Spray painting cinder block wall.

in this video by ABN Painting where are spray painting a block wall that goes around the back of the house and this is the look of the wall before we started. There are a couple of areas on this wall that have white overspray from a previous paint job and also a couple of areas that have bright pink color and the homeowner wants to paint the wall one neutral color before putting up the house for sale. We start out preparation work by pressure washing the wall and that will ensure the wall is free of dust and dirt before we apply a coat of primer. Next step is masking. Using 12 inch masking paper and green tape we cover the side gate so it doesn’t get any overspray any parts of the wall that belongs to neighbor we cover as well We cover decorative brick that touches block wall, concrete surfaces that are next to the wall we’re covering using combination of paper and tarps. Edges of the wall that are being shared with neighbor we mask off using green tape. Back patio that is next to the wall is covered with paper and plastic. We apply a first coat of masonry primer we have the store tint the primer towards the color of the paint that we’ll be using and what we apply the topcoat it would be very easy to cover because the color of the paint will be the same as the primer. After we’re done with priming we go back to the same place where we started and put the top coat of paint after spray painting we do all the cleanup touch-ups and after we completely finished this is the look of the wall.

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