Simple Studio Unit Makeover // SMDC 21 sqm unit // Scandinavian Inspired // by Elle Uy

Simple Studio Unit Makeover // SMDC 21 sqm unit // Scandinavian Inspired // by Elle Uy

Hi, this is Elle, and I’m here at the 27 square meter studio unit. That’s our next makeover project, but in reality, it’s just 21 square meters because it has a balcony, so, as you can see, we’re here at the renovation and let me show you what it looked like before. it was just a typical studio unit they turned over very bare, very basic, so, we’re currently adding a divider for the bedroom area and the living area, then we’ll start adding more storage, desks, and of course, additional decor and personality so even if the unit’s simple, it will still looks appealing. Let me show you what’s been happening here first. So, here’s the progress so far on the unit. The divider’s already there, but we’re still extending that because our client requested it We have our backsplash tile. I’m still going to have them put grout, but I’m still playing around with what color to use. I think green might work. because there’ll be an accent color on the wall here that’ll also be green. Shelf here. The TV will be right here as well. We’ll put a double bed here. This unit’s pretty small, but it’ll turn out well. Watch out for it. So I’m back in this unit because we’re almost done here. We’re just decorating now. And, as you can see, the painting part is done. This wall color is so cute, and, we’re just arranging stuff and furniture, and we’re going to be hanging up some frames later, so, I’m not going to show this quite yet. I’m saving the surprise for later. Stay tuned πŸ˜‰ It’s Reveal Day for this studio unit! I’m really excited to show you all , because it’s really cute. So let’s go in now. We’re here in the main door of the unit, and here’s the hallway. Since the hallway is quite spacious, I had them add a storage unit. It fits the wall there almost perfectly. It’s pretty roomy. It can be used for shoes, or knickknacks… here. It’s all storage space. And of course, we have this mirror here. It’s the foyer area in the unit, so before you leave home, you can give yourself a once-over before going. And by its side is the main closet area. So, the clothing rod’s up top, then we have these three drawers underneath, so at least the space is adequate for clothing. When you get to the main living space, this is the kitchen. It’s a pretty basic kitchen. This was the original kitchen when the unit was turned over, What I did here was add geometric tiles and used some green grout. This was the first time I ever used colored grout here because I feel that it’s apt in this space because it’s very colorful and young, and this unit is fresh. So I tried putting some green grout here so it’d match our wall colors. The wall color I’m talking about is… this one. It’s really cute. The color’s really fresh. I really love the paint scheme. This sofa we have, I bought as a two-seater, so it’d fit perfectly with the unit’s space, because if you’d bought a three-seater, it’d take too much space here. So, that sofa’s really comfy, and spacious and I chose a neutral grey so it wouldn’t clash with the cool green wall accents. I put some marble accents on this side table here. There’s some marble textures there as well. This is the mirror. When you’ve got an empty wall, put a mirror there. Especially if the area is pretty small. That way, the room looks a lot bigger. As you can see, I didn’t put a center table here, so this’d be open, because this part is a walkway. But if he needs a place to eat, or to use a tabletop for a bit, I had them make a built-in foldable table. That way, if he wants to eat dinner, you can just plop down on the sofa, or pull out a chair, and use that. I had this made with a ledge as well, so even if it isn’t open, you can still put down drinks and stuff on top of it. We had this TV installed here in between the bedroom and the living area. The TV mount can swivel, too. You can watch on the sofa comfortably, or just chill in bed, just as comfortably For this side, we had a desk made Use your laptop here, or do work here. We had some storage units made as well. You have storage here. You have storage here. Here, we’ve got some more storage as well- oh, that’s my stuff. (LAUGHTER). We’ve got a bookshelf over here that the client can fill with their books, or their memorabilia, or their knickknacks. For the bed area, here. Very simple designs here, just cozy, right? This was the only nook with enough space for the bed. This is a double bed, which is 54 by 75, and we’ve also had some drawers installed here. We’ve got some on the other side as well, so we wouldn’t waste any space. The marble theme is still here, by the way. I matched the marble so it’d still be in line with the other aspects of the unit. There’s the divider we installed to at least separate the living and sleeping areas, but we had some glass installed so it would still be well lit, because the window is on the other side. Speaking of window, we’re getting blinds for it- I just really needed to shoot this right now, which is why the blinds aren’t there yet. They’re getting installed tomorrow. I can hardly wait. So, it’s just plain white, still very simple, so you can imagine how clean-looking the unit is. Here. (pans camera) See? Really. Simple. It’s pretty small, but it looks really fresh. So as you can see, what we did in this unit was very simple. We just put a divider here, then instead of dropping the ceiling, what we did was… we dropped the beam around, so we could install pin lights around the unit. That way, it’s still pretty well lit, then also very bright as well, and space-efficient. We painted everything white, except for the accent wall. That one’s green, and we didn’t do the entire wall so it would have a different effect to it. And we’ve commissioned plenty of custom-made pieces for the furniture to fit in perfectly in this space here. This is probably among the smallest units I’ve ever had to work with, I think, but I really love how it came out, because it’s very fresh, and really relaxing to stay here. So… that’s it for this makeover If you liked this makeover, please like this video and subscribe to my channel for more makeovers, tips, and any other questions about home improvements. So, that’s it for now. Bye πŸ™‚

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