As living space is reducing day by day space for planters and gardening also reducing day by day this increases need for redesigning planters and give unique and interesting look for keeping indoors in this video we will talk about handmade decoration ideas for home like small garden design, pot painting and i will review fairy garden and some table top planters that i received from Tiny Tray Garden you are watching Hungry Vacations, my name is Priya, and let’s start with the video today we will learn pot painting by decoupage art by which you can give vintage and classy look to all home planters take any planter like ceramic, terracotta or concrete do acrylic painting on pot with your favorite color Modge Podge is important for decoupage you can find it at any stationary shop it will make paper design transparent and water proof you also need flat paint brush and paper cuttings of your choice that you want to transfer on pot paint a thin layer of modge podge on pot where you want to transfer design paint thin layer of modge podge on back side of paper cutting transfer paper cutting on the pot carefully use a sponge, dab and rub to remove air bubbles press as shown to fix design firmly to fix the corners apply modge podge by paint brush as shown and fix properly paint a thin layer of modge podge over the design this will fix the design firmly make it water resistant this water proof technique increase the life of design on pot you can redesign all pots and planters same way follow same process to transfer all paper cuttings on pot i have used floral pattern you can choose any design of your choice paint modge podge free hand as it becomes transparent after drying our vintage style planter is ready you can keep lot of indoor plants in it i will keep a ZZ Plant ZZ Plant is a great air purifying plant and perfect for indoors you can keep zz plant indoors, in bed room or living area you can keep other indoor plants as well like areca palm, snake plant i redesigned a big planter as i wanted a big one for my home you can also redsign small planters, table top palnters by same method all you know acrylic pot painting if you like this decoupage art painting planter please tell us in comment box below i liked most about this tray garden is that it is designed very neetly designer has given a creative look to this tray garden miniatures are providing overall theme look plant has given proper space to grow if you like this planter then you can make it at home tutorial link for fairy garden is provided on the top of this screen and description box if you are time bound and want to gift this cute fairy garden to your loved ones its a great idea to order this tray garden online from Tiny Tray Garden i will put there Facebook and Instagram link in description box you can order online and get delivered anywhere in India i liked these table top planters perfect for gifting, one time solution for indoor gardening decor i loved this girl and dog theme planter you can plant any thing i have planted jade plant in it you can see this one i have decorated it with artificial flowers you can put live plants air plants or use very creatively keep in workplace, study table, kitchen garden, these are only sample pots Tiny Tray garden has more such designer pots they customize birthday, diwali or anniversary gifts whatever you want related to planters, Tiny Tray garden have a solution for you i hope you like these home garden design tips if you like to watch more such videos than please do subscribe Hungry Vacations and don’t forget to press the bell icon you can follow us on Instagram and Facebook my instagram and facebook handle is Hungry Vacations if you like this video please give a big thumbs up Thanks for Watching


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