Small adjustment, Big result!|PRO cleans up Subscriber Art!

Small adjustment, Big result!|PRO cleans up Subscriber Art!

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-anytime Discord advice series again! Hinoe is here!
-hello this time it’s Eduardo-san. “Still practicing” so please give some advice they’re concerned about eyes and hair I think it’s already drawn cutely enough but the original artist may be curious about the shape of the eyelashes also, the hair…are these horns?
-dunno not sure huh
– can’t tell from looking at it are they horns, hair or ears? can you give some advice on that?
-sure please! so drawing a cross first figuring out what kind of face was drawn Yes, confirming what shape the face is beneath the hair this angle is more or less front view right? yes well… not front view, more like 5.5:4.5 angle ever so slightly facing to the right then, checking the base body shape and then, the hands which the artist was curious about in the end, they were horns maybe? hmm, well seemed that way so went with it learning at least shape of frill is really useful isn’t it? it’s a shape that can be used on various clothing it’s like this
-thank you the original drawing was like this holding a stick so maybe it’s a fantasy witch? then on top of it Hinoe did some tidying up there are various areas you made changes to the eyelashes are a clearly, understandable shape now probably in the original drawing, the eyelashes looked fur-like like soft fur but Hinoe drew it with a simple base shape then drew separate eyelashes and as a bonus, drew the lower eyelid and here to, put some lower eyelashes the hair here too, this was a braid in the original was it coming forward, or going backward, kinda unclear Hinoe drew it with the braid and horns going to the rear probably this hair bundle, and I think this is an ear or a flat bundle of hair, and this horn they seem like there are all in a similar position like this, this one is coming forward and behind that, this bundle here then behind that comes this hair bundle and maybe this is a single horn or a braid and a horn this, too, is clearer. coming forward and the horn going backward layering the elements more clearly makes the drawing easier to understand you can of course add in as many elements as you like, but doing it clearly makes the character easy to understand at a glance then this hand was already well drawn Hinoe has made slight changes here and there what was the main change? hmm, balance perhaps I’m curious about the standing pose in the original drawing, the legs are both bending like this in the version Hinoe drew for us the character’s left leg is coming forward, so it looks like they stand well probably the original artist was aiming for this kind of curve but if you draw the body further down they may not appear to be standing properly well, it’s common though if you don’t imagine the art off the boundary of the page too it becomes misshapen it’s common in game illustration isn’t it? the ground isn’t drawn so it looks like the character is floating also, the clothing is easier to understand now there’s a cape sorta coming from the collar here it’s coming forward here and to the back there they probably had a lot of elements they wanted to include and it’s fine to include them all but layering it carefully may help prevent the viewer from getting confused you haven’t altered the pose too might right? only adjusted from the waist downwards really any other areas you’d like to point out? hmm, where the hair comes over the eyes consider the left/right balance true, this bit of hair on the left is covering more the face may appear to be a strange shape though beneath the hair it may actually be properly drawn because of the balance it may cause the face to look off balance also the folds. 2 large folds added here the posing of the legs becomes clearer in the original, there were various folds but it wasn’t as clear what the legs were doing beneath it ok, that’s about it I guess. Any one point tips for Eduardo-san? You’ve just begun so no need to rush, just draw lots of things thanks Hinoe-san!
-you’re welcome there are many other videos in this discord advice series. please check them out! and please subscribe to the channel! discord link is below so take your art… enter the room, post it there and it could become a video ok bye bye!
-see ya

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  1. I would like to ask you or anyone who knows if I can just use any kind of laptop to connect with any art tablets

    For example I might be getting a Lenovo laptop.

    Is it a must for all art tablets to be connected to only Mac and Windows?

  2. Well, now as an author I am ashamed now. Thanks for advices. And yes, this Eyjafjalla and balance for weak.

  3. The music choice for this video is great, if only I knew where it came from because that would be some good music to study/listen to 😔

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