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Hi I’m Kathy and I’m here to show you
today how to make quick home décor using some
unexpected objects. So first of all we have a canvas here and we’regoing to take
some water downed paint. Just acrylic I’ve got
two colors here And I’m going to
wash it around on the canvas. Kind of make sure you have
your entire canvas covered now I’m going to take
some recycled plastic. Lay it on the top and
just kind of push lightly and your paint will spread underneath. I’m going to pull that up
it’s like magic. And then I’ve decided
I want another layer so I’m going to lay a layer
of bubble wrap on top. And then pull it up. And see you have this lovely background
that you created using plastic and bubble wrap and
watered down paint. Then to take it a notch further you can just
go ahead and add a stencil to it. And you have a little wonderful
piece of home décor. We would love to see your projects and the unexpected products
that you use to create them. So post them on facebook
and lets have a look.

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