Tagging is like you know you can let off a bit of steam you know, it’s an outlet So is this. But tagging, you get a bit of a rush. Depends where you do it. Maybe you do it on a train or something You get a bit of an adrenaline rush As for going over people’s pieces and things You shouldn’t really do tags like that. You should really try and do something better That’s more colourful and more involved It can get a bit bitter between two people Like the way it is, like you’re all cats just trying to piss up the same tree They want to come and they want to piss up it and then you come back and you want to smell the tree It basically runs like that. It can lead to all sorts of stuff You know if you’re a really undeveloped graffiti writer, you might be writing for a year or something and you go over somebody who’s been writing for ten years or something… they’re gonna get angry I’ve never really gotten beaten up or whatever doing this. A lot of people have You know if you can fight and you’re good at that, you can pretty much go over whoever you like I write graffiti as in graffiti letters. It’s all about lettering I like murals, and I Iike the stencilling thing but that’s street art Graffiti is tagging, throw-ups, pieces – putting your name up everywhere you can, as much as you can it’s just basically a big ego-war between people that nobody wins and eventually you just either go to prison or die in some cases My friend recently just fell off a roof, painting a roof in Bristol, and he died in intensive care two days later Street bombing you get in a lot of trouble for, tagging trains you go to prison for and they dish out pretty hefty prison sentences now I don’t think it’s that bad is it? You know what I mean? Like paedophiles get less sentences in prison than some writers have got. That’s mad. All of the TPM guys, which is another crew, they got sent down for four years, three, four years I think If you’re gonna do it, and you’re gonna do it properly then you should know what you’re getting into I think


  1. I heard that there is legal walls all over Europe and in London. I actually just watched a documentary the other day about the Graffiti scene in London and there were tons of graffiti writer's and street artists spray painting on legal walls. Maybe these guys should try painting on legal walls more unless they prefer to do it illegally.

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