SHOP WITH ME: Wedding and Home Decor | WITHWENDY

SHOP WITH ME: Wedding and Home Decor | WITHWENDY

Hey everyone, it’s me Wendy today. I’m going to be giving you fabric shopping I get a lot of comments talking about holiday shopping is intimidating where they wonder where to show up or how to shop today We’re looking for fabrics to help me set up some wedding decor. We’re going to specifically shop for chiffon as our example today I’m going to take you into the store and show you what I’m looking for whenever I shop for Chiffon different types of on price ranges and then you’ll also get to see me set up the wedding decor. I’m shopping in Toronto so your prices might be a bit different where you live and I don’t have any formal training and this is just experience from shopping and Because it is wedding decor and it’s for a friend and we want to respect their budget We are going to do our best to stick to the budget. So I’m not going to be shopping any high-end stuff The theme that we’re going with for them is this dreamy muted vintage classy type of tone So there are some purples and grays and that’s the kind of stuff. I’ll be shopping for today bit of a gloomy day outside It already rained a little bit we have arrived I’m making my way to Where they have some sale chiffon hard to not get distracted So it’s not necessarily always chiffon but this is the type of texture we’re looking for. in my mind I kind of call these things chiffon. We are specifically looking for a light nice-looking gray, so I like to touch them a little and just see how like the light bounces off, but this one seems to bunch really nicely This is a good option Maybe a little bit, too Pure like maybe I want something a bit more muted. So I’m gonna look around anyone I found this which is a bit purple gray. It has some Serious like texture to it. We settled on this one. I’m gonna get ten yards gathers pretty nicely And this one! This one not gonna get six yards Hi Ettie! Aw Chico! Can I show them Chico? Life is hard working in the fabric store But it’s colourful Okay, thank you Good morning, we are here. It’s setup day. This is the church that I go to we’ve got the mirror that we picked up yesterday We still have some work to do on These pews get that all set up. Oh, the noise is bad! Sorry i’m gonna fix the aisles up Let’s get started. Here’s our fabric Did you have your Marilyn Monroe moment? Okay they just got married yay! We will try to show you the mirror And this is Tabitha Today we’re going to go shopping for fabric because I need to buy some fabric to make some curtains for a CBC LIFE video let’s go Feet but we’ll give an extra foot to be safe and then She’s very special and you’re a very special customer I think my rod might be better with this rail. Yeah, let’s take this Nope no bag, no bag, I try to always bring a bag Gross This is why we were due for a curtain change, I really just don’t know What was going on here?

24 thoughts on “SHOP WITH ME: Wedding and Home Decor | WITHWENDY

  1. Hey Wendy, please respond >_<
    I was wondering if I could make a clothing piece out of chiffon? (with something underneath of course) If not, is there a better material that you would recommend that is better suited for clothing, but still similar to chiffon?

  2. I'm assuming you're on Queen St but I'd love to know which stores you shop. I happen to be looking for this very fabric!

  3. Hey, it was a great video ! Also, you looked really great in it. I love your leather backpack, where is it from ? Love from France ♡

  4. Could you make a tutorial on creating a dress like the Urban Outfitters Colette Stretch Linen Mini Dress? Also, where did you get the gray/blue lace you used in the bralette tutorial?

  5. Whenever I'm in the area I HAVE to have a max budget, in cash, and strictly stay within it. Otherwise I'd be coming home with heaps of fabric I don't need but… just in case… I find a project for them lol.

  6. hey wendy! I was wondering what stores / locations you mainly shop for fabrics at! love your videos! x.

  7. When the lady asked what you were filming my heart dropped and I thought you were going to get into trouble but then she let you film her dog and I got so happy! Being a YouTuber is hard!

  8. Been a fan of you channel for sometime now but I didn’t know you were a Sally! ☝🏽 that’s awesome!

  9. Hey wendy! Could you make a video about how to make a turtle neck long sleeve shirt? I've been trying to make one, but I'm having lots of trouble.. I'd love to see a video in which you show how to make it (maybe including a pattern?) Thanks for making these video's, i love your acc sooo much 😍

  10. fabric is so expensive in some places so sometimes I'll thrift clothes and repurpose the fabric (for smaller projects). Though they are not new, I have some that have lasted a long while.

  11. Just started watching your videos! Got to say this has helped me a lot with my projects. Also, you should do a pjs tutorial, if you haven't.

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