Spiraling Whirlpool Of Mystery

this is very nice l love the mysterty good, how you doin’ what’s up guys just landed in New York City, back again It’s good to be back and the weather’s a little bit nicer this time Got a travelling companion. You might recognise this guy -What’s up guys Dan from ‘What’s Inside’ we’re heading to a hotel What was that The YouTube invited us to a creator summit and and they call brand cast So we are both going to be there It’s going to be amazing.This is my first time My first time as well O good Really nice of YouTube to bring us out here They kind of like treated us very well so far we got picked up and lots of leg room So I’m just sitting here ready to do some editing We got an hour drive because I thing here the traffic is terrible is that but the good thing is in Brooklyn Right under the Brooklyn Bridge It’s going to take a while to get there but It’s this beautiful place right on the river so won’t take as long as Mathad So absolutely gorges but Over here I have a good time here in New York and rocking out daily videos for you I’m here guys just checked into my hotel You are not going to believe this view check this out This is the Brooklyn Bridge How incredible is that This is looking out of my hotel room window. That’s amazing I’m going to go and go for a walk this is to good Alright room tour We got our couch and TV over here This is the bed YouTube left me little package Ou fragile. Thank you YouTube.I love you back man look at this I love the style And I don’t know they are real Ok not real but still looks cool This is the bathroom area with the sink and shower Very very cool O check this out I also got my badge Grant Thomson the king of random with the creator summit And it just wouldn’t to leave the hotel room without unboxing this would it. let’s go ahead and open this thing up and see we got. Wrappers off we are going inside O look at this O I got a heart from YouTube O thanks YouTube you guys are amazing I love you back O cool so if you like this postcard you could to other creators Be on the look it be on the lookout I don’t know what I’m trying to say but I’m definitely get more of those Alright looks like we got a map to go exploring and exploring sounds like a really fun thing to do so Cool Oh nice feel the loungen Got a swell bottle Oh a shirt,it’s pretty oh it’s a jacket that’s pretty cool So I get freshen up a little bit, make a call to my wife and I think we go out and exploring You are coming with me So over here we have our spiraling whirlpool of death which or so reason I’m overwhelming and jump in Brooklyn Bridge in background and right over here is the hotel we stayed in Very nice Alright cool kinda go for a walk I call this a random meeting Very random very random You saw this guy.This is AVfamily How your doing.What’s up and he come back to near to try the pizza and turns I don’t have to buy it but I’m going to contribute well you can pay for it Take it Dan you are a good man I got it I get the last piece Quick update guys I had a nice little walk outside it was extremely windy though tables and chairs blin and the trees are going cracy I also stopped into a random pizza place to get something to eat I rented Dan from wants inside and Andrae form AVfamily which is pretty cool Now YouTube is having a private party up on the roof so we are heading there next And here we are good morning guys its the next day last night was an awesome party up on the roof top tenth floor met a lot of really cool creators Today going to do some meditation,check out the local New York scene,get some breakfast and we got the YouTube creator summit Umm actually this look really good I have been doing to keep you guys updated So we did a really cool summer,creator summit learned from so many great people and now we are heading glass blowing instructions Derek from Veritasium how you doing and we are going to learn how is this things work if we can figure it out we might be able to go home build our own little glass blowing metal foundry O who’s that its Row Here we go achievement unlocked last blower status Hey me too it way better that trust me Collins Keys go check it out we are going to do something pretty soon could be later Made the polaried wall its taking a few seconds to develop here but that’s the basic idea Check it out on the YouTube Instagram boom There it is what Good morning guys its the next day again kinda late night last night so Today is going to be an exciting day we got a special guest coming out Madsentero sneaking round the background there and check this out we got a polaried wall so this is were all the pictures are from all the different creators you may recognize some of them some up incomings that are rocking Instagram we had Matpat over here we had oh the king of random over there then we got Madsentero who is still tied developing So this is Mad mad working up He got me on the green juice with the gingers so we don’t get sick but I did kind of lost my voice already Look at the science its its disappearing That will be a sweet time lapse yeah right I was just thinking that We will leave that show me the time lapse about this ok your packs are developing Right hahahaha you know I’m back again guys we just met Will Smith he is almost as cool as this guy you know this guy he is 100 times as cool as me Over here we got the infernes Hey buddy how are you harm for you Stay wild We are on a water taxi right now Statue of Liberty is right over there and after this an adventure we are going to a brackhole Brandcast So we are on our way to Brandcast right now probably two blocks away from the advace we are getting police escort and security detail Probably police protection O hey what’s up everybody how’s doing Don’t waste your time Hey king of random what’s up You got a great channel thank you man So yeah Brandcast amazing event just had a performance Kadi perri finished up heading back to hotel little after party that’s pretty much info for this event AMAZING White tie I was going to do the elder edge knot but I didn’t have the time to figure out how to tie

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