Spray paint on wall – DIY

Spray paint on wall – DIY

Things you need to make Stencil. Cardboard so that you don’t mess the floor up… Decent cutters, A Tap. and one jumbo cutter Spray Paint. and aaaa stencil So here we go guys, the very first step to be done is… just select whatever stencil you guys are planing to get it done on your wall First picture; i got is this one Finally decided what has to be thrown on the wall So its a huge hulk out there. five, five and a half feet can’t wait you know can’t wait to try this out on the bigger wall. bigger version of hulk guys plz hold it properly, okie..!! Guys, perfect i hope now all things are set. lets hope for good and tuck the peal off

20 thoughts on “Spray paint on wall – DIY

  1. https://youtu.be/V7e4DWqrdC8
    hi bro….i think ur work is great….you are a great inspiration for beginners like me…. please watch my video and support me…. thanku

  2. Great job. Can you tell me what model plotter, printer, cutter you used as well as the program to send it to print.
    Thank you keep up the good work

  3. Bad ass wicked, still after all these years!
    How many other pieces of artwork have you done since?
    Worth a look at you're channel???

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