor to each side of the fireplace add some height and dimension
and depth I like that this thing here is pretty massive this was hard to put in
my cards but I am getting with this here santa steps here that we’re gonna put in
our front yard you can see the little pokey thing there at the end
that’ll be really sweet I do plan to do some sort of Meetup
like a pretty decent-sized front porch area that I really want to decorate up
Bay bags and more bags okay I love this what about to show you who bill so sweet
again this is gonna go with my Grinch themed collage for the kids and then
this is well we’ll go on our couch this is not gonna be all the Christmas stuff
that we get this is just sort of the beginning because I know once I start
putting stuff up I’m gonna find different places where I want to add
stuff okay we got for our bags of goodies here this next one are all sort
of breakable things let me show you I did end up going with this milk for
Santa I could not resist I just I love this love love love I’m gonna say love a
lot I’m sure all right what’s the next thing for mini marshmallows so cute I
know to add to our Grinch theme my kids just
adore this and you know how much I love my coffee so love and then this black
piece here will match the marshmallow says chocolate chips so sweet simple and
I thought that would look really nice buy our coffee guard okay we do not go
today here are two items that are going to be part of my adductors dr. Seuss
Grinch themed wall we got this one here yeah we got this one here I cannot wait
to see their expressions when they see this stuff couple more things here I got
this mat for our garage I showed you this fun really think which is nice before we come inside and it’s fun and
festive for the kids and then one more bag here okay this cute little pillow I
wanted to do this stuff especially when the kids are yawning because you know
they’re only young once and that’s like I would say over half of what brings joy
for Christmas is just seeing my kids and their reactions and the things they get
excited about and then this one too so combining a little sort of like a
country Buffalo check Christmas but also adding some kid pieces in there as well
and then this too will be part of the collage that I’m gonna do I’m thinking I
might put it in the hallway between my kids bedrooms but we will see we had
some time to decide on that one all right we made pretty good haul here
I’m actually really excited about Christmas now especially with everything
going on so I cannot wait to add to the collection so let’s get this all cleaned
up and then we’re going to Luanda cleaning the rest of the house the next thing I’m going to do here is
we need to whip this kitchen in to shape there is stuff on almost every surface
in here up here on the counter the sink is dirty oh my word we got our work cut
out for us here but first we got to get caffeinated yes are we friends on Instagram if not we
definitely need to be it’s Andrea Jean one I have it linked below in the
description box below but when you are done please come over and say hey girl
we have a ton of fun over there I post all things motivating not just cleaning
and organizing although there is a lot of that as well but definitely hit me up
on Instagram what I’m going to do is I’m going to go ahead and let this video
play I want you to get a few things crossed off your list as you clean right
alongside me because after all this is where we spread clean with Andrea Jean I want to thank you so much for joining
me here today and welcoming me into your home I have some additional videos in
the description box below I think that you will find even more motivating I
post 3 times sometimes four times a week so we’ll see you all in the next one


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