Simple wall Mural Design | Wall mural Painting ideas

Simple wall Mural Design | Wall mural Painting ideas

Wall putty is a white fine powdered substance that is used to provide smooth base to the wall surface. It provides smooth damp finish and it allows all types of colours to be applicable over the walls. It is applied on the walls and ceilings prior to priming and painting.

100 thoughts on “Simple wall Mural Design | Wall mural Painting ideas

  1. Wonderful….nowadays we get designer stickers for walls…u have done lot of hardwork & of course ur creative…i love sketching & other art
    work …i feel like trying something like this in my rooms…but am scared i might make a mess

  2. Did you make a video of you painting this? As a newbie, with no artistic talent to herself, I would love to try to do this myself with out making it crappie looking. I truly lived this video.

  3. Белая ваза красивее выглядела, стильно, а крашенная- колхозная

  4. جميلة كملاحظة ساق الورد اخضر والوردة اللتي في الاعلى كان يجب حذفها هكذا افضل بالنسبة لي وتختلف الاذواق

  5. Cómo me encantaría aprender aunque sea a hacer una sola cosa de todo lo que muestras pero no sé ni cómo empezar

  6. Вау !!!!постоянно смотрю ваши видосики супер быстро красиво и легко👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🌻🌺

  7. Привет,не перестаю удивляться вашему творчеству,какой же молодец,всё очень красиво,как всегда, вам лайк

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