Should I Waterproof Crawl Space Walls with Paint | Crawl Space Waterproofing Paint | Basement Walls

Should I Waterproof Crawl Space Walls with Paint | Crawl Space Waterproofing Paint | Basement Walls

Hey everybody. Michael Church, Crawl Space Ninja. We get questions all the time about how to
basically waterproof the inside of a crawl space. You can see this is one way people do it. They will paint the walls of the crawl space. I assume it’s a waterproofing paint, but the
problem with using a waterproofing paint is that if you got a serious problem, then it
will punch through if it’s not put on properly. Just keep that in mind, that it’s only as
good as it was applied. We believe vapor barrier is a better waterproofer,
so we would take the vapor barrier up the walls so that way if water intrusion’s coming
in, it hits the vapor barrier and is forced down. The other little dirty secret is that once
it is compromised, waterproofing paint can, unless it’s treated with something, depending
on what kind you used, it could grow mold. It’s a lot easier to take a piece of plastic
off the wall than it is to try to remove this stuff after it’s been applied. Anyway, this crawl space also has a lot of
debris and gravel underneath it. As you can see, they waterproofed it first
and then put the gravel in, it looks like. They probably did this during the building
process, which is why they put the gravel over it because this still looks like some
construction debris on top of the gravel. I would say they did not do the perimeter
trench on the outside properly, so the builder tried to fix it on the inside with some waterproofing
paint. Then they put gravel up and over it to deal
with any standing water that was in the crawl space. Pretty dry now. It looks to be holding up pretty good. I’m not saying it shouldn’t have been done
this way. It’s just you got to be careful with these
waterproofing paints. Depending on what kind you use, they can actually
become mold sources. There is a little bit of mold growing in this
crawl space. Not a whole lot. Fungus, a little bit of white getting started,
and some different things. Just wanted to show you this. If you’re thinking about using waterproofing
paint, I think it’s a lot easier to just put plastic up the wall than it is to paint. Who knows how many coats they used or anything
else, but it can be a pretty big job. Plus, depending on what kind you use, it can
give off a lot of gassing. You may not like the smell of the paint. It takes a while for that smell to go away. Michael Church, Crawl Space Ninja. Please like this video down below. If you’re looking to start your own business,
we’re looking for people to help us grow our company through franchising, so there’s a
link down below. We’ll get you some information about that. Hope you make it a happy and blessed day. Thanks for watching.

7 thoughts on “Should I Waterproof Crawl Space Walls with Paint | Crawl Space Waterproofing Paint | Basement Walls

  1. I love your videos, but I FN hate those pop up noises. I've turned off a few, help us out, just post links below, we will use them if we need them, thanks again!

  2. Well it works…when you apply it to the right side of the wall 😂. Applying it to the negative side of the wall is a waste of money, and effort 👍

  3. My crawlspace has white paint, not sure what type it is or if it's waterproofing paint. I want to encapsulate my crawlspace just like you guys do with foam board and a vapor barrier. Do I need to do anything with the paint before I put up the foam board and vapor barrier? I have no standing water, no signs of water intrusion, and I am running a Santa Fe Compact2 dehumidifier currently. Thanks.

  4. The small addition on my home has a crawl space while the rest of the home has a basement. I plan to repaint the exterior basement foundation soon. However the exterior crawl space wall has never been painted. I'm worried if I paint the crawl space exterior wall that I will trap moisture from the soil in the crawl space and it will come through the floor above and enter the home. Worse yet would be if mold grew. Are my fears well founded, or is painting the exterior of the crawl space to match the basement exterior ok?

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