Studying Interior Architecture and Design Online?

Studying Interior Architecture and Design Online?

Hello, my name is Joe Lynch and I am the
Programme Leader for Interior Architecture and Design here at IDI I’m also a key member of the tutor team of experienced designers and architects who
support students on their interior architecture and design courses. If we ask the question,
“What is interior architecture and design?” Well, it is the design of both public and private space through the creation of environments for living, for working for interaction, and for retail. It’s a very creative field and it makes a very important contribution to the positive experiences we have every day. Interior architecture and design is a dynamic and diverse discipline. It really brings together the detail of spatial experience with the ambition of architectural intervention. We frequently work with other designers we work with specialists in
lighting and manufacture and also other professionals,
such as architects and structural consultants. It is this multi-layered approach that makes
interior architecture and design so creative and we have to develop a really broad spectrum of different skills if we are to be successful. When studying interior architecture
and design here at IDI you will develop the skills required to become a three-dimensional thinker.
To be a three-dimensional thinker is to have the ability to form and to structure space. It is the ability to develop knowledge about materials and construction, and is also the ability to use drawing to use model making, and to utilise CAD to illustrate your design ideas. Perhaps
most importantly of all it’s to develop your own design vision In studying interior architecture and design here at IDI you will engage with an exciting range of design projects. Some will be large some will be smaller. It’ll will be a really engaging and exciting opportunity and I look
forward to welcoming you when you begin your design journey.

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  1. I am in my final year of Interior Architecture and Design at IDI. An amazing program that teaches the theoretical knowledge and technical skills that I require to progress within my career as a creative individual. Great Institute with a fantastic process to study. Definitely recommend IDI!

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