Study Abroad with Interior Design at Texas Tech University

I think studying abroad is absolutely
the most important thing that a student could do and there’s a few reasons for
that. For interior design students especially it’s so important that they
are able to learn about a different culture and relate to a different
culture and there is no better way to do that than by going to that country and
meeting those people, trying their food, walking through the streets, and actually
getting acquainted with the people. So we started out in Italy. We kind of went a
little bit of everywhere in Italy which was really cool. The reason why I chose
to do study abroad was because I felt like there’s so much more than
just the US. I feel like the design world in different countries and things like that is so different and to experience that and like the culture and things like that of the
design world there I think it’s so important. So the course is open to any
and all interior design students. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re a
freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior. The only requirements are that you have a
valid passport and a minimum GPA of 3.0. If a student is interested in signing up
they can go to the study abroad website and sign up there. I definitely think it will make me
better in my professional field because I feel like that culture that I’ve learned and
understood now has opened me up like way more and like wanting more and wanting to experience more doesn’t have to be just in Italy but it’s definitely like opening me up to
like experience Dubai and like go different places and not be scared or
intimidated and things like that and I think I’m really more open. I think it
helped me open like yeah maybe I don’t speak their language but I know how to
work around it and that it’s so easy now to like make it work and I think
professionally it will bring more I’ll bring more to the table because I’ll be
more comfortable in those kind of things so if they bring clients like that I’ll
be able to sit down and be like okay I can do this
and not be intimidated by their different culture and things like that.

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