Sneak Food in Class! 10 Fun School Hacks and More Back to School DIY Ideas

That bag of Skittles sure looks
delicious! Doesn’t it, Emily? Wonder if Jessica will share some with you? One. Yay! Hmm…
Surely it’s delicious just the way you like it! Okay, how about another one? No, Emily. Oh, Jessica, don’t be like that! Help your roommate out! Nope… She’s keeping an eye on you, girl. Ugh, what a spoilsport! There goes the whole “sharing is caring”… But wait! That hairbrush looks like a solution to our problem. What if we use it as a hiding spot? Just drop some Skittles inside. Close the lid and enjoy your secret stash
wherever you go. Now you can
cherish the sweet taste of your favorite candy without the hustle of a noisy
plastic bag! Yum! What’s that, Jessica? You want something? Silly girl, you must be seeing things! Emily is clearly just brushing her hair! Okay now just one more or else your hideout is given away! Hey, Jacob, the chemistry test is coming! But that doesn’t mean one can’t have a
little bit of fun, right? Oh look out, boy, now is your chance! Aww isn’t that just sweet! You are such a perfect boyfriend! Here, now you can take the microscope. Hmm… What can Emily draw in return? Give her a second. Let’s play a bit of chemistry! We just need a smooth surface. Like this plate! Take a whiteboard marker and draw
directly on to it! Maybe something cute to express your love! Now pour a little bit of water and see what happens. Whiteboard marker isn’t too adhesive and
doesn’t dissolve in water. Wow! That’s so cool! Now what can Jacob do to one-up
such a creative use of chemistry? This time take a permanent marker in order to
draw a fixed background. What’s this, Jacob? A UFO? With its rays shining on
the ground of area 51. Now he uses the whiteboard marker
to make a little stick figure. Just a bit of water. Oh no! The little guys being abducted! Where are the men in black when you need them? Wouldn’t you know,
chemistry isn’t so boring and useless after all! Oh boy, Adam sure likes those powdered candies! So much so he’s forgotten he’s
sitting in the classroom! Be careful, buddy,
your teacher has her eyes on you! This isn’t gonna end well! Adam! Nooooo! That’s so embarrassing… Candy spilled all over your desk… Swiping them on the floor is one way to do it! But there must be some way he could enjoy their sweet taste without annoying mrs. Dubie… If there was a way we could hide them somewhere… So take that leftover glue stick out. Clean and wash out the glue. You don’t wanna spoil the
taste of your candies, do you? Now just put them in place of the glue stick one by one And you’re done! Finally you can enjoy your powdered
candy while no one’s looking! The teacher will have no idea what’s going on. See? It’s so simple! Just be sure to do your homework! Those sweets won’t write that test for you! Here comes mrs. Dubie again! Of course we’re paying attention! Time to check up on that makeup once again! Just be sure your teacher doesn’t see you, Emily. Next time she needs to hide the mirror a little bit better… How about the bunch of
post-it notes? Let’s give it a try! Simply take a piece of double-sided tape and
glue it to one of the notes somewhere in the middle. There you go! Now you can have both! Flawless makeup and no complaints from the teacher. That’s an amazing shade of lipstick! You rock, girl! Emily! What? Look, mrs. Dubey! We’re only making notes! That was a close one. See, with a little bit of ingenuity, another problem solved! Those long Netflix marathons aren’t
really doing you good, ey Madison? It seems last night’s theme was zombie mode. Come on! Wake up! Oh no, here’s mrs. Dubie checking on our progress. Good for you, Emma! You passed the
awakeness test! But Madison… Oh boy… Hold on to your desk, girl… Whew! Whatever! She’s going back to sleep. Don’t bother! Emma has to improvise or they’ll
both be in trouble. Perfect! This old magazine will do! First, find a nice picture of eyes and cut them out. Then find a pair of glasses and
stick the cutouts using clear tape. Make sure the paper fits nicely into the frame. After all, they have to resemble real ones to do the trick Now put the glasses on your sleepy friend. Will this be enough to convince the teacher? Hey, Emma, don’t laugh! *laughs* Madison looks like such a dork! Serves her well for sleeping in class! Wonder if she dreams of having better notes? Mmm! Sweet sweet chocolate cookies! And a whole plate just for Emily! They smell so good! Jacob can’t hold himself back! Do you think she’ll mind sharing some? Hey, what’s that over there? Oh no, he didn’t! You serious? Come on, Emily, he only took one! She can be such a drama queen sometimes! If you need a sweet apology gift, take a ball of modeling clay and flatten it out. Put a notebook in the middle and cut all the excess clay off using a sharp knife. Make some holes with a pencil and leave it to dry. Be careful! It already looks delicious! You might be tempted to eat it! Then take a hot glue gun and glue the modelling
clay tile to the cover of the notebook. Press it well so the glue is spread even. Do the same for the back. It looks like a cream-filled chocolate cookie! Is Emily still angry about yesterday’s
evening? Maybe this little gift will help brighten her mood! OMG. What’s this?! Ah that’s so sweet of you! And it looks just like her cookies! It’s beautiful! Just what she needs to write down their recipes! Glad you like it, but you still
can’t have them. Thanks though! Unbelievable! Some things never change… Madison has
been left after class. Apparently she didn’t press the subscribe button on her phone! Always subscribe to Crafty Panda! Class is finished!
I hope you learned your lesson! Jessica is designing a new clothing line. Yes, she definitely has a passion for fashion! But it looks like she’s about to
run out of sharpened pencils… This is what happens when you procrastinate and
leave things like this until the last minute. I think it’s time for you to go
on a sharpening spree. Wouldn’t you say? I know this might take
forever… but on the bright side all these pencil shavings might turn into an amazing piece of art! I’m sure we could arrange a lovely gallery using these
small pieces! We just need a cute little drawing and a dash of hot glue. Just stick it on and that’s it! Sometimes that’s all you need to bring your
drawing to life! From simple skirts to rocket’s fuel! Flowers and ice cream cone,
wings and more! Madison is working on her math assignment at home. She needs to draw some circles in order to finish this exercise. Oh no! It looks like her
compass got damaged in her bag! Are there any alternative ways to make a perfect circle? Nope, sorry! That attempt looks like an ugly potato… How about we use a
paper clip instead? Lay down a single paper clip
and put two pencils on both ends. One is going to keep the center intact and the other one spins around! Just like that it’s done! The fun part, you can simply attach another paper
clip to extend the loop. Or even go further and add as many as
you want! It looks like Madison is not stopping now! She managed to empty out the whole paperclip box. I hope you have enough
paper for it! *chuckle* Oh wow, you weren’t kidding! You’re actually going for it! *laughter* That’s definitely going to be a new world record right there! *laughter* And a neat bling-bling to keep for later! The girls are back home after school and are working on
their math assignments. Emily is about to show off her new fancy looking pen she bought the other day. Yeah, I feel like our boring pen could use a change… Something as cool as this lava lamp for example! Any chance we could do something similar? And she’s off! First of all let’s remove the ink tip and cover the end
with hot glue. This will prevent it from getting mixed with the baby oil and food coloring Grab a dash of baby oil and using a
pipette drop it inside the pen. And add double the amount of food coloring Just make sure to leave some space for the ink shard to fit in. Voilà! You’re done! The oil and food coloring mix will produce tons of colorful bubbles for you to marvel at. Go ahead and try out other food coloring combinations. Just like that we created a lava pen and it only took us a minute! Even Emily finds it way
cooler than the fluffy pen she bought. Don’t worry, girl, we made an extra one
just for you! Those lava pens are hot! Don’t get burned, girls! *chuckle* Hey, Crafty Pandas!
I hope you enjoyed these school hacks! Let us know which of them you’re going to use next in the comments down below! If you want to learn more feel free to check out our older videos! Hit the subscribe button and ring the bell to stay tuned for more!

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