Studio Vlog | Saying Good Bye To The Painting | #16

Studio Vlog | Saying Good Bye To The Painting | #16

hello guys so the first week of a new
year is up and it’s going to be quite intensive I already made a new checklist
to not miss anything I have some things that I haven’t finished before holidays
so I’m going to finish them this week and also I sold one of my original oil
paintings yay I’m very happy and sad in the same time and I’m going to
packing it and prepare all papers and documents oh and during these holidays
we started to decorate my wall finally I’m very happy but there are still some
work left and I really feel like I’m running out of time I need to search for
canvases for my artwork Commission’s today or tomorrow but I really hope to
make it today and also to go to the print shop to print a certificate of
authenticity I’m going to add them to all original paintings since now so I
will go to make a packaging for a painting and to look if I have enough
materials so hi guys so yesterday was a success I printed my certificate of
authenticity already sign it and I’m going to add it to the painting also I
bought an acrylic paint it’s a color called indigo I want to try to paint oceans and
seas with acrylics so I found this color pretty essential for depicting water
also I bought a nice black pencil because I don’t know why it was hard
for me to find a good black pencil and I’m pretty happy with this one and I bought
a brush that is always essential for paintings I just wasn’t sure if I have
enough of them so I decided to pick one and so now I’m going to screw in this
hook to the painting and then I will continue to make a box for shipping this
painting so let’s go so I’m done with the box and it’s time
to deal with a mess with my checks and taxes
I didn’t organize my spendings and incomes for more than a month so it will
take time to find all documents and to organize them I hate it to be honest but
there’re just things that have to be done hi I will go to the post office later
today and I’m going to make some sketches for
my new commission I was worrying this week because I
couldn’t contact a buyer of my painting and I usually need a contact number to
send valuable things like paintings I just didn’t receive a notification from
my working email and I just forgot that I have two of them and I’m just feeling so
dumb and now I’m going to sketch a water lily while I have some time

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