100 thoughts on “SIAMÉS “The Wolf” [Official Animated Music Video]

  1. Various people suffer because of various reasons! The wolves are a metaphor for human problems! Each of the 3 people shown in the video are suffering because of different reasons, but they are trying to escape them. Then they learn that the only way to end their suffering is to face their problems together! that's why the bike guy helps the girl and the other guy. I think this video is an allegory for how the society should work and how it shouldn't.

  2. I'm kinda surprised nobody is talking about the animation meme. That was the first thing I expected when I viewed the comment section

  3. Youtube music put this in my recommendations and i can say that it is the first song that i have been recommended by YouTube that i actually enjoyed. Congrats YouTube

  4. First guy: Drinking to avoid his problems, to drown them out with a temporary good feeling.
    Girl: Skating, smoking, seemingly trying to escape from her problems through distractions (Smoking and listening to music at the same time)
    Bike: Literally running from the overwhelming amount of problems, he's the deepest into the troubles of his life.

    They come together, and the Bike guy has enough courage to stand up and fight.

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  7. I couldn't do a better explanation than others but I do feel like this song speaks without word, its fascinating

  8. 이글을 보시고 해석하면 10년동안 운이좋고 못하면 이글을 7명에게 보내십시오

    만약 보내지 않는다면, 않는다면 18년동안 재수가 없을것입니다 시험은 다 떨어질거고 ㄷㄷ

    they and them.

    “we are all existence of precious” they saying.

    but, world is repeat of Contradiction and Contradiction.

    just, their object is to us.

    in the result start for 'purpose', and end for 'purpose'.

    this world can’t think clean.

    smile of kind hypocrite of cunning. so world change repeat of false.

    only trusting to see. we are.

    The reason why the world can't change, by ill luck

    “they are right” isn’t, cause we did’t nothing. live during we are with their method.

    just,,,, accustomed to tamed life we are.

    we can’t never changed to world. never. never.

    but, if thinking people. we can’t turn world. but world is turn little some little live comfortable of life

    we made this world, we can change this world.

    l think so

    we will more, more have wisdom, we can have real freedom.

    I think so. too

    freedom of present is false, this thought is need to our belief

    they are in world but we can win they. because they are we too.

    our’s member of part made this world full of false.

    but we can’t forgive them. because they can't exist this world and cause of contradiction.

    “human is animal of contradiction ” this isn’t never false of word

    we should remember this word!

    We're not going to make things that we regret.

    than “start for 'purpose', and end for 'purpose'.”

    start for people, and end for people. we can’t change world but, we remember this,

    “we can change our thought”

    many time after, we can know.

    we can do everything about all of world.

    several people aren't bravely to speak about truth.

    only possible action for have own belief.

    someday human can know this word what's mean.

    if all people can know this word, we can will speak

    "world now changed". if so people can be human.

    <we can be the proud of real human>

    but, Contradiction forever repeat.

    never to will change .

  9. Man, it's been a while since I came here, I came back here now in 2019 just to see this amazing music and animation! (Detail, in minute 1:46 you can see the girl's breasts (͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °) Beautiful detail there, yes I am a perv.)

  10. The wolf represents mistakes of the past and the people's attempt to run away from them but then inevitably have to face it to move on. Yup

  11. I have a couple ideas for what this is about 1 it’s about how unless you get some sort of help and hide from your problems they will get worse and hunt you more aggressively 2 if you wanna get more literal with the video these creatures find and attack people suffering from any mental health problem and try to kill them for food or sport just something and these people all get attacked on the same night and cross paths so they help each other escape that’s just an idea though it’s ultimately up to you what this is about because it’s art and art is there to be interpreted and make more ideas it’s you that ultimately makes this in your imagination and that’s what I like well one of the things

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  13. Are all the wolfs following the bike guy his speeding tickets and the wolf gets killed does that mean the guy is not an alchoholic

  14. It just amazes me how music videos are so open to interpretation these days. Who knows, perhaps one day the future generations will study music videos as a form of literature…that is, if they make it till then.

  15. I know I should probably be talking about how amazingly representative this is,but DAAAANG,WHOEVER ANIMATED THIS IS A GOD

  16. I guess it was necessary to draw her nipples at 1:46 when she jumps.
    Just for two frames; you can see frames when the video is paused and you press period and comma buttons.

  17. I think that the music is not about depression and problems but about addictions. I do get that we don't see a addiction for the biker but when the video begins he is already being chased by the wolf. Notice how the wolf comes out of the glass from the bar and how it only shows up once the girl starts smoking. The song is not the wolfs singing, but it's their own mind battling against their dependency, that's why we get lines like "I'm out of my head, of mind" and "I don't trust myself once I hear your call" at the same time as "You can run but you can't hide, I'm gonna you make mine", that are sang by the same person, it's him trying to regain control while another part of himself, his addiction, tries to stop him, that is the wolf.

  18. does anybody else just keep hearing it say 'hangnail hangnail hangnail hangnail' in the background when the male vocals stop? 😛

  19. I have an idea for a wrestling villain: Cujo, a wrestler named and whose behavior is modeled after the Stephen King villain of the same name. And this would be his entrance song.

    In fact, I think the song would fit perfectly with Cujo himself (the dog).

  20. dude what kinda fuckin anime is this and where can I watch it? no but forreal this kinda stuff will never get old, Love you SIAMÉS!

  21. Ya know that girl didn't have a bad idea if I was slowly being approached by an aggressive oversized wolf I'd bitch slap it with a skateboard too

  22. I love the fact the bike guy doesn't even hesitate or react, just sees skater girl in trouble and goes to help

  23. I look at the glasses guy's face before it zooms in his eye and when he screams, my thought is "Whelp that's a child at the dentist for ya"

  24. My interpretation is there all habit formers, the man at the bar an alcoholic, the skater girl a smoker and the bike guy a speed addict or running from his past. They each need these addictions to get by, but the addictions are also weighing on them and killing them. They're only hope of ending these addictions is to group up. The wolves are the regrets of these choices bringing them together so they can face them head on.

  25. End it, end it, end it, end it, end it, end it, end it, end it, end it, end it,

    Each and every day…

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