Smashing Glass Vacuum Chambers

Smashing Glass Vacuum Chambers

Hey what’s up guys Welcome back I brought you out to the Arizona desert again, It’s a little bit cold and windy today But that’s ok Because we are here for the view Now I found a location where apparently it’s okay to break glass and that’s a good thing because I have a potentially deconstructive experiment that I’ve been wanting to try with this glass vaccuum chamber Now I got the idea of using a glass cookie jar from my cousin Ty Moser But there was a concern that it could implode violently So the purpose of this experiment is to push the boundaries and get them to go off So we can see when they do implode How violent and how far reaching is that shrapnel gonna be. So let me show you the setup we got rigged out here today The idea is to assemble the vacuum chamber and pull 25 inches of mercury to create the strongest vacuum that we can get with this system Then I’m going to shut off the valve to keep the vacuum pressure, turn off the pump and use a hammer to gently tap the side So we can test just how much force it will take to get the side walls to crack and make the whole system implode Now normally if you were to put something into a container and make it explode it will shoot shards in every different direction Now this is a little different because we are sucking all the air out of the jar and it’s creating a vacuum pressure sucking everything inside If the structural integrity of the jar fails everything should pull in and smash in the middle I’ve also a face shield and extra layers of clothing and some really thick gloves Because even if it does smash inward I do expect shards of glass will still spray in every different direction So lets suck out the air, grab a hammer and see how everything turns out What does a GoPro do in a vacuum chamber we’re going to find that out too Alright guys its action time and truthfully I’m a little bit nervous cause I’m not sure what to expect so we’re just going to have to jump in and find out Let’s get that gauge rising Hey see the gauge is rising right now we’re pulling about, we’re coming up on 20 inches of mercury 25 inches of mercury is the highest we can go with this vacuum pump, that’s the strongest vacuum we can get This one is designed to suck out air conditioning units so it’s actually a very strong vacuum Once it hits 25 inches of mercury I’m going to turn off the valve so it maintains vacuum pressure in the jar Then I’m going to turn off the vacuum pump so it stops making noise and we can get the full effect of the implosion Alright it looks like its time I’m not really sure how close I should be to this thing so I’m just gonna attack it from a distance And start off with some gentle taps and then see exactly what it takes to crack it and make it go off. (Taps glass) There’s a gentle tap let’s try that again (Taps glass) (Taps glass) Okay (Taps glass) it’s actually holding up pretty well I’m going to tap it a little bit harder (Taps glass) A little bit harder (Taps glass) A little bit harder (Taps glass) I think I actually chipped the glass on that one it’s still holding up I’m going to hit it even harder (Breaks glass) Whoa!!!!!(Breaths heavily) (Breaks Glass) (In Slow-Mo) Winding up… And there it goes. And there’s like a mist of glass dust that shoots out of the top and just blows with the wind Even if I wasn’t wearing any protective clothing I think I still would have been okay Because any glass that would have come at me would be so low energy it would just bounce off With with not much difficulty but it’s always a good idea to be wearing safety equipment though Check this out guys Check this out My proto putty looks like it’s stayed intact we could just pop that off and reuse it on another jar So looking at the damage down here guys you can see the bottom of the jar is completely annihilated There’s chunks of it over here, chunks of it over there and about a billion pieces of it over here But I am pretty encouraged because most of it stayed in one spot there weren’t any jagged pieces that shot out And that’s what I was worried about I might have to make a new one of these lids now because I ruined the finish that’s too bad I think it took just as much effort to crack the side wall as it would if it was at standard atmospheric pressure If you went to the hardware store and got one of those one-foot concrete pavers and tried to smash that with a hammer I think it would take about the same amount of force to crack that in half as it would break this jar That’s just based on feeling, that’s not scientific that’s just my opinion That was the large jar how will the small jar do will it be able to withstand more force because its smaller Let’s go find out I can’t tell if this thing is actually working right now the LCD screen is completely shot But the red light is flashing so I’m going to stick it in and see if we can get another shot With a smaller vacuum chamber Alright I got the vacuum pump off lets smash it (Taps glass) (Taps glass) (Taps glass) Alright I’m going to give this one a pretty good whack here (Taps and breaks glass) Whew! Very nice, very nice So every time we have a rapid decompression it seems like my GoPro just shuts off The LCD screen has imploded Eh it’s gone completely dark and I can’t see anything I’m just hoping we recovered some of that footage because that would be cool to see If you look down here though the Proto putty gasket just popped right off And its still in really good condition we could just pop that onto another jar and reuse it again The only difference is look really closely here and you can see a very fine mist of glass dust so when this thing imploded It made a cloud of dust that pops up the top and covers everything I can’t tell if the ground was shaking or if it was just the pressure wave but the camera jumped there It almost looked like the dirt does suck up from the bottom that’s really crazy It just kinda rises and falls in the same spot Now since we got one more small jar left let’s switch things up a little bit so rather then smashing it with a hammer Let’s try lifting it up and dropping it on a rock instead Alright we’re at 25 how high do I have to drop it before this thing will break Lets just start off at about 6 inches Haha that was enough to do it Hehaha Maybe I should have started off at 6 inches that was more like a foot And it just crumbles when it hits the rock it just completely disappears Gotta see that again There’s the drop And booom That’s amazing yup no explosion it just completely disintegrates and the lid keeps falling at the same rate that’s very cool So why would you even use a cookie jar for a vacuum chamber well for me its just to be able to see inside and look at the reactions going on You could spend hundreds of dollars on big professional glass bell jars that are designed for that purpose But after testing here today I personally be pretty comfortable moving forward with glass cookie jars from now on As long as you’re not dinging them denting, throwing rocks at them or hitting them with hammers They should hold up relatively well But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear safety equipment It’s good to be prepared So there you have it guys it looks like I’m not going home with any extra holes in my body today so I think we can call it a successful test It’s really cool to see just what happens when a glass vacuum chamber implodes And don’t worry about this mess we will be cleaning it up before we leave Hey thanks for joining me in this experiment I’ll be looking for you in the next one talk to you then Hey guys thanks for watching and remember I’m giving away prizes now on every new video All you have to do to qualify is subscribe to my channel, ring the bell and select to be notified when my next videos get released The secret link to my giveaways will be pinned in the comments for the first twelve hours If you like what I’m doing show your support right now by giving this video a big thumbs up and share with a friend I love you back and I’ll see you next time 🙂

100 thoughts on “Smashing Glass Vacuum Chambers

  1. While watching these older videos of yours it made me want to see a chain vacuum chamber. If you receive this request can you put multiple chambers in a chain (link them together with different items inside and see how they effect each other). Possibly even in parallel just to see the effect. ( series and parallel, for the electrically minded)

  2. In hindsight, don't you wish you'd put a blanket or something underneath before you started; to make the cleanup easier? 🙂

  3. My glass jar vacuum chamber cracked spontaneously without warning after about 3 months of use 🙁 so I guess you can never trust it will hold up forever. luckily it didn't implode fully. I did some maths and it seems that the vacuum put my jar under continuous stress equivalent to 8 tons of weight.

  4. I worked at an electronics recycling center where we would take things apart and collect the recyclable components, there were some very large Cathode Ray Tube television picture tubes that made implosions so loud that the building shook when one was dropped on another face-to-face. Thanks for the memories 🙂

  5. I was taking a nice walk thru the desert bare foot, stepped on a bunch of glass, thought it was the sun that melted the sand, but now I know….haha

  6. I want to experience pc how can pc run without fan I didn’t see any one do a Video run pc without fan pc

  7. i think it's because of the air that got inside the vaccumed space before the glass then pushed the glass away so its lile a reverse implosion . the heavier the surrounding matter is than the glass the more likely u will get a perfect implosion like honey or something also in slow motion u will be able to see the glass implode then explode like the way the human heart expends and contract ATHANKS GUYS FOR THE VIDEO I HOPE THAT U GIVE it ANOTHER TRY.☺

  8. I used to hear that a CRT could implode violently if damaged. And with some understanding of the effects of pressure differences I believed it. Until I saw one get the neck broken and there was just a strong suction noise as the vacuum was let out (or let in?)

  9. You mentioned it’s a little chilly in the desert. How chilly when it’s normally 100 degrees F. I mean 70 degrees is still hot.

  10. Vaccume chamber and baloon and also phone.and also a mini fan in chamber,have mini fan turned on and see if any air is produced by it

  11. Wait, why'd you clean up? Your mess is glass in the desert. No one will care, and it's not like it's plastic. You get a super hot ray and point it at the ground, and then hit the ground, you'll get the same reaction. It's not like it's unnatural…

  12. lol when he said "let try from 6 inches" and im all cringing like bro thats like 12 inches thank you very much, then he redeems himself with "well that was more like a foot" happy xDD

  13. you guys should do a collab video with the SLO Mo guys! I’d LOVE to see high def high slow mo of your vacuums being broken!

  14. Your camera is experiencing a gradual decompression and a rapid compression. If you are only reaching 25 inches of vacuum, there is something wrong with your setup. Why did you go out to the middle of nowhere to run these tests? The glass could have been well contained in a backyard setup. Why not use a pendulum weight or some other means of breaking the jars remotely? You endangered yourself doing it by hand, your face mask wasn't always providing complete coverage. Your results were interesting (it turns out these implosions are less energetic than I would have thought), but your procedures are all over the place.

  15. If anyone of my guys put any system under 25 inches regardless of HVAC or refrigeration I'd fire them immediately. For future reference please have knowledge of what the micron differences between 25 and 29.92 inches of Mercury are.

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