Succulent Wall Art Decor / Succulent Wall Planter – Dollar Tree DIY

Succulent Wall Art Decor / Succulent Wall Planter – Dollar Tree DIY

in this video I’m going to show you how
to make this really cool and unique succulent wall decor you want to learn
how to make it well then follow me what’s up glue dots I’m Elaine the
midnight crafter and today’s project is something that I have been wanting to do
for a really long time it was an inspiration that I saw outdoors on this
trip that we had taken for a day trip one weekend a while back and I’ve been
wanting to do it and I finally did and I loved the way it turned out and I’m so
excited to show it to you it’s fun it’s easy to make and it just looks super
cool on the wall so I want to show you that ASAP but first if you like my
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E6000 came out with a new glue you guys and it doesn’t stink super exciting so
I’m really anxious to be using that more right now it’s a little hard to find and
it’s a bit expensive but I’m really looking forward to that coming out in
the stores because they know that’s something we all love E6000 but we all
hate the smell so enough of that with all that stuff being said the most
important part is that we get to this project so let’s do it as you know I like to start off with
anything that needs painting to get started first to give it time to dry
while we work on the other parts I’m gonna be spraying mine with this just
something I happen to have I bought it at Dollar General for I don’t know $2.50
$3.50 I’m not even sure but it was a great deal so I got it use whatever color you
would like and get this whole thing spray-painted will let it dry and we’ll
be back to do the next step in the meantime though get this hot knife
turned on because you’re gonna want to use that for the next step and we need
to give it time to warm up as well okay be right back so for this next part
gonna take your ladle and we’re gonna cut it off just above the bowl right
before it starts to get that little curved area
I don’t mind it being asymmetrical I think it gives a little extra touch to
our our piece and also I’d like it to be as big as it can be so I’m going to go
down as far as I can above this bowl part and cut it if you don’t already
have one of these hot knives this is such a great tool and it will totally be
a game changer for you with your crafting and the things that you can
make by using this the closer you are to this part the hotter the blade so it
will work a lot quicker than if you’re trying to cut with the tip and also make
sure you’re in a well-ventilated space because you don’t need to be breathing
all those fumes just work your way through applying gentle pressure and I
kind of do a little back and forth I don’t know if you need to but I don’t
know it’s just what I do and there you go quick and easy and then I save these
bowls I’m trying to come up with a good DIY for these they look like bra cups
anyway okay so well do the next step here in just one second so the next
thing we’re going to be doing is taking our piece of foam corks and we’re going
to be cutting out the shape of our ladle piece so using that as a template I’m
just going to go and cut out this shape and that is going to be glued to this as
a base for our design save your piece because we’re also going
to need this to make a base for our frame piece that is out drying right now
so we’ll put this aside and when that other piece is dry we’ll bring it in and
cut the base out of this okay this should fit just like that inside of our
other piece and we’re going to be gluing and attaching these two pieces together
oh boy I should put a piece of parchment paper down for this because you can
stick really bad to my desk those of you that follow me often know how much I
love parchment paper it is the best for so many different uses when you’re doing
dealing with hot glue so there you have it of this little piece right here like
that the next step will be to take our willow wreath and we’re going to be
taking this apart so what I’m actually going to be doing is cutting pieces from
it now if you have these from Dollar Tree they’re great because they have a
little cutout in here which is perfect for cutting branches and things like
that so I’m gonna do my branch pieces about three inches long okay so you’re
going to cut multiple pieces different different size diameter is fine just go
through and cut and if they’re a little bit crooked that’s fine too if some are
is little bit longer than others that’s also fine so go around and do several
pieces and then we’re going to move on to the next step okay so you should have
a bunch of these little wood pieces cut and all varying diameters and
approximately the same length and what we’re going to be doing is gluing those
on to our label piece here I’m going to put the glue on to my label piece that
might be the easiest way to do it and we’re gonna go across all the way around
and just pick different different diameters whatever just grab whatever
you grab and attach it on there when you’re done gluing all your pieces
you should have something that looks like this now we’re going to cut the piece that’s
going to go underneath our box frame just to give it some support and that
piece is going to be two and three quarters by eleven and a quarter and
this should fit right inside if we cut it the right size okay so we have our
painted artwork we have our piece here what we’re going to be doing is stuffing
this piece inside of the back of the artwork here whatever you call it our
little box art this way it just gives a little more of a solid base to it so
that it’s not just the fabric or the canvas on the front you probably won’t
even have to glue this in my think mine’s just a hair too long because it’s
bubbling up over here you probably can’t see that on camera so I’m going to trim
it down just a bit and then put it back in okay I’ve got a little bit better fit
now it’s not popping up in the front if you get that in there comfortably you’re
just going to go ahead and throw a little bit of glue in those corners to
make sure that that stays in place I’m gonna let that cool off a little bit in
there and then we’re gonna be gluing on our little wood piece here okay so I
know this goes without saying but I’m gonna say it anyway because sometimes
the most obvious things elude us when we’re crafting make sure that your
little hook your hanger piece is facing up when you’re gluing your piece on so
you don’t get it all done and find out you glued it on upside down and what
we’re gonna do is put glue along this bottom edge and also on the edge of our
ladle and attach that down to our artwork art where dark our artwork
aardvark I don’t know easy for me to say right
not really now I lined mine up on the bottom as
well and give that a little bit of time to really dry there before we move it
and we’re also going to be adding some glue to any sticks that may be touching
and we’re also going to add some glue and so I may need to add a stick over
here if you can see I have a space and I need the extra support there for this as
soon as that hardens and solidifies there what we can do is start adding in
our succulents now if you would like to you can add in some of the floral moss
in there or that reindeer moss or any of those kind of things it’s entirely up to
you so I ended up putting in some moss and mine and I really like the way it
kind of comes out between the branches but what I’m not liking is how stark my
white background is against the really natural thing and I had a gut feeling
that I wasn’t gonna like that but it did it anyway so what I’m going to do is
take some brown paint and a dry brush and I’m gonna kind of do a little bit
around the edges here to break up this whiteness before I put my succulents in
there so I just grabbed a little bit of this burnt umber that I got from Walmart
and I’m gonna use the fat okay now I’m liking it a lot better the
next thing we’re gonna do take apart our succulents they some of them are clips
if you have the ones that are in the little pots they pull out very very
easily from that styrofoam so not a problem once you figure out how you want
to get them in there go ahead and glue them in so I’m going to go ahead and
play around with these get them placed and then I’m going to show you this all

39 thoughts on “Succulent Wall Art Decor / Succulent Wall Planter – Dollar Tree DIY

  1. Awesome Elaine, I love it 🥰 I can’t wait to gather up the items needed. Thank you so much for sharing such a great idea. I love succulents. Where did you purchase your hot knife? I love watching your channel, thank you. God bless you.

  2. What a cute little wall ‘faux’ planter, which actually looks live. That was so neat how you figured out using the ladle handle to get the curve you wanted. I’m just so glad to see someone put some color in a project. Black, white and gray get boring. Thanks for sharing with us. Oh, by the way, I love the E. P. letters. Did I miss a project or did you purchase those?

  3. Love this. I know soneone I'll gift this to. Thanks for sharing. Pinterest has some great mermaid tops for inspiration for your "bra cups." I'm eventually going to make one for my bathroom reno.

  4. I don't know how you get your ideas! Love it Elaine! Oh by the way, you can make earmuffs from the ladle bowl!!😂😂 Have a Blessed Easter! 😘🐰🐇🐣🐥🐰🐇🐣🐥

  5. This turn out so beautiful..I love this great as a mothers day gift..♡..tyfs♡..blessed happy Easter.. to u and ur family..♡

  6. Hi Queen Glue dot, this succulent wall decor is quite unique! My daughter will love one, and I will too! Thank you PS I don't know if it's you tube or my phone, after I like a video and scroll down to comment, I notice my like is removed, so I like it again. I hope this hasn't been happening all along because I just noticed and i'm wondering how many youtubers are losing likes? After this comment I'll go back and like again a 3rd time since I am editing my 1st comment.

  7. WOW WOW WOW Midnight Crafter does it again! This is so darn cute! This looks like it'd be fun to make. I was saving the bowl parts too for the longest time. I thought I had something going when I cut em half but nothing was coming to me so I stopped. There's you an idea you can play with and see what happens. I started using mine for Mod Podge and paint then tossing em in the trash. I can't wait to see what you create with em. Love your projects! Happy Easter to you and yours, blessings <3

  8. When you said you could use the ladle bowls for bra cups it really cracked me up cause I was thinking the same thing! LOL

  9. Hello Elaine hope you are doing well. Super cute just love how it turned out. Great for a gallery wall. Much love and big Tx hugs from South Tx.

  10. Pretty, like very much. I had my notification on but for some reason it wasn't notifying me. I clicked on the bell again. Well see if that will notify me next time you have a video. Love you Elaine.

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