Spray painting exterior stucco walls.

Spray painting exterior stucco walls.

In this video by ABN Painting we will be spray
painting stucco wall that goes around the back of the house. This is the look of the wall before we started. After we moved gravel a few inches away from
the wall so it does not get any over spray we do power washing. So the branches of the palm trees do not brush
against the wall we use tape to hold them together. Where the wall meets the house we used 12
inch masking paper to mask off the house so it does not get any over spray. We masked off the part of the wall that belongs
to the neighbor. The edges of the wall that belongs to the
neigbour we masked off using 1.5 masking tape. AC units we covered with tarps. We completely masked off the side gate using
the combination of paper and plastic. In the area where stucco wall meets brick
pavers we ran 12 inch masking paper and covered the rest of the area with tarps. For metal surfaces we used low adhesive blue
tape to make sure it does not pull any paint when we remove it. After we are finished with all masking the
wall is ready for spray painting. Because this is brand new stucco and it has
never bee painted before for the first coat we use primer. We tinted the primer one of the dark colors
so it would be a lot easier to cover with paint later on and we are using specialty
masonry primer eff stop by Dunn Edwards. After we done with priming this is the look
of the wall. After the primer had the chance to dry we
apply the paint. Having tinted the primer one of the dark colors
helps us out a lot at the moment. It takes a lot less effort to cover the primer
that is non white. Usually we do not paint the top portion of
the wall so you can not see the color from the other side but that wall that is facing
the street is exactly same color as we painting interior part of the wall so we do not need
to worry about over spray or somebody seeing the color. Here because of the same color on both sides
we are painting the top portion of the wall as well. When we are done with the first coat of paint
we go back and put a quick second coat. For the spray pattern we do not overlap as
much just need to make sure that there is no missed spots and the coverage is even and
uniform everywhere on the wall. tHis is the look of the wall after we finished. It is a little hard to see because of the
sun and also the paint is still drying up but the wall does look very nice from every
angle and the home owner was very pleased with results.

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  1. I have a question do I have to primer the stucco before painting or not? And what kind of paint do you use for the job please

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