38 thoughts on “Step drills | drill sheet metal

  1. Thank for you post!
    How they (step drills) perform in thicker sheets, lets say 5.0 mm-8.0 mm ?
    It's just a matter of put some oil lubricant and more drill time, or there's some knack ?
    And how they perform on a drill press? I think that they would be more adjusted to thicker metal.

  2. I don't always have a use for everything you show us but you sure make me want to try them out for the sheer pleasure of it.
    Excellent video as always Chez!

  3. Didn't even know these existed! Sometimes with a regular drill bit the bit get stuck in the thin sheet metal

  4. Just wondering, could you use a step drill to drill out a cone-shaped cavity in a block of wood? It would be very useful to me if it could.

  5. Also it very useful for drilling plywood. At ebay you can find both metric and imperial sizes and for low price

  6. Do you recommend any kind of grease or oil for stepped drill bits? They seem to get quite hot the few times i used them.

  7. what's the thickest material these are good for? 16g or could you cut even thicker easy enough?

  8. One question. If i have to drill a 2mm sheet metal, what do recommend me, use this step drills or a how saw?
    Usually i make 22mm hole diameter on a enclosure metal box.
    Thanks for your video and your answer.

  9. Is it ever intended that you would use a step bit and STOP drilling half way (or quarter way) down so that you don't go through all the diameters on the bit? Or, are you supposed to go all the way to the largest diameter and the multiple steps on the bit just make it easier on the drill because it only has to enlarge the hole a little at a time? I thought the point was to be able to drill multiple sized holes with one bit just by stopping earlier, but I have NEVER seen a youtube demo where any user actually stops short of the largest diameter on the bit! Thanks for this great vid

  10. I want to drill 24 mm and 30 mm holes in 3/16 inch and 1/4 inch sheet aluminum, what should I use?  Also, I will be using a drill press.

  11. Perfect! I learned a lot in this short video.

    Now what can one use to drill a 5/8th's or 9/16th's hole through thick metal (1/4" Flatbar)?

    I basically want to line lengths of #5 rebar though a piece of flatbar.

  12. May I ask how you put the original holes in the sheet metal. I only need a 6mm hole for some attach screws. Will a twist drill do that OK… good video…

  13. What kind of metal can drill calvanize,steel, iron etc and till how nany mm thickness?
    Mostly interested for steel and iron….

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