Spooky Town Arena (Clash Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Spooky Town Arena (Clash Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay Tutorial! Today we are going to create Spooky Town the new arena from Clash Royale! More like Spooky Town! This is the new arena in Clash Royale, Spooky Town and I really love the design. This is the Legendary Arena just for height comparison. Go away Legendary Arena, because we want to focus on the Spooky Arena and I was really looking forward to create another Clash Royale arena. I know some of you will say: Oh, dude Clash Royale is somehow dead. Well, yeah, maybe, but it’s still a great design and a lot of you still asked for this arena so I was happy to create it. Here we go. This is the black stand. I just used black clay for that and I was worried the stand would bend or change the size. So I went with that little bit harder clay. This is called Fimo professional. And now we just mix to this gray silver and all we need is this turquoise in different gradients. So, I am mixing in some white clay and we get different types of turquoise, yeah. So I think we should go with the really bright one for the tiles on the ground. I made another live stream. You have probably seen that one yesterday. I was really excited. It was a strange feeling somehow, because I thought about doing this live stream for a very long time. I wanted to show you all the progress we have made so far in the studio with stop-motion for the new intro for example or the huge Clash Royale set and the Fortnite Bus and so on. And somehow it didn’t feel right to show it right away because it didn’t feel finished, but I wanted to include you and I really want to make them on a more frequent base, so that you can participate in the progress. Now we will shoot I think another four or five scenes and then we are done with the new intro. We get some new music we do some post-production and hopefully we can start in March with a new intro, which I’m really excited about Let’s come back to the creation to the Clash Royale arena. Spooky Town. I really hoped for some new cards, which are maybe ghost themed. The only new card were the Two Skeletons with a barrel. Yeah with a barrel over their head. They are carrying the barrel and it just explodes when they’re hitting a building the tower and yeah, I would have loved to see more ghosts cards. I think this theme all the ghosts disappearing, there are still so many ideas and so many game mechanics you can still include. This is the tower in the back side. I really love this one, especially when we add the light which is hanging down. This is the front door of the right building. In some former arenas. I went a little bit crazy. I made all the windows and the doors transparent, so that I could illuminate these with the torch of my with the flashlight from my cellphone. I think this was the arena… What’s it called Pekka? Pekka’s playground. Yeah, I will link it. So this was really nice But this way I thought it would also be nice for a lightning effect to go with a really bright yellow. Now let’s mix some brown, some different kinds of brown. You can also just throw in some black if you already have brown, chocolate brown or the caramel one. You can both get on the online store clayclaim.com And yeah, this is the tiny barrel, let’s place these wooden planks onto the tiny tiny barrel. Yeah this was a little bit crazy. Now the top and there are also these two silver lines which are supposed to be metal in the opening mechanism. Now some more wood on the front side of the right building. I really love the look when stone meets wood on this design. Now, when you add the water from the river for example and the skeleton. This is the river by the way. It’s a nice flowing effect by just adding white to the turquoise. On the legendary arena it was quite funny because I only used the liquid clay and I think we should also add some liquid clay when we are done with the river, because it just looks like water. Especially when we add some transparent polish after oven hardening. So this is the… Let’s call it a sail. The sail for the left building. It’s not really a building more of a pavilion, which is a little bit damaged. This is why we make a tiny hole. I added the four screws in all the corners forgot to show that to you. And this will be the roof of the tiny hut on the right side, which we will also damage. Nobody wants a new clean roof! This just looks so boring! This is why we destroy it. There’s a window. And we take some orange again and some brown. This is still wood. Maybe we go crazy with all the details. Some more screws. And now we can place it right on top. Yeah, what’s missing? The chimney, of course. I will go with black clay and we will cut out this gray piece that it really looks like the opening part of the chimney. And some more yellow for the lantern which we will hang later after oven hardening right to the tower. Now let’s add some more water flowing lines. I feel so professional when saying water flowing lines. Waves probably. This is the skeleton. I built so many skeletons in the past, especially from clash Royale. I built the whole skeleton army. I ended up giving them away for free. This is why I only have left I think three of them. These are all the bone structure of the skeleton, of the fingers, as well and this is the skull! The eyes are also turquoise we will add them later. Let’s first focus on one color. Cutting open the mouth as well. Here we go. Recently I got a lot of messages for this new game. You know which game? Apex Legends. Apex? I think so. I haven’t played it. I saw some images, a little bit of gameplay. I liked it. So it looks really interesting, but I’m still not not sure what to create or what to look at. So maybe you can help me with that, if you like that game. Let me know write it down in the comments. Also what I should create from this game, of course. I should or I could start with a skin, I could start with landscape. I saw these crazy creatures in the background. This would be also possible. Now the liquid clay. Love that stuff. Filling up the mouth of the skeleton. Let’s make it a little bit nicer. It’s spreading itself, so we don’t have to do a lot of modeling with this liquid clay. The tiny bridge in the front, the tiny bridge in the backside. That was a little bit difficult. I should have created the bridges first and then add the buildings. Well, but it worked. Now the door, the front door. And everywhere there are these black fences or palisades, whatever you call them with also black thorns. I just made the nose hole a little bit bigger Some more fence. This will be for the roof of the right building. So let’s place it right in position. This is the last clay working step and we are ready to go into the oven! Freshly baked Spooky Town and freshly baked lantern. Let’s glue this one onto the tower lightning tower. I think this will look really nice. And the last working step would be taking the transparent polish to make the water really wet and bubbly. And… Oh it looks great. Well, maybe some more wool for the smoke, coming from the chimney and there’s also some fog from the graveyard. Is it just me or does the tombstone look like a toilet where the skeleton is climbing out of? I don’t want to be disrespectful. I guess guys that’s it Spooky Town! This is no toilet, no toilet. This is a grave. I hope you enjoyed today’s video with a Spooky Town from Clash Royale, the new arena. Let me know what you think and please what should I create next? There are so many comments asking for this game APEX. Apex Legends. Apex Legends. Let me know if I should create anything from this game and what I should create if I create and write it also down in the comments. This is also really helpful for me to filter and to see what is recommended by you. I guess that’s it for today! Have a great weekend and take care guys. Bye! Poor skeleton looks like as if he is vomiting, vomiting water. I’m just kidding. This is a family-friendly channel.

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