Sponge Roller Faux Finish Painting by The Woolie (How To Paint Walls) #FauxPainting

Sponge Roller Faux Finish Painting by The Woolie (How To Paint Walls) #FauxPainting

the next technique will be doing is
sponge painting – but this is different than any other sponge painting that you may have done in the past now if you look closely at my sponge
roller it’s got big chunks missing from it the reason why – this creates the
variation you should take the sponge roller and
pull pieces out to create a random pattern which is desirable on the wall
surface when you’re painting – pay particular attention to your edges
making sure that those harsh lines are left jagged when you’re finished pulling
the sponge pieces out – Before you begin, you will need a base coat of a satin finish paint on your wall – in order to create this look you’ll want
to apply glaze to the surface using a roller the most efficient way to get
professional looking results is to ask a friend to come and give you a hand by
rolling on the glaze – while you finish up with the the sponge roller to create the look – in
this situation i’ve got my friend julie – Julie will apply the glaze to the surface – she will roll in “columns” so that the glaze will stay wet – we don’t want the glaze to dry before I can use the sponge roller to blend. while Julie is continuing to apply the glaze, I will follow behind her doing the blending. I begin by rolling a pattern through the glaze – I create a pattern by rolling through cutting
through the glaze i’m going to roll back and forth to create the look – keep in mind the more you roll the softer the look. – so if you’re looking for a real muted
look, you will roll more – if you want a Jagged and crisp look, you’ll roll less. you can go ahead and blend until you’re happy! now as you’re working on your surface the glaze is actually transferring from
the wall to the sponge roller – when you’re sponge roller get saturated –
you don’t need to wash it out – just simply take it to a soft
cotton cloth or paper towel – preferably lint-free and download some
of that glaze – then we’re gonna need to go ahead and continue on the while julie
will go ahead and finish up by applying the glaze to the surface – again – like I said – keeping a couple
columns ahead of me and while she’s continuing down the wall – I’m rolling as well – one thing that is different as i’ve
mentioned before – The Sponge Roller is different from the kind of sponge
painting most of us have done – in my opinion it’s a very sophisticated look – i think it’s beautiful so have fun painting with the sponge
painting roller thanks for watching

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  1. How do you recommend filling in the paint when it gets close to the ceiling? If you go too far up, you will hit the ceiling with the roller and then have to touch that up. Do you use one of the smaller sponges? If so, how do you get the look to match using the different sponges?

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