Spray painting exterior cinder block walls.

in this video by abn painting we are
spray painting is cinder block wall that goes around the back of the house and we
start our preparation work by moving gravel a few inches away from the wall pressure washing the wall is next one
part of this wall is stucco and there were a few cracks that
we fixed using latex caulk parts of the wall that are being shared with the
neighbor we mask stop using 1.5 inch green
tape on that side of the wall is not being shared
instead the neighbor has a separate wall that stands with the one that will be pained side by side and we masked off the neighbors wall the top portions of it
using 12-inch masking tape in green tape before painting the wall we set up
our paint sprayer on a tarp that will catch any possible drips or spills when
we’re straining the paint we start spray painting the wall from one side and go
all the way around we do not worry about the overspray on the house because later
on we’ll be painting house the same color as the wall to ensure even coverage
we spray paint the wall from both directions first from side to side and
then up and down after we’re done with the first coat of paint and it had enough time to dry we go back and apply the second coat this time
we are spray-painting only in one direction the second coat will ensure that
there is no missed spots and no lines left by the first coat and after we’re done
with touch-ups and clean up this is the look of the wall

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