Spring/Summer Glam Decor | Mirrored Glam Decor | DIY Bling Home Decor

Spring/Summer Glam Decor | Mirrored Glam Decor | DIY Bling Home Decor

Did you have a pen in there for me? Hmmm? Yes. What are you doing, Mami? Hmm? Thank you. I gotta ask your brother to fix
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yes awesome you can hear me cry Ste to love hello hello thank you guys for
joining me today this afternoon on crafts with me live I am so happy that
you guys are here hi a delight thank you for joining us awesome awesome Hilah
nice welcome welcome on this beautiful beautiful Saturday like I say my
clothing sometimes you guys could be anywhere on this YouTube in this YouTube
Enterprise enterprise universe but you choose to be here with me and for that I
am extremely extremely grateful hi Teresa
hi Elvira Brenda s hello thank you thank you for joining us today we are going to
be crafting live I’m so excited to share the piece that I have envisioned today
and I hope some of you will be crafting with me if you are please let me know
that you plan to just so I can know how to pace myself so that you guys will be
able to follow along hi Wanda how are you and Katrina hi how are you thank you
for joining us this afternoon I am so happy you are here while we’re waiting
for others to come on please be sure I know that you guys are here because
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Theresa hi how are you Sabina hello excuse me and Belinda hi how are you now
to those of you who have been following in our community tab or even in our
stories tab I had the awesome excuse me experience yesterday for
excuse me decorating my for my school’s talent show the first of an annual
talent show that we’re going to be hosting every year and I had the
opportunity to decorate for that event and let me tell you I had so much fun
not only did I have so much fun I was just warmed to my heart by my co-workers
and those who came out to help I mean it was almost as if I I had a business and
I had you know a team I had partners in my business and when I tell you that you
know they said okay you know miss Walker what do we need to do what’s the vision
and I share the vision with them they just all jumped on did what you know I
shared with them kind of helped me figure out some little you know
troubleshooting I do is problems that arose issues that arose
and before you knew it the vision the decorating had been done and same thing
when it was time to pack up it took really no time at all because everyone
just jumped in and my heart was so full last night so I just wanted to share
that with you and put that out there in the atmosphere just in case any of them
of course you know my stumble across this video of course I have told them
thank you in person but I just want to put it out there that I work with an
awesome group of people and I truly and really appreciate them from the bottom
of my heart so if you will just say a thank you to McDaniels co-workers I
would really appreciate it and so that they can see that you are giving them
some love as well so I have posted some pictures on our community tab I have
also posted a few pictures in our stories tab and I will be looking to
pull some pictures on our Instagram page as well as our Facebook page so that you
guys can have that there as well and you may be able to go back and see the hard
work that we pulled off last night hi yes everyone is looking good good good
good yes it did all that plus I was even amazed I was even able to pull out if
you guys remember the one chandelier that we created that went viral it has I
think 1 million 500 something to 600,000 views and I pulled her out I had two of
them and I redressed her with some navy blue and
roses and hibiscus and oh my gosh it was so lovely the theme of course our
school colors are navy blue and white and so I decorated with navy blue silver
and I popped it with some Reds and the flowers and some bowls that I had and it
did turn out amazing so make sure you go and you look at those pictures all right
now today we are going to be creating a piece that I shared with you can either
be used as a decoration for your event any event depending on you know how you
want to embellish this piece or you would be able to use this piece as a
home decor now we are going to be creating this using Dollar Tree products
as our foundation Dollar Tree products is our foundation and when you are going
to create this piece you are going to start this piece with simply $2 okay now
I have gotten in trouble in the past for saying and my thumbnail all this cost
only two dollars so this cost only four dollars and whatever because people are
saying well the embellishments cost more or whatever have you and I get that but
I want you to be clear when I say that the foundation for this piece will cost
you only two dollars however the embellishments that we are
going to be adding to this piece and however you choose the embellishment
embellishment whether is going to be high maintenance or you know low
maintenance or middle-of-the-road budget is entirely up to you and that’s going
to be in addition to that two dollars so just so we make that clear in addition
to that thank you very much Beverly for letting us know everyone can we say hi
to a member Beverly hi Lobo do me a favor I don’t know what
language it looks like it could be Portuguese
can someone please take what Lobo said and put it into Google Translate and let
me know I would appreciate you but with saying hello to Beverly I want to remind
you that today I am going to be and I forgot to do something which I’ll ask my
daughter to do it for me raffling the piece that we are creating
today to our members now if you are interested in becoming a member today
under if you’re looking at your computer screen if you are on a desktop you will
be able to click the join button see what little perks members can get one of
this being one of them and if you are interested in joining today so that you
could be included in our raffle now memberships are five dollars a month
of course you can join one month and if you’re not interested in another month
or you cannot afford it you can cancel that membership but you will always be
able to come back whenever but every time we do a craft with me like I
mentioned this last week or the last time we crafted I am going to raffle
that craft to our members and one person is going to receive that item that we
created today so without any further ado what we are going to do today or what we
are going to need the items that I share with you on our video supply video are
two of these canvas arts now these are the one that have the canvas tend to the
frame underneath or stapled I should say so you’re going to need two of these
okay you are also going to need which I did not say in the video and for that I
apologize if you have some wood glue you will also need a piece of dry foam that
we are going to whittle down to the shape that we need so one piece should
be good for maybe perhaps if you want to make two or three of these one of these
loafs will suit you fine you will need if you are going to be with creating
this the way I am some crystal glass pendants and I found these maple leaf
ones on Amazon that I thought were so darling if you can see that and in
addition to our maple leaf glass pendants you of course are going to need
some crystal glass Garland’s from which to hand your maple leaf pendants on
additionally you are going to need a roll of this mirror tile which I
mentioned which is going to give our piece on texture or if you are not
interested or this mirror tile is not in your budget you could use the diamond
wrap which will give you that same shiny effect but you will have to paint your
wood underneath on the sides silver so you will not see the diamond wrap or
rather the water through the silver if you’re understanding what I’m saying so
like I said earlier the choice for embellishing this is entirely up to you
and last but not least of course you will need your flowers if you’re going
to be recreating it the way I am going to be this afternoon if you choose not
to make it a floral piece my darlings again that is entirely up to you and so
we are going to get started and the first thing for this craft that you are
going to have to do is of course remove the
but from the foundation now I am going to be 100% transparent with you I did
this ahead of time and I’m glad that I did because doing this was I don’t want
to say a headache but at the same time I’m going to say a headache because
these are not you know sometimes you say good dollar tree by dollar tree you know
the things that they use are not sturdy but let me tell you they went all out
with this wood whatever wood this is it is very solid and very sturdy and they
also went all out with these staples okay they when I tell you they’re in
there they are in there and so for those of you who are crafting with me today
one technique that I was able to work get to work for me was to take a small
little cutting pliers to get under the staple and lift it up to pull it out
right and then I was able to do that maybe for the first two or three but
like I said some of them are in there so good it’s like you’re trying to dig to
get under them to lift them up and then pull them out and then I found that with
some of these staples what you are able to do is get under the canvas and with a
bigger cutting pliers hold on to the canvas itself and pull up and the canvas
or I should say the staple will come up with the canvas so now I’m trying to
give you this tip this one is trying not to work but here we go and so once you
are able to get that staple up you pull it out and you could either continue one
of two ways in removing these staples okay but like I said this might take you
some time so those of you who are crafting with me if you let me know
you’re crafting with me I can stop and chat with some of
viewers while you get your staples out if not I can in the essence of time and
to honor your time continue with the next step so let me know what you guys
would like to do okay I’m not getting any feedback so I’m going to continue
now once you have taken out all of your staples you are going to be left your
crafting J okay so we’re gonna hang on and chat with each other for a few
moments while J is able to get her staples out but what I wanted to show
you is that you’re gonna be left with these two frames like I said that cost
you two dollars and what seven cents protects if you’re here in Georgia
edition but this is going to be the foundation of our piece all right so
while we wait on J what have you guys done today or what do you guys have
planned to do later I would love love love to hear from you I shared I
received a picture while I wait for you guys to type from Miss Lee Adria who
sent a picture of the item that she won and you could see in her face the
happiness she felt when she received that item once she received it in the
mail and so like I said it’s going to take I’m crafting with you it’s going to
take a moment I know so I will continue and of course you know you’ll be able to
see what I’m doing J and I apologize I really let me say this I did not know
that this part would have been so time-consuming and so when I sat on it
today I said you know what let me try to get a head start so that I’m not sitting
here taking out 30 staples while they watch and when I sat down and I realized
you know just how tedious that part was you know I thought about it I said well
I shouldn’t put that in the video as homework be sure you came prepared with
just your so I apologize for that Thank You Jay
Hayes came in from couponing yay so I apologize for not saying that but yes so
now you have these two frames what you are going to do is take your wood glue
now what I suggest so that you can have a finished look on the outside its take
this side um from which you took your staples and make that the two sides that
you are going to glue together that way you’ll have to finish sides right that
we’re going to cover with mirrors anyway but you will have two finished flat
sides on which to put your mirrors and so what we’re going to do is take our
wood glue and we are going to put down and stream of it not too much the screw
is self leveling so what you find is going to happen if you use too much when
you place the other frame on top of it it is going to of course squeeze out and
you will have a mess to clean up but once you have placed your glue down and
luckily this is not like hot glue which is going to dry or seize up right away
you will have a few moments a few minutes then take your second frame and
place it on top right make sure you line up your edge to your edge edges to edges
and corners two corners and apply some pressure right now in addition to taking
out my staples I went ahead and I glued two together right and I use some clips
to clip this in place to make sure that it drives secure
so what I’m going to do with this one is take my clips and clip them into place
just apply some pressure on this to make sure that it is going to dry in place
and then when you finish you should have something like this that you can set on
its side to dry once your piece has dry with the magic of TV you know if you are
watching a live TV show or a TV show that they have filmed you would say you
know the magic of TV and you know they would pull out one of these that it of
course has already been created but once you have your piece has dried hi ray
thank you for joining us yes I am having a great day especially now that I’m here
with you guys thank you for being here now that your pieces have dried you are
going to have a frame that can stand on its own okay so this is going to be our
$2 foundation any questions so far none okay so once we have finished that what
I envision is placing some flowers here in this corner right and then placing
some flowers on the outside so we’re going to have flowers here on this
outside corner here on this inside corner and then from there we are going
to lay our mirror tile now in an effort to lay our flowers so that will not
excuse me having to glue our flowers excuse me one second it is so sorry excuse me okay Jay awesome
Howard game pieces together that would work as well we have to excuse me this
is from all the screaming that I did last night and shouting and cheering on
our students they did such an amazing job I tell you at their event last night
it was amazing so now I am looking for my darling daughter do you know where
the old knife is that I usually keep on this table I know where this excuse me
guys once I tend to put away my sharp pain okay
so what we are going to do is cut a piece on this foam right to make sure
first that it can fit in the corner and to make sure that that is almost perfect
when we glue our or let me stop that we have a place to put our flowers so that
we are not going to be gluing our flowers down to this piece so as you can
see I took the piece that we just cut square piece rectangular piece and I cut
it on to the diagonal like so and now we’re going to have something that looks
like this with our hot glue gun which you guys know what I say about hot
glue and styrofoam all the time they are a marriage made in heaven we’re going to
take our hot glue place a stream of it on the back of that home and then we’re
simply going to set it there in that corner okay so this is what you’re going
to have on this side now on the outside what we are going to have to do is I’m
thinking let’s see how you shouldn’t have to waste this it’s put a piece of
this foam here on top right and perhaps another piece here on the outside so
that once again we are creating that corner that 90-degree corner that we
placed on the inside here also on the outside welcome you remember Katrina
Simmons we are so glad you are here so we’re gonna have to put your name in the
bucket when it is time to raffle this piece so this is what we are going to
have so now to glue this down what I’m going to do my thinking is I want to
make sure this piece overlaps right as opposed to this piece overlapping I
guess it really doesn’t matter but for my purposes I’m going to do this
first using my hot glue again I do that wrong yes yes I did that’s okay that’s
okay that’s okay let me cut another piece okay because if
I were to use that piece the stems of the flowers won’t be able to go through the dried glue so that’s why I chose to
use a fresh piece of styrofoam and then on top of that then I will place some
more glue underneath this piece and place it there and leave it to sit for a
few moments okay so this is the foundation now when I said that your
foundation would cost you two dollars let’s now make it three because of
course you’re going to have to purchase a piece of this sponge I usually keep
this sponge around my home because I use it for many different things but if you
are not a person who keeps craft items being attacked by the sponge who keeps
scrap items in your home then of course that’s going to add to your foundation
and so this is what we’re going to have okay welcome welcome
Catrina all right any questions so far No okay so now what we’re going to do is
take our merit I’ll for those of you who are going to use your diamond wrap let
me show you what I meant when I said that would would show through here it is
okay you can see it maybe the camera is not doing it justice but you would be
able to see there you go that wood underneath and so I would suggest if
you’re going to use diamond wrap to make sure that you paint your friends silver
okay for those of you who are going to use jared smith says nope i don’t know
what that means thank you honey
i appreciate you being here truly truly truly i do now that we have created our
foundation that simple it is now time to embellish now for those of you who
crafted with me when I created the double-sided centerpiece
I used this very mirrored tile and I found I don’t know like I said if I got
a let me not say a bad batch or maybe an old piece that the adhesive tape was
very difficult to come off and so when I created that centerpiece what I did was
simply glued the backing itself to the center piece and that served me well as
a matter of fact that centerpiece was at that event last night and it held up
because I had made it the week before I was able to use it last night people
looking at it touching it in and so using hot glue with this Mara tile with
that Mesa backing still on it is going to work okay Jeffers thank you thank you
thank you thank you I just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss them
okay so now that you have done that it is simply going to be a matter of
measuring how many layers of this tape you are going to need to cover the
bottom or I should say all sides of this piece and in my rudimentary measuring
just now it is going to take you let’s see one two three four five layers of
these tiles to cover the two of these frames glued together now I want to
caution you my darlings I want to caution you that if you are creating
with these mirrored tiles please know that they are real glass this is not
plastic this is real glass and as you see I’m cutting here I have been very
lucky but I have been known to use this glass and this glass splinter while I’m
cutting it with pieces of the glass flying off while I’m cutting it so be
careful if you’re going to use this now I would say because let’s see here what
I’m looking for and then of course trying to make everything that we create
look finished okay so that’s not gonna work so what I was trying to do is see
if I could find a place where the merit aisle would Bend naturally around the
corner of this piece and you see it’s not doing that so what I’m going to have
to do is cut it here okay start on the opposite end with a fresh piece so that we can make
it nice and snug okay the rolls of diamond wrap I got
ring from Amazon and the Merritt Isles as well and if you go back to the video
in which I shared with you the items that we were going to need for today I
listed all of those items with direct links to them for your shopping
convenience when this video is finished streaming
and it is ready for to be viewed again I will go in and add these items to that
list with those same links okay so they will be there but if you need them now
so that you can shop now they have been posted under that video okay so here we
have what this is going to look like now if you noticed I’m gonna jump ahead just
a little bit I left a piece blank right there so that I could extend this mirror
all the way to this end and this is not going to be seen because by the time I
go in and I stick my flower which I’m gonna have to cut the stem but by the
time I stick my flower in there part of that mara tile is going to be covered
anyway okay do you understand that so we can continue and continuing it’s just
gonna be a matter of going all the way around not on the bottom but on all
sides both on the inside and on the outside as well so while I’m working let’s chat seems
like a lot of people are crafting with me today because you guys are not chatty
this afternoon what’s going on I know when I came home last night I was so
tired oh my gosh planning an event and not only planning the event but
decorating an event takes a lot out of you because you just have to make sure
that everything is everything especially when you are putting your name out there
and so you know even with the help it was just a lot of brain activity and you
know just making sure things were in the right place and you know you’re keeping
account of where things were so that when it was time to pack up you could
have easily found you know your things as as just as easily as when you put
them up so when I came home last night I was exhausted my daughter wanted me to
you know go to sleep right away but it’s the weirdest thing when I’m that tired
and maybe you guys can tell me but when I’m that tired I need to decompress
before I go in my bed like I just can’t sing it okay it’s been a tough day take
a shower get into bed I need to decompress I need to watch TV and you
know read a book I needed sometimes just sit there and stare at the walls you
know rethink the day but yeah she wanted me to go to bed right away but I
couldn’t as tired as I was I just needed to decompress from the day before I could have gone to lay it on
down and again I had to do the same thing here just to make sure that the
mirror tile was getting all the way to the bottom I left a space in here which
is going to be obscured by the flower okay you’re recuperating and you love
watching on this rainy day oh it’s raining it’s beautiful here as a matter
of fact we should be getting some rain in later this week so this is the
outside okay we’re gonna do the same thing on the inside and the inside will
be I would say easier because we won’t have to carry any over we can just do
each side I’m hearing it cracking sorry that’s why I stopped mid-sentence
because I don’t want it to splinter because those splinters fly and I
actually should be wearing goggles doing this because splinters do fly off on
this sometimes I find myself cutting and closing my eyes or turning my face like
I’m doing here which is not smart should be wearing goggles or my glasses but
just measuring oh well welcome to the channel peepee
awesome we are so glad you are here now tell me are you subscribed we would
like to know inquiring minds would like to know and if you are subscribed please
make sure also that you have clicked that notification bell to ensure that
you do not miss a video whenever it is published or like today whenever we go
live welcome welcome we are so glad you are
here all right so just laying down each
corner or each side don’t worry too much about fingerprints
because we will of course clean this up before we present it yay thank you
everybody can we welcome people we have a new Danny’s darling that has just
joined the channel and already is in love with the things that we do here so
let’s welcome our new darling thank you for joining us we are so happy you are
here and it is official like I said people just so you know whenever you
become a subscriber you now become a Danny’s darling so we are happy happy
happy happy to have you here okay so I’m just trying to measure this to make sure I get the correct amount
and I measure this one short but what I’ll do is hold on to that piece perhaps
for another activity so that I’m not just trying to cut off one row and stick
it in there so what I’m going to do actually is you can feel it when they
start to hit on me each other okay so what I’m going to do since this one has
already given me my measurement and I know I need in addition to this one more
row here we go then I could put this one on the side and use that for something
else welcome welcome welcome Phoebe we are so
glad you are here all right this is coming together now of
course isn’t this pretty already very pretty already now of course we have our
last two sides that we need to do and these let’s see if I can use this to
measure yes and then I can use you to make a measure for the other side no but
other side is longer so nope that’s not gonna work like this will and
again if you look when I’m showing your hair I’m gonna leave that piece right
there because that’s going to be obscured by the flowers ready
and I could you know I didn’t want to I could have fit another row in there
maybe I’ll go back and do that when we’re done but just to honor your time
and then the last one on the inside this is looking yep
right about there now how many of you those of you who chatted with me lies
the last time we met we spoke about taking on the challenge of starting our
new FitLife I posted a picture of the smoothie that I created that very next
day and I enjoyed it much how have you guys been going on your journey if at
all if that little it doesn’t matter there is no judgment I will be honest
with you and say that I had smoothies for two mornings or three I think it was
three or perhaps two and I packed my lunch I think for three days and then on
the fourth day I kind of fell off the bandwagon only because I did not plan
successfully you know packing my bag the night before and so waking up not
necessarily on top him when I was supposed to and not having my bags
packed I had to run out the house and just leave right and so finding
something to eat or eating something at the school from the teacher bar not
really making good choices I kind of fell off the bandwagon that
week but I am happy to say that I have been making small changes I have been
making sure to consume a lot more water than I used to and I will be honest to
say that I have felt the difference not only have I felt the difference but I
have seen the difference in you know my skin I felt the difference in my inner
gee and so I just want to encourage those of you who were part of that
conversation to keep going not to give up not to quit it is a lifestyle change
it is not something that is going to happen overnight I had a conversation
with another with a co-worker of mine last night and again I was so thankful
to her she shared you know some of her tips with me and you know I’m ready to
get started again not just going we would say on a diet but making that
lifestyle change and making it you know my new normal if you will and just
making the changes that I need to my best friend Valerie she has a saying
that she heard from a doctor that said um you know make sure you have to make
the decade that you’re in now good so that your next decade can be even better
and so just making sure that we set ourselves up for you know we set
ourselves up for longevity so that we can be here for our children we can be
here for our grandchildren we can be here for friends and family loves one
loved ones husbands wives it is very important so I just wanted to share that
with you yes Cassandra hi I didn’t know you were here welcome welcome girlfriend
how are you yeah water water is beneficial like I said I do feel the
difference now I will be the first one to say that I miss my juices I haven’t
had much juice I have had a soda or two and you know it makes my daughter cringe
every time I do have one because of course we know that sodas are loaded
with sugar but I will be honest to say that I don’t drink sodas because of the
flavor the reason why I like to drink sodas is because I love the
effervescence I love to feel the bubbles in the back of my throat
and so when I do drink sodas it is for that purpose but I was able to find I
mean I knew that they always existed look at this this is stunning already we
haven’t added our flowers yet and we haven’t added our crystals so can you
imagine what this is going to look like when we do okay
so yeah so I drink the sodas not because of the flavors but because of the
bubbles but this week I was able to find a brand of enough sparkling water I
guess it is sparkling water flavored flavored carbonated waters not sparkling
water that sounds expensive flavored carbonated water I was able to find a
brand that I really like and the flavors of that brand are awesome I had one this
morning with my breakfast because you know not drinking juice and of course I
have no sodas in my house so I had one this morning for breakfast and oops it
says no signal was yes I came back okay it’s it had on the
flavor of it was what was it dough lemon lime lemon lime sorry I just
yelled because I got excited lemon lime and it actually tasted like a sprite now
this thing has no calories it has no sugars it is just flavored water I know
somebody might say well way they can do it they get the flavor from you know you
have to be careful you know see what the ingredients are and I get that but it
was really refreshing and so I really like those carbonated waters and I think
that would be my go-to from now on instead of you know reaching for snow
soda or having to go to the soda machine if I’m at school I’ll just have to keep
my my bottled water chilled and you know keep it in an insulated bag so that I
can get that same effect from my water ray says you haven’t been able to do
much because you just got out of the hospital thank you for sharing I do have
the water app oh I do not know that there was a water app I do need to look
into that the water app if you can Ray tell me the name of the app so that I
can look it up and add it to my phone I would be appreciative please thank you
small changes in life yes is how you make accomplishments you are so right
small changes that’s all it takes that is all it takes is a small change I’m fine thank you Cassandra I was
telling um the audience that I was so tired last night because I decorated for
my school’s talent show and you know the event of course was a success but if you
just imagine you know decorating and putting things down and at the end you
know having to make sure you pick everything up and it was a doozy but it
took a lot out of me so I’m kind of recuperating from that and just enjoying
my time with you guys and being on my craft table which relaxes me – yes no
soda yes I didn’t know well like I said I
knew they existed but I had never tried that particular brand and I was
pleasantly surprised when I did so that one will now be my my goal – so that I
can now for sure get off of soda and so my daughter can stop nagging me she’s
that same lunch today either she’s doing her homework for her college class she
should be graduating next year with her bachelor’s my baby I used to have babies
and they’ve grown up so fast sometimes I sit and I wonder where the time has gone
and then I call my father to complain and then you know he just poses the same
question to me well what do you think the time went with you and I’m like dad
that’s not what we’re talking about that’s that’s besides the point
you know I want to know where my my baby went thank you Ray I’ll look for
it where my babies went where did that time go
does anyone have you seem to think that time like recently time is just flying
by I mean I’m not complaining but sometimes you know I do have to ask
myself wait what day is it you know or I find myself saying you know it feels
like yesterday was just Monday and here we are on a Saturday you know or the
week went by so fast or even the month went by so fast it’s just amazing to me
how much out time is flying how time is flying it’s going by now we have our
Spring Break coming up I’m so looking forward to that the week after next my
daughter just came off of her spring break and enjoy every minute of hers so
I plan to enjoy every minute of mine oh and the time comes all righty so here we have our frame
pretty right and the bulk of the work is done now the only thing that we have
left to do is place our flowers down thank you poppy
place our flowers and hang our crystals using sorry you think some cleaning pins
okay so now for this piece I am going to use some hibiscus some bright colors I
like bright colors I am from the Caribbean those of you who know me
originally from st. Croix Virgin Islands and so of course living on an island you
know and you have the Blues of the ocean you know the green of the grass and the
trees the colors of all the tropical flowers that are there Thank You Katrina
all the tropical flowers that are there and so I just love to work with
personally with bright flowers of course if you know someone were to say well hey
you know can you make such and such for me or you know my color scheme would be
such and such and so and so of course I would give the client what they want but
when I’m working for left to my own devices sometimes someone might say if
you creative license oh yeah then we are going bright and we are going bold
because I just like bright colors why are you not cooperating you’re gonna
work so as you can see because the styrofoam that we are using is so
shallow because we didn’t want to have it kick off too much off of our prop
project I am placing my flowers in on a diagonal using of course very short
stems to ensure that our flowers will stay in place now if you would like to
give your flowers a little extra security added security I would humbly
suggest gluing your flowers in but you know once you do that
those flowers are not going to budge out of that styrofoam and so your piece will
really be a one color one effect piece until you choose you know to give it
away or gift it to someone else so just make sure that when you stick your
flowers in you stick them in on a diagonal to ensure that they are going
to be set beautifully and securely into place now here is what it looks like so
far and I’m gonna tell you I am rocking this one but I am going to make a second
one and that second one I have just the place for this in my living room I
cannot wait to stage this this is so pretty
again if you are interested in being included in that raffle that we are
going to happen to have that we are going to have today you will have to be
a member of the channel and becoming a member
allows you different perks one of which is being able to be entered in this
raffle on a monthly basis we crapped live monthly and so every month I give
away what we make I started this last month and miss Liara
won and was happy elated actually that she did and I was happy for her okay I’m
just going to continue to lay my flowers this is gorgeous
already this is gorgeous I can see this being used as home before I could see
this also being used as an event Mother’s Day is coming up and we’re
going to be having our Mother’s Day luncheon I can see this for brides who
want to have whoops excuse me I’m stretching a tropical wedding fee or if
a bride has a wedding a what am I saying destination wedding and making these to
carry to her destination we’re gonna have to add some more flowers I have
some more hibiscus around here just to fill it out a little bit more I could
stand to put one right here I can see and I can stand to put another one back
here but here we have our project so far the the projects that I make peepee when
I do make my videos on a weekly basis what I’m doing now is creating them
using hot glue so what I can do with those is simply break them
down so that I can use the pieces that I used to create those things sometimes
however I will make something a little bit more permanent and when I do I
either gift it or I use it for events that I have been asked to help with I’m
not yet I used to be let me not say used to be I am Oh an event planner event
decorator however I kind of had to take a step back with that because I’m
currently working on another huge project and so that parts of what I do
want to measure this sorry that part of what I do has been kind of put on the
back burner just a little bit but I hope one day to get back to wedding planning
party planning creating decorating full-time that is my gold most
definitely but the things that I make I either break them down to answer your
question I know I went all the way around town sorry I went all the way
around town to answer that question but the things that I make I either tear
them down to use them to make something else or I give them or I use them when
I’m asked to help with an event that’s what I do with the things and then the
things that I do with what we’re making today is I ruffle them off to my members
okay so here we have our pendant out darling on our pendant
and we are going to take a creaming pin just stick that greening pin through
that hole and we’re going to find a place in this greeting thing that we can
stick whoops I lost a flower or two we can stick our green and pin into I will
put them back and that’s what I’m gonna have to do I think I might have to glue
these any parts of this but here you have our piece and I have to take out
another ring because this is hanging a little too low just a little so that one
was one two three four five and then I can do a four so what I’m doing is using this little tool here to open my own
ring I’m removing this one because I need a
ring and how much should I count 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 with the ring take this one
off yeah are you giving me a hard time okay sorry if you’re writing it I kind of put
the project in the way hold on one second okay I got this off okay
so now I have a strand of four I’m going to take another Garlin going to make a
couple of those I love light so I can see very lights on
that yeah those lights are the best yep yep yep light to the best Thank You
Beverly oh you can always go back and make it my
love okay and I’m going to place this Garland on it or this pendant on it
close it over it take my greeting Quinn and this one is open a bit into that kind of too close together
I will definitely clean that up you may I can move their first one I will move
the first one over no I should have done this part first before putting our
flowers in there you go there we go okay but here is what our piece looks like
and just two crystals hanging not much more than that if you want to of course
you can but for the most part and for the simplicity of this piece I would say
that to kiss what you would need I like it it is beautiful
now again I like yes Beverly definitely the replay will be available tomorrow as
a matter of fact it will be available this evening so you will have it I’ll
just save it as one of your like liked videos and it will be there for you you
won’t have to keep searching for it I know a lot of people ask me what send me
a comment oh I remember you made such and such but I can’t find it I don’t
know where it went here’s a trick make sure to LIKE the
video and then in your profile on YouTube there is a folder that has all
of your liked videos in it and you can go back to that and at any time of
course scroll through those videos and you will be able to find everything that
you have like not from my channel but everyone else’s
Channel and so that’s a good way to keep up with your items okay and yeah this is
it this is beautiful now I love when I have a vision how it comes together
another question I have been access you know do you make a prototype when you’re
crafting life I will have to say no the most I would do like I did today is
probably get ready or start some parts of it just to ensure that I’m honoring
your time and not taking up too much of your Saturday afternoon imagine if I had
to sit and take out each and every one of those staples while you watch that
would have taken us a long time and so what I do is I kind of prepare that
items that I’m making and I put them together we work together while you
watch while we watch and this is the vision out of my head that I had and so
I am so excited to see this like I said I have the other frame that we created
just sitting here drying and as soon as this video is finished I am going to
recreate this of course this one is going to go to whomever wins our raffle
this evening which we are going to get to very soon and see J I’m not laughing
at you I know I hope you know that I’m not being with you yes it’s it’s a
tedious task and like I said again I apologize for not making that clear I
wouldn’t have known until I sat down with it and I didn’t sit down with it
until today yes okay but I’m glad you guys like this so
what we are going to do now this is so beautiful I have to put some more
flowers in it of course before I mail it out
but yes now let me ask you guys this because I want to chat a little bit let
me ask you guys this if you were to see this if I did not show you how to make
this okay and you went to an event and you saw this sitting on the table would
you have thought that the foundation of this piece foundation not the mirrors
not the flowers not the garlands not the pendants would you think that the
foundation of this piece only cost the person I know right I know we’re
laughing together I’m so sorry that’s my fault would you
think that this foundation only cost $3 to make no and so this is what I tell
you guys you know when I say my motto I haven’t said my motto in a long time
simply because I’m trying to cut you know my videos down to ten eleven
minutes tops I know before my videos used to be you
know catalog and I used to you know just go on and on and gush it you guys
because really and truly you guys are the reasons why I do why I do I wanted
you guys to understand that and of course in that closing you know I used
to always say say with me what is the motto to our channel and which is simply
this why buy when you can DIY look at what we just created together a three
dollar foundation some merit I’ll if you feel like splurging okay this comes in
various sizes I think I got I want to remember I think I got the 30 foot 30
foot roll I can’t remember but it’s on the link it comes in three sizes so if
you want to splurge you can do your merit I’ll if you don’t want to splurge
you can always get some rolls of down and wrap from the Dollar Tree you know
it may take maybe two or three cuz those come in six foot lengths if you want to
splurge but not as much as this you know you can go for a
roll of diamond wrap and then of course your spray that’s spray but paint your
would silver so that you’re not seeing that would coming through of course if
you don’t want to splurge and get the crystal garlands you can also not use a
garlands not use the pendants and I’m holding up the pendants and the
Garland’s to show you that even without it right this piece is still a beautiful
piece it is in mirrored tiles square with flowers on either and simply
gorgeous right and so the options are yours the sky is the limit okay
and so my darlings really like I said why buy when you can d.i.y who would
have thought I had this vision I put it together and I’m so glad that I did now
while I’m looking at this again my head is racing what we could have done to
kind of mirror the fullness on this side if you want to do that you could all
could have also put some styrofoam here on this side and fill in flowers on this
side as well so you had like a little rounded ball on this end as you have on
this end but like I said it is it is up to you how you would get this done
yes pp we do have a Facebook page we do not have too many followers I have two
Facebook pages I have an open facebook page for anyone who might love to join I
do know I do need to post a lot more things there and we also have a closed
Facebook page for the members those who are paying members of the channel there
is that closed page those members also have a phone number that they can call
in whenever we are chatting live they do have
membership polls so sometimes I will post something on a community page and
if I post it to members only the subscribers wouldn’t see it just the
members and so there are different perks with that membership but there’s two
Facebook pages you can look for the open one and the closed one you have to be
invited to okay thank you so much all that plus you know I truly truly
appreciate you I do miss you when you don’t comment I haven’t seen you in a
while I haven’t been posting that much but I’m so glad that you are joining me
today and like I said all of you you guys are the bomb.com and I appreciate
each and every one of you and when I say that we have one of the best communities
hair on YouTube I mean it from the bottom of my heart not only do you guys
love and take care of me but you do love and take care of each other and that is
exactly the type of community that I had hoped to establish here on YouTube and
you guys just make doing so that much easier and so what we’re going to do now
is I started to say that and then I stopped and I started talking again
because they don’t get to talk to you guys during my regular videos because
now I’m trying to keep them down to 10 minutes but what we were going to do now
is of course have that raffle I am going to place the names on a sheet of paper
and just so you can see keeping myself honest and transparent
I love transparency I’m going to write the names here put this out of the way
so that you can see what I’m doing I’m going to have to go to another page so I’m not ignoring
you I’m just going to find the names for my channel for my members oh let’s do
this okay hold on one second I’m trying to reach my keyboard that mean to give
you guys my back and I am pulling up oh I see what’s going on okay
so I’m pulling up my back office so to speak if you will and I’m pulling up the
members names and I’m going to write them down so that you guys can see okay
so we have Katrina Simmons who just joined today we have Beverly
I like Sun door no B we have Miss Carlotta clay and that treats leage via Robinson who
won the last time we have miss Tanya Rasmus I should have done this in
advance forgive me Tanya Rasmus Ramona Fisher Shawna McDonald Lona white Ray Jones and one way designs two three eight so that’s all of you
this should be lemonade’s one two three four five six seven eight nine ten
eleven means so I can close this and go back here and now I’m going to take my
scissors and fold and I keep my basket around for
this purpose so one two three four five six seven eight nine ten and eleven so
showing you this is blank throwing this away this is blank throwing this away
all right my daughter I’m gonna need you in about one minute to so you can pull names three four five six seven eight okay shaking them up all right my
daughter need your hand baby and for this beautiful I max kit he
doesn’t have opposable thumbs that was my dodgy Maxwell Hiroshi but I
he’s mine you’re taking my camera alright she’s
mixing it around mixing it around drumroll please mixing it around mixing
it around make it around and she’s got one and this week’s craft girls to Miss
Shawna McDonald guys let’s tell her congratulations yes Shawna you won this beautiful piece
that we have created today please please please make sure you email me Oh Oh make
sure you email me at Danny’s designs D a n is no not design I know I keep doing
that not ready to say yet but I know why I keep doing that
Danny’s darlings I’m going to type it in here Danny’s darlings at gmail.com make
sure to send me your address so that I can get this out to you in the mail this
week so you can start enjoying this piece congratulations to her as well
listen I cannot wait to make as soon as I log off guys I’m going to take I’m
gonna stay take a picture of it fix the thumbnail
because I know the thumbnail is saying what we did last time we chatted live so
it’s not a chat it’s actually a crock with me but I’m gonna stage this and
then I will fix a thumbnail and then I will come back to my craft table and I
am going to create one of these for myself I can’t believe how beautiful
this piece came out with just from a vision and I am grateful that I was
trusted with the vision now tell me what haha pipi here funny exactly this is
gorgeous Danny’s darlings at gmail.com now tell
me those of you who are still watching before we sign off today tell me tell me
tell me what would you use this for would you use this for an event or would
you use this for home decor now like I said I see this being used at
perhaps a Mother’s Day brunch brunch or luncheon I see this being used at a
destination wedding of course you might not want to have to travel with these in
your luggage but this piece is very easy to make and you and your bridesmaids can
actually have a craft party at your destination and create these for your
reception that would be fun to do I can see this being used as home decor as
I’ve stated but the possibilities are endless and I just love love love of
course those of you who have been here with me you know what I like just
reflective services that glimmer that glamour
I just love it and so the meratol not only does it give it you know that pop
of reflectivity it also gives it that texture so that it’s not as opposed to
if we had used mirrors it’s not just a mirror but it’s a merit surface and it
is textured so it gives it that much more of an interesting look Oh ray says
she would attach two of them together and hang it from her front room that’s
interesting let me see here that exactly I like that
idea it should have been tried by now all
right so racing she would join two of them together and of course if you do
that you know that you wouldn’t put any mirrors on the side to which you’re
gonna be attaching the second one too but yeah I could see that I could also
see maybe perhaps two of them on the bottom and one of them on top so you’re
making three together that’s an idea you could also do that or if you wanted to
be daring I could either I could also see it being created like this it works
it would balance itself but of course you wouldn’t put any mirror here where
you are going to be attaching the second frame to and it would stand up and so
you would have your flowers here on one side your flowers there what’s your
mirrors and this also would make a beautiful beautiful centerpiece which
just gives me another idea I’m not going to tell you right now on ear but yes
this would be beautiful to join two of them together that’s an awesome idea ray
thank you thank you thank you for sharing yes a spring summer event Thank
You Tara I appreciate you being here this to this is a gorgeous piece and I’m
not just Tooting my own horn but I’m saying this if I were to see something
like this in a store I would purchase it but look now I don’t have to because of
our motto that says why buy when you can DIY and so my darlings if you guys have
no more questions for me or things that you would like to chat about this
evening I will let you guys on your way I want to thank you so much for spending
this time here with me this afternoon please know that you guys mean a lot to
me and plus even more just your encouragement your love your jokes I
like the fact that we can laugh with each other that we can be transparent
with each other that there are days where we can say you know I’m not
feeling too hot or I just got out of the hospital please keep me in your thoughts
and prayers I just love love love love our community and I am looking forward
to growing with you guys in 2019 and beyond
and so my darlings yes I like the stacking idea too so my darlings I just
want to say to you guys thank you thank you thank you for tuning in today please
be sure to like this video please be sure to share this video as a matter of
fact please be sure to share the channel with your friends and your loved ones if
you happen to know of anyone who might be planning a decor DIY bride anyone who
does not mind getting their hands dirty please be sure to let them know about us
over here in this YouTube corner share our channel share our videos start the
conversations on Facebook and YouTube please also you know do me the favor if
you’re interested in shopping from Amazon I’m an affiliate of Amazon and
affiliate of a favor mark all of those things are listed
my home page in the upper right hand corner and so of course that is no cost
to you but for every purchase that you make the company gives me a small
percentage for sending you there so consider Dollar Tree Amazon cricket for
those of you who have Cricut cutters makers I’m also an affiliate there buku
I will have all of those listed in these videos please be sure to shop it would
mean a lot to me so until next time my darlings when we will be having a chat
with me live I said to you guys please please please take care of yourselves
for me know that I love you all mwah mwah bye now good night good night yes
100k yes please that is exactly where I need to be thank you so much jackpot
unlimited I appreciate you good night all enjoy your evenings and stay safe

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  1. Hello! Beautiful project!! I agree those sodas are a problem. Since i cut them out of my diet, I feel a lot better!! Now I just need to start walking to propel more weight loss. Also, did you know that there is such a thing as mirrowed tape๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ!!!???!!!

  2. Danielle that is so beautiful ..and I would not change anything on it… I would put that in my front room where everyone can see๐Ÿ˜€

  3. WTG, DANIE this is absolutely beautiful!!! Sorry I couldn't watch you live I've been really sick lately. But know I love you and I'm watching. Take care and God bless you and your family. Your friend, Dawn ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’™

  4. Beautiful. These would look wonderful for my annual church banquet. Double as a center piece as well as the table number.

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