Spray Mounting Prints to Boards

Spray Mounting Prints to Boards

– Today I’m gonna show you how to mount a printable to
a board in the easiest way. It takes about five minutes and it always turns out pretty perfectly. We have a whole set of printables. We printed them in a 19 by 13 size on our Canon Pixma 8720. And we use the Pixma 13 by 19 matte finish paper, but you could also do a gloss, you just have to be a
little bit more careful when you’re smoothing it onto the board. So, let’s go get this sprayed. So, we’re gonna put this board in a box to kind of control overspray. And you wanna really make
sure we get the edges and that we do it nice and smooth. Alright. We’re good to go. Okay. So, we just sprayed this, we are ready to put this next printable on. You wanna just eyeball it
so it looks about even. Make sure it’s about straight. And then… Because we might have some
spray mount left on our hands, don’t use your fingers. But you really wanna
push down on the edges. It’s okay if the paper bends because I’ll show you how to fix that. In fact, you want it to hang over. Now that it’s glued we’re
gonna take our sanding block. We’ll hold it at an angle, if you can see, to the edge of the wood. And then we will just sand so that what happens is it cuts through the edge of the paper and gives us a perfectly clean edge. (upbeat guitar music) So, you don’t want a sanding
paper that’s too too rough. Because you don’t want
it to eat up your paper. But as you do it, you’ll start seeing… Your paper just slowly peel off. And if it needs a little bit more time, just go ahead and give
it a little bit more. If you feel like it’s not totally smooth or there’s some rough spots, you can go ahead and
just hit it one last time with the sanding block. Okay, so… Oh, look at that, just peeled right off. I think one more quick pass of the sander to clean it up. Then you have perfect edges. We can just repeat this
for all four printables. We have it in three sets. We have it in black, navy, and turquoise, and you can do whatever set you think will look best in your home. Okay, so we just cut the frame boards and we’re gonna kind of dry fit them and make sure that we cut them properly before we stain them. I can see that I probably need to trim these side boards just a tiny hair. It’s like a sixteenth of
an inch space right here. So, I’m gonna go through
and check the rest of them and that should be really quite fast. (upbeat guitar music) Okay, this one’s gonna be like this one, it looks like the inside edges are just a hair too long. I am being summoned. Okay, so now that we know that these pieces fit with this frame, I’m going to take on the back and I’m just going to write a number one. And then on these on the inside, so this is the roughest edge, I’m gonna go ahead and
put a one right there, so it’ll be hidden when it’s connected. – [Child] Mama! – And I guess that means I’m done. – [Child] I don’t wanna go
dancing, leg still hurts. – ‘Kay, bye. – [Child] Why can’t– – Okay, so, we have our
stained and cut frame and I’m gonna go ahead and start by nailing it with a little half inch nail. Side. I wrote the numbers on here so I wouldn’t get it mixed up, so I’m gonna make sure I put that side facing the inside so we don’t
see the number anywhere. Okay, so. You have a nice framed piece of art. We’re gonna try hanging
these up with velcro. If not, you can get hanging
hardware to put on the back, but this is what it looks like. We did cut these a little long so we could sand them down if we wanted. But to be honest, I
might not even do that. (upbeat guitar music) I love how these turned out. Don’t you think they’re fun? Thanks for watching guys, please be sure to like this
video and subscribe below. See you later! (air whoosh) (clapboard snaps) Oh my gosh! – [Cameraman] Action. Get into action! Action. (instructor laughs) – This is the clean way to go. Modge podge is cleaner. In case you’re wondering.

13 thoughts on “Spray Mounting Prints to Boards

  1. Those are fantastic! Thanks for the printables. And LOVED your outtakes. That is me very single time I open a bottle Mod Podge πŸ™‚

  2. So bloopers show modge podge being used? Did it not work? Why is the mounting spray better? How much do they cost to make each in total??

  3. Great tutorial! I have this scheduled to share with my readers next week… A good wall art post is always well-received πŸ™‚

  4. Lucky lady that you got a whole 5 minutes before they found you πŸ˜€ . Beautiful project – am going to grab those prints now.

  5. This is beautiful, innovative, and I love the idea, but what do you do for a UV coating? I'm worried about UV damage!

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