Step Inside Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” with Virtual Reality! | Art Attack Master Works

Step Inside Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” with Virtual Reality! | Art Attack Master Works

(space music) – [George] The cool thing
about VR is that you can paint in a three denominational space. – My name is George Paisley, and today I painted Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night. (techno music) – I took one of the most recognizable painting out there, which
is The Starry Night, and I used one of the brushes that is available on Tilt Brush,
that kind of mimics this stippling and you know,
impressionist brush style. And just kind of starting painting it. Just kind of have to see the depth in it, in your mind, and then just kind of lay it out and hope that
the perspective lines up. What I did was I actually had
a reference photo with me, in Tilt Brush, and I could
continue to just, you know, squat down to the same spot and just line everything up to make sure that, you know, that the church was the
height it should be. Specifically when I
painted the little town, I used the flat marker tools because I didn’t just want to use the same bristled brush that I was using for the rest of the painting. I have noticed that there are actually some additional houses
to the left of the church that I never actually realized in the original painting. The essence of the painting is essentially like the colors that
Vincent Van Gogh picked, so I definitely wanted to replicate and use that. The, specifically with
like all pieces that I want to recreate, you know, you really have to get every inch of it, like, you know, really emphasizes the
impressionistic style. As I am painting the sky,
like that’s the bread and butter of the Starry Night piece, and the brush that is in Tilt Brush is, was perfect for it. The number of stars there are, it is just, you pick up on the things
that are already there that you probably just scan over and say, this is, you see it as a whole, but you actually have to take is apart. When I finished it, just
like kind of standing there, and looking at it and
being able to interact with it, and you know,
being able to fly over the town and like the
scenery that, you know, you create, but it is so iconic. It feels like you have a
little bit of an existential moment of whoa, this is the 21st century. (techno music) – [Singer] ♫ Soul pancake (techno music)

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  1. It would be awesome if you could upload and share these creations online. This could create a nice 3D art community and also have a VR Gallery mode where dozens of people can view the top rated paintings of the month.

  2. You know you're deep into BTS when the first thing you think about this is that Taehyung would love it

  3. This is so surreal! It's so beautiful in a different level! I love just how much the technology has improved over just a little period of time.

  4. How couldn't I know this was possible? Imagine the museums in the future, all 3D paintings… can't wait for them

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