Sink hole in Belen reveals main storm water drain broken, rotted out

IT )S WELL-DOCUMETED THE CITY OF BELEN HAS A PROBLEM WITH FLOODING. NOW, THEY )RE FACING A (NEW WATER ISSUE … A GIANT SINK HOLE THAT SHOWS THE CITY )S MAIN STORM WATER DRAIN HAS ROTTED OUT. AS NEWS 13 )S RACHEL KNAPP FOUND OUT, IT )S GOING TO COST A PRETTY PENNY TO FIX IT. mark griego, mos 09:57 “Its been there about a year, huh?” “Yeah,” “At least a year” 10:00 THESE BELEN LOCALS SAY AFTER THE CITY WAS HIT WITH HEAVY RAIN LAST YEAR, AN UNEXPECTED PROBLEM SURFACED NEAR THEIR BACKYARD. griego 10:06 “we noticed the fence was hanging down so I walked over to take a look at it and that )s when I noticed that big sink hole” 10:11 IN A LOT BY THE MIDDLE SCHOOL… HIDDEN BEHIND THE BAMBOO… THERE IS A FIVE FOOT WIDE SINK HOLE. griego 10:15 “there is also a second one about three foot in diameter that goes sideways 10:22 NATS POP walking by the bamboo 02:09 -02:10 CITY OFFICIALS SAY THEY WERE CALLED TO THE AREA ABOUT A MONTH AGO AND THEY STUMBLED UPON AN EVEN BIGGER PROBLEM THAN JUST THE HOLE. NATS POP 02:19 “right here, just be careful” 02:21 THE SINKHOLE REVEALED THAT THE CITY )S MAIN STORM WATER DRAIN IS BROKEN AND ROTTED OUT. wayne gallegos 04:06 so that )s when I pulled the alarm saying it )s more than just vegetation, we have problems with the drainage 04:13 BELEN HAS A NETWORK OF DRAINS THAT LEAD TO THIS MAIN ONE. RUNOFF FROM THE MESA. ALSO GETS FUNNELED THROUGH THE DRAIN WHERE THE SINKHOLE IS SO IT CAN GET PUSHED THROUGH TO THE RIVER. A BROKEN PIPE LIKE THIS, COULD CAUSE MAJOR PROBLEMS. wayne gallegos 08:12 “it slows down all your drainage and the harder, faster the rain falls it accumulates on properties and businesses and of course we don )t want that to happen” 08:20 AND ESPECIALLY IN A TOWN WHERE THEY ALREADY FEAR THE WET WEATHER BECAUSE IT COULD LEAD TO FLOODING… THIS BROKEN PIPE IS AN UNWELCOMED SURPRISE. ellisha duggins, mos 14:40 “that was kind of upsetting I mean I was like that )s our backyard and they )re blocking it off, there )s not much we can do 14:47 RACHEL KNAPP KRQE NEWS 13. THE CITY SAYS THEY WANT TO START FIXING IT SOON BUT HAVE NO IDEA HOW BIG OF A PROBLEM IT IS UNTIL THEY GET UNDERGROUND AND CHECK IT OUT. THEY )RE ALREADY ESTIMATING IT WILL COST ABOUT 200-THOUSAND DOLLARS JUST TO FIX THAT ONE SECTION.

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