SUMMER TRY ON THRIFT HAUL // clothes + home decor ♡

SUMMER TRY ON THRIFT HAUL // clothes + home decor ♡

Hey guys, it’s Jess. Welcome back to my channel. I’m still not used to this swively chair, this is gonna take some getting used to. I wish there was a way you can lock it off but there’s just not. Anyways. Hi guys. I hope everybody is having an amazing day so far. So in today’s video I am doing a collective summer thrift haul with pieces that I picked up about like three weeks ago when I Went and did this ‘come thrift with me’ and then about like a week ago when I did This thrifting session with my friend Leah and we went to the Rose Bowl flea market and now it’s like finally time to show you Guys what I picked up! Everything in this pile, I’m just like heart-eyes for it is so cute, So my style, I just feel like there’s just some genuinely cool finds in here. Some things that are just so my style, some things That are perfect for summer some things that are on-trend dupes If you guys are interested in seeing more of my thrifting content, I will link my thrifting playlist below I have oodles and oodles of thrifting content and of course if you guys are not subscribed yet hit that subscribe button down below to join the family And with that let’s hop on in. We’re just gonna go in chronological order of places that I went to thrifting and the first thing that I picked up are a couple of one of my favorite kinds of accessories: scarves. So I actually picked up three of these little Wispy scarves. They almost look like something a magician would pull out of a hat But I will not be using these for that purpose. I’m actually intending I’ll use this one as an example wearing them as little hair scarves So if you guys watch my channel you guys know I talk about hair scarves and little neck scarves all the time I always recommend them to you guys. I think they’re really cute accessory and like imagine If I had – don’t worry guys, I already washed these these went through the washer and the dryer already – Imagine if I had my hair in a little ponytail And Wow, I’m so untalented with tying. I’m having a genuine struggle Oh What the heck is going on back there? Okay. Anyways, imagine if I had my hair in a little ponytail? That looks so cute. Okay, sans hair clips. I think that would actually be adorable. Not with this shirt. It’s a little busy but How cute will that be? I love hair scarves. Such a nice simple accessory You could just add too, you know spice up your life a bit Now, see, imagine if I had this going on that would be cute. I picked up one in this kind of peachy nude shade One these are quite similar. This one is definitely more. Oh, they don’t look similar on camera Each of these was a dollar so quite the bargain next from that first thrift shop I picked up some more accessories. I picked up a couple belts, so I picked up Another brown braided belt if you guys also have been watching my channel for a while You guys have heard me talk about a brown braided belt for a while I think they’re a wardrobe essential and I found this one for two dollars This one is quite a bit thicker than the one I currently have, color is darker in hue and it has more braids going on So the pattern and the color is definitely different but they’re the same kind of style. Then I picked up this fun Brown snakeskin embossed belt and I just think this one is really neat It has this gorgeous gold belt buckle and then the last belt that I picked up was $4 and it’s a black alligator embossed belt. I’ve really been trying to get more into accessorizing the last couple months I Realized that I went pretty minimal on accessories before so now I’m trying to step up the game and try to switch things around instead Of just using the same like two belts last accessory that I picked up was this straw hat that I thought was just so cool and Very very cute currently has this green ribbon around the Hat But I actually left this in my car for a couple days when it was hot so the glue kind of detached so it’s already coming off which is fine because I was kind of debating on Changing the ribbon color because I found the ribbon color to just be really dull and just not popping But then when the ribbons started peeling off I saw that the ribbon color was originally this So much more vibrant and so much more beautiful So I might just try throwing the ribbon in the laundry with the next And then just gluing the ribbon back on it was only six dollars This is going to be such a beautiful hat for summer Once I revamp it and clean it up and deal with this ribbon situation I think this is going to be the perfect summer accessory next I picked up one clothing item I know only one but at that thrift store, I just did not have good luck with clothing Nothing fit or flattered me, right? So I just kind of skirted on all things but one I picked up these white High-waisted corduroy pants and I am in love these pants are so gorgeous. I fit quite well, they’re super comfortable They’re high-waisted low key something I like about these pants is that there is no butt pocket, which you’re probably like Why is that a good thing Jessica? Well in my experience I have found that pants when they have no pockets It just looks a little bit more flattering Then the last thing that I picked up from that first thrift store was this little spice rack. I’ll show a little video clip here just because I don’t have all the pieces in here all of them except for this one are currently still packed away $5.00. I think it was pretty affordable So each one of these is a little spice jar and then there’s larger spice jars or whatever you want to put in here most of you guys probably don’t know that I love cooking and I spend a lot of time in the kitchen because I love just creating new dishes and trying out new recipes and Putting together my own it’s not something I ever really show on YouTube just because I don’t know if anybody would have interest in that But I really love cooking. It’s one of my favorite things to do. I also love baking as well But baking is definitely more of my husband’s territory. He is like He’s so talented with baking. His whole family is, my goodness; He picked up the baking gene. So I do cooking he does baking It’s a good split. Moving on to the second thrift store. I went to from that first thrifting session Thing number one that I picked up was this yellow square neck sleeveless top so all over the top very lightly Embroidered we have white tulips and then down at the bottom. There are some additional flowers Fun fact I actually have not tried on this top yet when I try it on for the video That’ll be my first time trying it on So we are crossing our fingers that this fits nicely and looks good, but I genuinely don’t know at this point But you guys will have already seen so maybe it’s a win Maybe it’s a flop I decided to take a leap of faith because this style of top is so popular right now when I saw this for only a Couple dollars. I figured I would pick it even though I couldn’t try it on because the dressing rooms were actual heck Uh, and here’s to hoping that that top looks good on me last thing when I picked up from that thrifting session That is by far my favorite thing that I picked up, it is so beautiful, something I have been searching for for such a long time: a white linen blazer. I am so ecstatic about this purchase It is great quality, in great condition. It is a petite size. So it actually fits me Well, it is the perfect kind of look that I have been wanting; such an outerwear gal I love Blazers and I love adding Blazers to outfits. Oh, I need some water. I am parched, Dehydrated, ya girl’s thirsty. Next from thrifting session number two the other day I went to the Rose Bowl flea market with my friend Leah The Rose Bowl flea market is definitely a place to spend an entire day At it is so big it is so vast There are so many sellers and just so many things that you genuinely could spend the entire Day there and maybe not even see everything. It’s it’s that big highly recommend. It’s fun thing to do on the weekend Basically how the Rose Bowl flea market goes is there’s a bunch of different sellers Every person has their own little section, or area, their stall, And you just kind of go to each one and you go down the path Some people sell clothes, some sell antiques, some people sell home decor, some people sell things that they’ve made like there’s such variety at the first stall we went to Where is the top of this? The first thing that I found that actually was something that Leah found for me, was this black Hawaiian print dress. So this dress is sleeveless And it features a little tie front Leah actually picked this out for me for my Hawaii trip She thought it would be a nice outfit to wear I love how this looks I think it’s so pretty The one thing that I do have is that I also have not yet tried it on for this video This dress went for the great bargain price of five dollars. At the first stall, I also picked up one more piece and It was another Hawaiian print type piece. That’s actually for my husband it’s just a red Hawaiian print shirt that I think he will look so handsome in and This one was also five dollars next many sellers later I found this denim button-up and the cool thing about this top is in between the buttons There are Looney Tunes characters. So this is super cool because this is actually a Warner Brothers Studio store shirt That is trademark from 1995. Stop is 23 to 24 years old officially vintage I ended up buying this as a deal for two for 20 and the other thing that I got as part of that deal was A white Rolling Stones t-shirt if you guys don’t know I also love Rolling Stones and I actually love them I grew up on Rolling Stones My dad played them all the time and I just really loved their music and the next thing that I bought is something very funky and weird and different but I very much love it and Leah totally agreed that I should get it because it was so cool And it is this black and gold metal purse. Now, I know some of you guys out there might be thinking like Girl, what the heck is that? Okay. I just thought it was so cool And so unique and I have never really seen something like this and I don’t know what it was about this purse but I just like I Resonated with it I wanted it, but I just thought it was really neat and very cool I thought would be very fun to style and use as a unique statement piece. Here’s what it looks like up close And it is definitely not like anything that I have currently so I figured why the heck not so I purchased it for $20 in case you guys are curious what the inside looks like. It’s kind of just like a regular purse, it’s kind of almost like a Just like a clutch inside and the next thing that I picked up is something that I don’t think is Vintage or thrifted I think this is just from a boutique seller and it’s this straw basket Looks like this there was this gal and her husband who were just selling a bunch of baskets of different sizes, purses little sandals, and I thought they were really cool and I wanted to support her business because they seemed so nice and I bought this for $15. Brand is called somewhere and it’s spelled s-o-m-e W-a-r-e if you guys are interested in checking it out Basically, I’m gonna take one of my larger plants that’s in an ugly style pot. And I’m gonna put it inside like that and the last two things that I picked up – Leah and I went through a journey to get stuff from this store like High-key, recommend watching the vlog. But these next two pieces I think are so cool And so neat and I have never seen anything like these when thrifting so I was very excited to find them. Piece number one Which actually was the initial piece that drew us into the seller is this oversized gray and blue Disney t-shirt. When I saw this, I thought this was like the coolest thing ever It is vintage Disney it is so cool because it is an extra-large. It’s going to fit very oversized on me so I thought it would be very cool to wear is a dress or maybe with like biker shorts or something or even just like oversized tucked into something. I just thought I would have so much fun styling this and I ended up picking this up for $15 and then the last thing that I picked up is also an oversized t-shirt. That is also Disney this very cool Donald Mickey and goofy T-shirt that has them all dressed up like looking fresh to death and the coolest thing in my opinion Is that the style actually carries on? To the back again this is another shirt that I thought was so stinking cool and I have never seen anything like this before it is so rare to find like a Disney shirt in a regular thrift store So to see so many cool vintage Disney tees at that seller. It was amazing You definitely don’t see anything like this being made nowadays and that is it for today’s haul I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you guys like the pieces that I picked out. If you guys have a favorite piece Let me know down in the comments section because I would love to know I don’t have anything to share today I’m pretty uninteresting right now So I’m gonna pull up today’s quote of the day so we can make life, uh, a little bit more interesting Today’s quote is a good one. It makes you think and it says don’t rush something you want to last forever So think on that as we go into the week, I hope everybody has an amazing rest of your day, rest of the week I hope everybody just has a good month. I’m still shocked. It’s May and that it’s already halfway over I don’t know what’s happening to time. But I hope that things are good for you guys I am always just wishing you the best and all the success and positivity and happiness And I want you guys to know that I love you and I just I hope things are good So yeah, things be good putting it out there in the world. I’m always sending good vibes and prayers your way And yeah, I hope everybody has a good one. I’ll leave it ambiguous a good one. Yeah. Thanks for watching I love you guys lots and I will see you in the next video!

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    What was your favorite item from today's haul? I think mine might be the white linen blazer or the last disney shirt- both such awesome finds. 🙂

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