SVA BFA Interior Design

– [Woman] Like, I feel
like this is still fine, ’cause it’s not black. – But it’s a little bit
purpley, you see it? (upbeat music) – [Woman] SVA creates
opportunities for you to be collaborative. I guess if you stare at your
own project for so long, other people might spot
something that you don’t see, which is why … I actually love this studio
because of that; it’s so open. I think the open studio space really helps people collaborate. I came into this department
not fully understanding what interior design actually is. At first a lot of people
confuse decorating and interior design. Interior designing, it’s
more about human behavior, human interaction with interiors. (upbeat music) – [Woman] New York City has a big core inspiration of textbooks. – [Dina] I think New York is mostly great for interior design because
there’s not much space left for architecture, so now
it’s mostly renovating the interiors of the existing buildings. (upbeat music) – Being able to visit a
real working environment like SVA NYC bring me more
expectation of working a real space and also what
kind of company I want to go into. SVA provides me plenty of
opportunities to find a job and be prepared. (upbeat music) We all have different personality. It’s really interesting to
see how other people think about your work. You will feel like, oh never
thought about that, you know? (upbeat music) This career, it’s you. You can’t separate it. It shape your personality,
shape your habits, shape how you see the world. – You start off freshman
year not really knowing what your vision is, what your
aesthetic is, and then towards senior year you finally develop
your own style and it’s very fun to see how you’ve
progressed from freshman to senior year. (upbeat music)

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