Simple Yarn Wall Hanging | Bluprint | Michaels

Simple Yarn Wall Hanging | Bluprint | Michaels

– Wall hangings really had
their moment in the 70s. Almost everyone has a
story of their grandma having a lot of macrame and yarny things hanging on their walls. And they’re totally having
a comeback right now. I have so many wall hangings in my house, at least one in every room, and to me they’re just a really fun way to continue to play with yarn and textiles and really bring a tactile,
homemade touch into my house. Wall hangings are a great
project for beginners, because you really don’t have
to have any skills at all to make a wall hanging. (upbeat music) I’m Brett Bara, and this
is my maker’s story. So I’m gonna show you how
to make this wall hanging. It’s super easy and quick to make. It’s such a great way
to add a splash of color and texture to any room. To make this project,
you will need some yarn. We’re using Loops and
Thread Charisma Tweed in a few different colors. You’ll need large wooden beads, these are one inch wooden beads. A wooden dowel. Scissors, a tapestry needle,
and a medium-sized book. We’re going to start by making the tassels for this wall hanging. And we’re going to be wrapping some yarn. I have three balls of yarn here that I’m holding together
as one as I wrap. That just makes the
wrapping go more quickly. If you don’t have three
balls of the same color, you can just use one ball. And I’m just gonna wrap it
around this medium-sized book. Doing about five wraps,
times three strands, is about 15 wraps total. And then I’m just gonna cut
it all along the bottom. I’m left with a bunch of strands of yarn that are all about the same length. Next up, I’m going to take a long piece of another color yarn. Whichever portion of the wall hanging this tassel’s gonna be hanging against, that’s the color yarn I’m gonna use for the string to hang the tassel. We’ll just loop this long piece of yarn through the center of the tassel pieces. Now we’ll cut one more piece of yarn that matches the tassel. Just tie this around
right here at the top, and tie it and cinch it tight. And then the tails of
this tie can just blend in with the tassel itself. And finally, we’ll just
give it a little haircut at the bottom to even up all the fringe. And now the last step is
we’re gonna add a bead at the top of this tassel. So to do that, we’ll
thread this long blue yarn onto a tapestry needle. And then we’ll just thread the bead on, slide it all the way down to the base of the tassel, and that’s it. One tassel is done, it’s as easy as that, and we’ll need to make
three of these total. Now we’re gonna cut all the
long strands of yarn we need to make the fringe for the wall hanging. We need to cut six-foot lengths of yarn. So I like to measure with my arm span. My arm span is about five feet, because I’m about five feet tall, so I just stretch out the yarn like this, and I know that that’s five feet, and then I add a little
bit more, for six feet. That’s just the way I like to do it, but if you’d rather,
you could wrap your yarn around a three foot piece of cardboard, and then that would give you
six foot lengths as well. And then I’m just gonna measure against what I’ve already cut to go ahead and keep cutting some more lengths. I like to use three balls
of yarn at once for this, just because it makes it go much faster, but you could use one ball of yarn if that’s all you have on hand. So I’m just going to go
ahead and keep repeating this to cut all the strands I need for all three colors of this wall hanging. Okay, I’ve got all my precut lengths of six-foot pieces of
yarn, I’ve got my tassels, and now it’s time to put it all together and attach everything to the dowel. So I’m going to take two strands of yarn, I’m starting with blue, ’cause that’s the center
color in this design. I’m just laying the yarn
with the folded center-point, and then I’m placing the dowel over that. I’m gonna take the tails of the yarn, and just draw them through the fold, this is called a lark’s head knot. Pull it to tighten, and that’s one. Now I’m gonna add a tassel. So I’ll start with two strands of yarn, just like I did before, and
I’ll grab one of my tassels. And just place it so that its yarn strands are in the same position with the others. And then I’ll attach it the same way, I’ll just have the folded
yarn under the dowel. And I’ll just draw all of
these pieces through the fold. And there’s our little tassel. And then I’m just gonna continue
attaching, in the same way, with all three of my colors,
until the dowel is filled up. Okay, everything is assembled, and the last step is to trim
this fringe at the bottom so that everything will be nice and even. I’m using a straightedge
and a rotary cutter. (upbeat music) And that’s it. So there you have it, a really
quick and easy wall hanging to brighten up any room in your house.

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  1. Great to see you Brett. I remember you from the PBS show. Great craft idea! Michael's needs to use you on more videos!! Do you have a blog or youtube channel?

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