71 thoughts on “SVGs Made Simple 3: How to Modify & Customize SVG Cut Files in Cricut Design Space

  1. Totally overwhelmed Will have to rewatch the videos. However I’m totally enjoying them. You re a wonderful teacher and really explain things that even i as a senior can understand. Thank you

  2. Jennifer, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your informative videos. You have been a life saver! I got the Cricut without a clue of how to make anything on it. I cried a lot even after watching countless tutorials. I kind of consider myself a computer dummy but with your awesome tutorials I can say I am learning tons and making lots of fun stuff. I never expected there would be so much to learn about this little machine. I have messed up a lot and wasted a lot of money on vinyl (didn't know there were so many different kinds) but I am not giving up! Thank you again!

  3. Hi Jennifer! I used to know how to do this, but then I had heard Cricut changed some things. So I very much appreciate this refresher!! I know Illustrator is expensive, but what about Inkscape? How much is that? You're a wonderful teacher with such a soothing voice! Thank you SO VERY MUCH!

  4. Love watching your videos. You make it so easy to follow your instructions. You get right to the point, know where you are going and what you are planning on showing us. I get so confused watching some other people’s videos, because they are going from one thing to another, and not staying on tract.

  5. Thank you Jennifer, I’m a new subscribers and a new Cricut Maker owner and have been binge watching your videos for the last 3 days. You are instructive and entertaining. Again thank and keep up the good work. 😝😆

  6. Thank you Jennifer I just binged watched all 3 videos. This may seem like a silly question but, you mentioned instructions to SVG's where are these located?

  7. I am not being mean, but your e-mails are OUT OF CONTROL. Of course, you need to run your business as you see fit, but I felt forced to unsubscribe as a result of your aggressive e-mail campaign. I have purchased your products in the past, not just used your free content, but the aggressiveness of your sales approach has become very off putting to me. I'll still watch your videos and give you thumbs up though.

  8. PLEASE MAKE MORE WEDDING DIY VIDEOS. Im not a guy this is my fiancé and I's youtube account but I freakin love your wedding invitations! We are using your design for our invitations and RSVP cards and I absolutely adore them. I would love it if you did more wedding DIY tutorials! we can get through this together!

  9. Great tutorials! I'm not a beginner but I still learned pointers that are very helpful. Please give more information about your course on making SVG files. Thanks!

  10. Thank you for your tutorials they are very helpful. Your teaching technique is very soft and not rushed, like other videos. Question, can i print on card stock or does it have to be on printer paper and what printer is best for theses projects?

  11. The way I look at attaching is just like if I stapled all my papers together. Thanks Jennifer for all your help I always learn something from you. You are awesome!!!

  12. Love the way you changed the eyes. Now they really look more natural because from what I can see they look like eyes with eyelids. This has been a fantastic series & I learned so much. You are an awesome teacher. Thank you

  13. What is the “Flatten” feature for? What does it do?

    Also, sometimes when I weld two layers together, it fills in part of my design. For example, I have a row of interlocking circles. I want to weld two or more rows together to make a stencil. When I did this, several of my circles filled in, not all, but several. I have had this happen with numbers and other shapes I have tried to weld. Usually if I space them further apart it takes care of the problem, but then my design isn’t spaced the way I want it to be.

    Any suggestions?


  14. Hello Jennifer!! Thank you so much for this videos this is so helpful. i cant change anything in the svg file i am downloading from you liberary. like you have made with year 2016 but if i want to put 2019 it wont let me change it. can you get back to me on that please

  15. Love your tutorials!!! Please share your details about your SVG Cut Above Design Course.
    Thank You!!

  16. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. I downloaded the 3 files. Thank you. I was not able to leave a comment on that site. Every time I chose the comment box it would just throw me out again. So I’m leaving it here.
    I have only recently found you on YouTube and I am so glad I did. I love your videos and you are so generous with your knowledge and time. Thank you so much for sharing.

  17. Hi Jennifer, An other great video, thank you for showing it in silhouette program too, I have a portrait machine, TFS, Cheers Anna.

  18. U helped me figure it out where I have had issues randomly with my Files , what I've missed is myself subconsciously double clicking the file!!!

  19. I would love to know the details and cost of your SVG Cut Above Design Course. Thank you for sharing these free videos with us. They are great!

  20. Oh my gosh, I just got my cricut a couple of weeks ago and I feel like I'm in over my head! Lol, your tutorials are the only thing that makes sense to me, thank you so much. I desperately need to enroll in your Cut Above SVG Design Coarse. Please send more info!

  21. I have enrolled in your Cut Above course, I want to learn how to make SVGs and I hope your course will help me. I want to make SVGs from the logos from the different schools in our area. But they are in the pdf file and I need to know how to do this. Is it possible? I want to put the logos on night lights to sell at craft fairs.

  22. As someone who does a lot of SVG designing (and I give the file links for free) I agree that it is a good idea to know how to use your software to the best of its capacity. My iPad gets a lot of use! Concepts is a great vector app if you like to draw your own freehand designs – they can be exported as SVGs (or other formats for tracing); Each line remains fully editable. Procreate is great too but you need to trace the results. I don't have a Cricut, I use Sure Cuts a Lot if I want to design from shapes, I have a Silver Bullet Platinum to actually do the cutting. I always think it a waste to have a cutter and not know how to use the software with it, you miss out on so much!

  23. Great tutorials – looking forward to putting what I learned into a project. I have had my Cricut Explore One for 3 years and just learning to use it – with all thanks to finding you! Thanks again for great tutorials !

  24. Hi Jennifer! Thank you for this awesome and detailed video! 🎉🥰

    I use cricut to cut my cake toppers and recently decided to make boxes and purchased the Silhouette studio business edition to make better designs and save it as an .svg file to be able to open it in CricutDesignSpace but when I send the files, all the cut marks are saved as dashed score lines and I'm unable to add a fill pattern or color. Can you tell me how to fix this?

    Or anyone that would kindly read this message and knows how to fix this, I'd very much appreciate it.

    Thank youuuu!

  25. Hi Jennifer, I have watched this video 5 times now and I'm sure its all me but now I'm stick at the heart eyes and I already detached and ungroup it but I can't go any further bc there is no place to "slice it" please tell me what I'm doing wrong. Thank you!

  26. i have tried getting images of the net and turning them into svg files but cricut always says not compatible in design space I'm trying to layer finals for different colours

  27. Do you treat photographs the same way? Or perhaps just print those on an inkjet and do the cutting yourself? I just ordered my cricut today and am very enthused about using it.

  28. I'm new and challenged with technology….
    I just binge watched all 3 videos in this series. I am feeling more confident and some questions I had were answered. Thank you!

  29. WOW! Amazing tutorial. I put myself on the waiting list for the Cut Above SVG Design Course! THANK YOU once again for your videos!

  30. this videos showed me what so many of the buttons are used for. I had no idea you could change cut to score. Thank you!!!!!!

  31. Jennifer I have watched all 3 videos on svg files .Watching you show how to do this was great for me because I can learn by watching than reading.Thank you .Before I found your video I was very frustrated now I feel I can do it.Thank You again. Carol

  32. Thank you for your tutorials – on reading a lot of on line comments the stages of buying a cricut maker are , pure joy at the purchase, pure joy at opening the box and taking it out, apprehension at connecting it – over whelmed to use it. I am now on the next stage enthused to start playing around with it. Keep up the good work.

  33. Would love a tutorial on cleaning up an image that you download from Google Images. There has got to be a better way.

  34. Oh my of all the channels on YT you are the best teacher I have seen. I have wanted someone to actually teach about graphic vector manipulation for years now. I messed with Inkspace and Photoshop etc but have given up in frustration. You need to do more like this please design patterns fonts etc. I am not a crafter I build miniature dioramas for people and have started to look at automation as opposed to hand creation do to the overwhelming request for the minis and finally you have been able to get me started on that process. Can't wait to see more content from you. The course sounds great as well. Thank you so much for being so good Dr Dave

  35. I am a super newbie to the Cricut Maker. I bought it so I could cut fabric accurately for quilting, but since finding you I hope to learn many other things to do with my machine. I would be interested in your design course for SVGs that you mentioned in this video. The only thing I have done so far is the introductory project that came with the machine and fabric smile faces. So – I need lots of help!

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