SUPER EASY Great White Shark Acrylic Canvas Painting Full Tutorial #Sharkweek #Sharkweek2017

SUPER EASY Great White Shark  Acrylic Canvas Painting Full Tutorial #Sharkweek #Sharkweek2017

hi everybody it’s cinnamon Cooney you’re
Art Sherpa and I’m so excited to have you back for another awesome day of
Sherpa shark art week today I’m going to show you how to paint this really cool
and easy shark nose this is really great for beginners be sure and follow me on
Twitter @artsherpa so you can be part of my live tweeting while we watch the show more
information about that is in the description below and remember to check
the iCard for paintings that we’ve already done and keep watching the
channel for tomorrows really full shark painting all right let’s check out our
materials and get started on our awesome shark project let’s look at the foam
materials we’re going to use for today’s great project I have a 9 by 12 canvas
board I have white paint dark blue paint inside of the shark’s mouth red paint I
have sky blue paint I have black paint I have a pencil brushes for acrylic and
some water let me show you how you can draw this shark in so I’ve got a bit of
tracing paper over my canvas so I can show you with the sharpie and you can
really see what I’m doing if this isn’t middle of my canvas I’m
going to go up a couple inches and in the center I’m going to make a little
mark I’m going to come over here and I’m going to draw a curved line all the way
down to the edge of my canvas I’m going to come on this side and draw a curved
line all the way down to the edge of my canvas once I have that done I’m going
to put in my water which is a wave a wave a wave wave wave a wave now I want
to be able to draw the inside of his Sharky mouth where he can be smiling at
us so I’m going to come in and make this curved line for inside his mouth and
then I’m going to come up a little bit on the side and make another parallel
curved line for inside where his little dark shark skin is going to go
that’s the basis now listen guys I’m going to finish up this drawing for you
and turn it into traceable that you can find on my website for links and more
information about that check the description below that’s there for you
anytime and no it is not cheating to trace drawing is just an arts go it’s a
fun one to practice but if you’re not ready for it go ahead and use a tracing
paper that is okay this is a number ten black pearl bright bright means this is
a square brush these filaments are firm and made for acrylic paint I’m going to
get my brush wet and drag off the extra water and I’m going to come to the color
I chose for my sky this is teal paint all of everything above the water and
around the shark’s nose blue rinse out your brush put it to the side now I’ve
got a number six bright this is smaller than the first one and sometimes it’s a
good idea to make your brush smaller I’m going to get my brush wet drag off the
extra water and come make my red I got to paint inside the mouth I’m going to rinse out my brush and get
to my next color so the next color we’re going to do is actually a little bit of
a mix this is sort of interesting so I’m going to get my brush in the water and
drag off the extra now I’m going to come right here to the black I’m not going to
get very much black on my brush because black is a powerful color and I’m going
to mix it together with my blue okay and this is going to make a kind of
blue-black color and now I get to do another fun thing I get to add just a
smidge of white to it just a smidge not a lot smidge is a very specific amount
there you go you don’t want to make it super light but you do want to see the
color that it is and I’m going to paint that color right here so let’s dry our painting for the next
step and what I mean by that is you can either allow it to dry with air or you
can use a hairdryer to dry it clicker when the paint is dry I’m going to show
you the next most fun part of painting putting in those sharp pointy teeth let
me show you a trick on how to get those teeth in better so I have regular kids
chalk that I’ve just sharpened in this pencil sharpener and I’m going to draw
my teeth in with that this takes the pressure off of me to get my teeth just
how I want them alright once I have those sketched in and I like how they
look I can go ahead and paint that in with my small detail brush so this is a
small tiny detail brush it comes it’s round it comes to a sharp point and I’m
going to use it to paint in my teeth I’m going to get it wet and I’m going to
swirl this around this will help my paint slow off my brush better that’s
because my paint is really thick and heavy it’s called heavy body paint and
so sometimes I need to do this step alright I’m loading it up on my brush absolutely shark teeth probably need two
coats of paint let your teeth dry and get the second coat so let’s put in the next color really
cute to the shark grab my number four bright you get a little wet drag off the
extra water and I’m going to make gray gray is black and white see I’m using
just a small amount of black to get my gray it doesn’t take very much black to
get the color you want takes a lot of white to make it lighter and not very
much black to make a darker when you have the color you want and it’s ready
to paint go ahead and paint everything above the teeth in all right we’re ready to black line our
shark and give them some cute adorable little eyeballs I’m going to get back
into my detail brush I’ve gotten all the white paint out of it all the white
paint out and I’m going to get just a little bit on the end of my brush now I
want to put his eyes on the same place on both sides so I’m going to make a
mental note of that and I’m going to come right here pop out a little half
circle for his eyeball come over to the same spot on the other
side and give him a little half circle for his eyeballs just try to make those
as close to the same as you can so I’m going to keep this and I’m going to come
at the top of the nose I’m going to make a nice black line right along his nose
line and I’m going to put in my water so my water is a lot of fun to put in the
first part of my water I want to get is just this blue I’m going to get this
blue all ready to paint in I really like this blue for water I think it’s a great
blue and I’m going to come in and paint all of this but I’m going to show you a
little trick sometimes it’s hard to paint it the edge of your canvas like
this remember that you can turn your canvas over to work the side that’s more
comfortable for you now let’s paint all this in when I have that
coated I can wipe off if I have too much blue paint on my brush and I’m going to
get some just white right here see just like this and I’m going to come at the
top of my waves to make a little white the top of my water so you’ve just
putting a little white the blue paint underneath is still wet so it’s blending
right there in the canvas if I need to wipe off and load it back on the tip I
can do that just a little bit of wave and again remember water is messy so
don’t feel like you’ve got to make yours some kind of perfect bit I’m going to
learn a little of this tongue down my ways alright let’s flip it over and see
how it looks I think maybe just a little bit more white and I’m perfect I’m going
to come right here I just want to make sure that it’s nice and good contrast
alright once that’s done the last thing I have to do is add a reflection so he
looks shiny and a little reflection in his eyes so let me show you how you can
do that I’m going to take my brush and I’m going to make it dry when a brush is
dry and you load paint on it that’s called dry brushing so see I’ve got some
paint on my brush not very much you can even wipe the extra off on your
towel I’m going to come to his nose and I’m going to make a reflection using dry
brushing I’m going to come on the edge of my brush there’s a little reflection
line and his nose and they come on the white of my brush and see how this dry
brushing just leaves a little bit of pigment
right there doesn’t it I’m going to come down and add a couple reflections coming
down the side too so here we go just a few little marks to show that he’s wet
and shiny I’m going to rinse that brush out I’m going to get my detail brush
again come here and load just a little bit right on the tip and on both of his
eyes I’m going to make a little reflection I mean I’m going to come over
here to my little wave and finish my painting I like to finish my painting
thinking about how my signature looks in the composition it makes me look happy
and I like it to be part of what I do oh my gosh guys we painted a smiling nose
shark look at him he’s up he’s all toothy we did it together I cannot wait
to see you on Twitter I hope you’ll definitely come along for the live
tweeting be sure and check the website for those details also check the
playlist for the paintings we’ve already done and keep watching for tomorrow’s
amazing shark painting because it’s Sherpa shark art week be good to
yourselves be good to each other be sure to take a bite out of life and I want to
see you at the easel really soon buh-bye

36 thoughts on “SUPER EASY Great White Shark Acrylic Canvas Painting Full Tutorial #Sharkweek #Sharkweek2017

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