STUPID SCIENCE, Spreadable BACON, & Grossery Gang UNBOXING | A.T. #130

STUPID SCIENCE, Spreadable BACON, & Grossery Gang UNBOXING | A.T. #130

Hello, welcome to Awesome Time. This is the show
where I tell you about all the new things
happening at Vat 19, and we are doing Stupid Science. [MUSIC PLAYING] Welcome to episode
130 of Awesome Time. Remember to subscribe
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there, so you can get coupons off your next order. I’m pretty excited
about this episode, because we got giant stuff
I can see over there, we got blow-up doll stuff. Unicorn stuff. Bacon stuff. Knife stuff. So it’s gonna be great. But before we get
into all of that, we’ve gotta do Sponsorships,
and Outstanding Reviews & Recommendations. Yeah. This episode’s sponsor
is the Grossery Gang, and those of you who
are fans of Vat 19 will recognize that name. We’ve highlighted
this product before. [GAGGING] Ah! This is series number
3, and its release coincides with the
Grossery Gang movie. The name of the movie
is Putrid Power, and it’s coming out
today on YouTube, so you can go watch it. They do great animated work. I can’t wait to see it myself. I guess we didn’t make
the cut, Eric, to get the screening ahead of time. But they did send us
all of this stuff. So I think the drama is that the
Grossery Gang’s town is being invaded by the Clean Team. So there’s Clean Team Grosseries
and just your regular Grossery Gang Grosseries in this set. 150 new characters to collect,
and these are in stores now. So you can go out and buy them. I’m gonna open up one of these– well, they call
them “bins,” but I think that’s because
they’re Australian. We call them “trash
cans” in the Americas. Let’s see what we got in here. Ooh, what do we got here? Oh, this one’s squishy. Let’s see the other one I got. Let’s start up my
collection here of season 3. What do you think that is? Is that Dirty Danish? Is he rare? Did you get a rare one? I don’t know, bro. I’m not sure what it is. This is Chunky Curry
in the World Food. I’m gonna open a
couple more of these and see if I got anything rare. Help me out, Cara. Start opening. Oh, that’s Rotten Lobster. The Greasy Mitt,
that’s common as well. What do you got
over there, Cara? Ooh. Oh, that’s one of
the metallic ones! Oh, sweet. Yeah, I think that’s one of
the metallic trash can things. Is that from the– he must be on the Clean Team. Let’s see. That’s Bennett. Wait, that’s green. That’s ultra-rare! I think that’s ultra-rare! Where would you say this ranks
in your life experiences? Top five? I don’t know. Let’s see, I’ve had four kids. This has got to be like, three. I’ve got a lot more
to go through here. Gotta get my collection going. I hope you go and check out the
new Grossery Gang Putrid Power movie. It’s out right now. You can go watch it right
now, as soon as you’re done watching Awesome Time. Go to your local big box store
and get yourself some Grossery Gang stuff. All right, cool. Let’s get into the products now. Be very careful with
this ultra-rare one. I promised you a blow-up doll. Who’s the Dude? This is the dude. This is a really cool
charade-style game. Your prop is this guy. I think it’ll be a lot better
if we just kind of play it a little bit. Eric, you want to come on in and
play a little Who’s the Dude? with me? Go ahead and hold
that for a second. And I’ll spoon him. Yeah. He’s our inflatable life-sized
dude for Who’s the Dude? We can play charades
with the dude. We got 440 charades
on these cards. I thought we could give it a go,
show people how to play this. OK. And then everybody’s
gonna guess offscreen? Yeah. You guys can’t see it, but
there are humans offscreen. OK, I’m ready. Go, go. All right. What are we doing? Sumo wrestling? Fighting? Fighting? Arguing? Pushing? Yeah. Oh. What is this? Basketball? Wait, no. Ski jumping? Yeah. Ski jumping! What is the dude doing? A mime? Miming? He’s blindfolded? He’s dead. No, wait– Sleepwalking. Yeah! Oh, sleepwalking. Very good. What is the dude doing? He’s hopping. What is the dude doing? Drumming. Yeah. I was going to say
playing the bongos. What sport is this? It’s done. Ah, we’re out of time. Good job, me, and everybody! What movie is this? Titanic. Oh, Lion King. Yes! What is that dude doing? Lifting weights? Curling? Close. Weightlifting. Yep, yep. What is the dude doing? Playing golf. Massaging. Making pottery. The Robot? Driving! Yes. What is the dude doing? OK. Sweating. Putting on makeup? Yes, putting on makeup! What is the dude doing? OK. Stretching. Shaving his legs. Yeah, shaving his legs. [INAUDIBLE] How did he get any of those? That’s Who’s the Dude? You can buy yours now at
Vat 19, and blow him up and have some fun. He only grows hair on his chest. I promised you a giant product. Let me go get it. Look at that. You’ve probably never
seen four in the row game that big before. This is designed
for being outdoors. It’s weather-proof. You might be wondering
how you get the pieces out when you’re done. It’s got a little gate, a
little floor gate on the bottom. For whatever reason,
Eric and I have decided to play each
other in this blindfolded. Let’s do that. All my other senses
will be heightened. No cheating. I see what you’re doing? Yeah? What am I doing? Somebody yell out
if somebody wins. [CLINKING] Did you go? What, you’re just shaking
this and it threw me off? Is that what you’re doing? Huh? What are you talking about? What are you talking about? [INTERPOSING VOICES] What are you putting down there? Get out of here! No groping! I’m cool. Connect four. Connect four! Yeah! Who won? Oh, I got the diagonal too. I started strong. I thought you were
going to plan that out. I started out strong. All right, that’s
Connect Four giant-sized. Get yours now at Get out of here. Yeah, I’m done with you. I teased you with unicorn stuff. Now we deliver. You can toss it. Oh, you teased me there. This is the Unicorn
Mug, but it’s not just a beautiful ceramic mug with
this molded unicorn head and horn on here. It’s also a color-changing mug. So let’s just pour that in. Did you see it changing? So you can see the mane changed
from purple to a rainbow, and then the iris of the eye
changed from purple to blue. It may surprise you that the
Unicorn Color Changing Mug is this episode’s Stupid Science. I need my stupidest partner,
Eric, to come in here and do something stupid. Stupid Science! What do we got? Unicorn mug. Oh, that’s what I guessed. Yeah. We’re gonna do some
science with it. I’m thinking we do
some sort of experiment relating to heat change. Maybe rate of change,
or something like that. Mhm. Well, I have brought a
theory along with me. No, you haven’t
brought a theory. You brought a hypothesis. I have brought a theory as
long as the day is long. He’s brought a
hypothesis, which is a question that can be tested. So my theory is that
I can get this thing to change color just using my
body heat, because I run hot. Yeah. Look at all the sweat just– Ladies– All right, first– Why are you backing up? I gotta get hot! OK. I gotta get that
body temp raging, you know what I’m saying? Yeah. First, armpit. Oh. Oh yeah. There was some liquid
in there already. Ugh. Give it the old– the old armpit shuffle. Yeah. All right. All right. Hear we go. You ready? Yeah, let’s see if it changed. Rainbow. Oh! OK, OK! A little bit. A little bit. A tiny little hint
of a rainbow there. Yeah. All right, next one. Well, he is completely
full of hot air, right? Just a little bit. It’s got a little bit. All right. Sounds like– The last one. I hate to do this, guys– –Darth Vader after running. –but I gotta go in
between the thighs. Oh, that’s where you keep
your– the most heat? I don’t know if we’ll use
this sample ever again. It’s for science! Oh, oh. You’re– oh. What did you expect,
to keep this outside? No. You gotta get direct contact. Oh, there’s a horn there. This might be our
stupidest science ever. All right. Dang it! Didn’t change. Can I try something? Yeah. OK. Can I see the cup? Clear! Oh my gosh, it gets hot. Well, I think we proved a lot
of different things today. Your liquid needs to be
hotter than your body. OK. Buy the Unicorn Heat
Changing Mug now a Vat 19, and you too can– Yeah. You could own this one. No, you can’t. OK, next up is a
super sweet knife. Toss that thing in here. It’s safe. All right, so this
goes on your key chain, and it is a samurai knife. Like a mini samurai sword! This is a two-inch
stainless steel blade, and the handle is made from
aircraft grade aluminum. So it’s not very heavy at
all, and it’s super sharp. I’ll just cut through
some of this plastic so you can kind of see. It’s like through hot
butter, that plastic. This is the pocket
samurai knife. Buy yours now at It’s awesome. OK, can we just
stop for a minute and recognize what
I’m holding here? Which is bacon in a jar. It’s spreadable bacon. It’s bacon jam. It’s like peanut
butter and bacon. This is sweet, and it’s
salty, and it’s savory. It’s a little bit smoky too. We’re just gonna put
a tiny bit on there. Oh. Oh. I can taste all the big
chunks of bacon in there. I could eat this entire jar
just straight outta this jar. Perfect for toast, hamburgers. I’d put this on anything. I’d just put it on a piece
of paper and eat that. If you know someone
that loves bacon, they’ll absolutely love this. In fact, we found a
bacon-lover walking around the halls of Vat 19. Cara, can you send him in? We found a bacon-lover! Oh, hello. Oh, this is such a joy
to be on this show. What’s your name? Clam Praline. Nice to meet you. Absolutely. Nice to meet you. This is such a delight. Look at all these hot lights. Yeah. Would you be interested in
this Bacon Jam Bacon Spread? Oh, absolutely. It’s a bacon-based spread. I’m a big fan of bacon. It’s my life blood,
as well as a treat. I got 25 hogs down
at my farm, and I love every single one
of them until the day that they’re butchered. You know I’m saying? I love them like a pet, and
I love them in my belly. OK. You want to give this a try? Yes. Very good. I’ve got some– [INAUDIBLE] you’re
eating bread there. Yeah, I kind of ate
some of this toast. I could nibble on it, I suppose. Right, well could take th– Are you a disease-free man? Fairly. I don’t know you very well. I’ll just sort of rip off that
part that I’ve been eating. Sure. Let’s break bread together. Absolutely. This is just a
smorgasbord of yum. Mmm. This has been a hog that was
cared for, and then eventually butchered for this jam. I seem to have laughed my
mustache right off there. Well, thanks for coming on. Oh, yes. Please, have me again. I will. Say hello to your hogs for me. I will. Maybe I’ll eat them later. But they won’t understand
me, because they don’t understand English. They’re just regular hogs. Wouldn’t that be
something, though, if a hog knew how to talk? I’ll think on that
for a couple days. OK. That was the Bacon
Jams Bacon Spread. Treat yourself. Get some of this. It’s so good. We’ve been adding so many
new products to the site that I can’t give them
all the full treatment, so I’m just going to
give you the bullet points in this segment
we call Bullet Time. All right, send it in. This is the Tricerataco. It’s a taco holder, and it
looks like a triceratops! [GUNSHOT] Oh! OK. This is the Nano Light. It’s a key chain LED
light, and it’s tiny. It’s barely an inch long. [GUNSHOT] This is the USB Dino Light. It’s not plugged in! I can’t show you how it works! We don’t have time
to cut the lights. [GUNSHOT] All right. That fell on my crotch! This is the Big
[BLEEP] Bar of Soap. It’s made out of beer. It’s beer soap. It’s really good. [GUNSHOT] All right, moving on. Little Baby Das Beer Boots,
but they’re like shot glasses. [GUNSHOT] Use them for juice or something. All right. Woo! How’d I do? All right, it’s
time for fan art! [MUSIC PLAYING] Wow, that was a huge collection
of some really amazing fan art. I loved all of it. If you want to send your
own, here is our address. We would love to get
some fan art from you, show it on a future
episode of Awesome Time, and eventually put it
on the wall behind me. I think it’s time to
wrap this episode up. It was a ton of fun. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Check out the videos
around me, and I have to always remind you to
follow us on social media. We do weekly giveaways. That’s Facebook, Instagram,
Snapchat, and Twitter. Subscribe, and thank
you for watching. Bye. [SINGING] Click.

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