[SOLD] Off grid sustainable, permaculture near Vilcabamba – Finca For Sale

[SOLD] Off grid sustainable, permaculture near Vilcabamba – Finca For Sale

Really beautiful 7 hectare Finca not a about a twenty fiive minutes from Vilcabamba really secluded beautiful river usually the whole thing is flat couple of thing actually is flat, has a micro hydro that just plenty to power two houses according to the owner. Lots of cultivation, tons of fruit trees, trees secluded
it’s really serves some and it’s a valley lot’s of amazing stories and legends surrounding this place an indigenous lot’s of indigenous history and this feels cold and history of organic agriculture from a culture you can certainly … full stories that telling me about beautiful piece of land
if you’re looking for something very private and secluded
where you can grow food have water very peaceful there’s a … tower at the top as well so it’s really good in here.

2 thoughts on “[SOLD] Off grid sustainable, permaculture near Vilcabamba – Finca For Sale

  1. Beautiful, but I need the warm air. I don't want it too cool. I want to be able to grow a garden all year.

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