Sweeping Compounds – Cleaning Dust & Debris Off Concrete | DIY Home Improvement

Sweeping Compounds – Cleaning Dust & Debris Off Concrete | DIY Home Improvement

Welcome back to Albany County Fasteners – Fasteners 101. I’m Bob and today, I’m going to show you how to use some
sweeping compound on a concrete floor. This concrete floor has spackle dust, concrete dust, or masonry dust, from grinding and many other things along with construction debris dust. Every time I walk down here this is what I have: dust on my slippers or shoes and it just tracks throughout the house. So we’re gonna clean this up now. Before we do that, please like, share, and subscribe to my channel. So let’s get started. So I have here the sweeping compound. Sweeping Compounds are made up of a few products: sawdust, sand, some oil, and water. This is a 50-pound bag. So I have about 1500 square feet plus some stairs to hit. I think this will do it. I might have some left over at the end. You don’t really have to use a lot of it. I also have some 33 gallon garbage liners. I have two brooms: a regular broom for the stairs and I have a push broom. In the corners I’m gonna use this. I have a cutter or utility knife. I have a little painters can here that I can put some of the product in so I have to walk around with this 50-pound bag. Too much work. I have a dustpan that can pick the product up so I can dispose of it. So we’re going to start spreading the
product now. So let’s go. You just take this stuff and kind of fling it so it spreads. Now I’m going to go up the stairs. I’m going to take this regular room and I’m going to start at the top and work my way down the stairs. Pick up all this dust on the way down. Always get the top of the base molding because there’s all kinds of dust on them. You have to move this stuff around. You can’t just sweep it up. Move it back and around so it gets all the dust. This is looking pretty good. Afterwards you can take a small vacuum or a shopvac to it if you want. Make sure you get into all the corners to clean up the sweeping compound. You can see this was dark red. Now you can see the dust in it and it has become lighter in color. So this is definitely working. Some may say, “Well why don’t you just use a shopvac?” The problem with just using a shopvac… …is that shopvac will just blow dust around. There’s only so much that it will hold as far as dust goes. It gets in the filter and it gets clogged up and once it gets clogged up… …it doesn’t do the job anymore and the dust gets blown out the back end and you have the same problem. You’ll have to use a vacuum to clean out the corners of the stairs afterwards to give it a fine cleaning. These corners are hard to get to with a broom. You can use a paint brush if you don’t want to use a vacuum or a shopvac. A painter’s brush with stiff bristles can get in there. The other thing that the sweeping compound does is it prevents the dust from flying around the air as you’re cleaning the floor. Which is really what you want because you don’t want the dust to fly around. It’ll just settle back down again. You’ll walk down here with your shoes or your slippers and there will be dust all over again. Now once this stuff looks like that it’s no longer absorbing dust, don’t use it. It’s time to apply some more sweeping compound to the floor. (We’ll just pick that up afterwards) That’s what I’m gonna do. So you saw that I went around and I spread the sweeping compound throughout this area. There’s still a little dust around, but not much. Did it do the job? I believe it did. I used about a quarter of that 50-pound bag so far. I still have a little bit more to do but you get to the jist of what I’m doing here; what’s involved in doing this. It is a good workout that’s for sure. I used about two-thirds of that sweeping compound total. I used one garbage bag for this project. So 2/3 of the bag for 1,500 square feet… Your getting about 300 square feet per 1/3 of the bag. You can do it a third time; I did two applications of the sweeping compound. You could do three applications if you wanted it for 1,500 square feet. I did use the shopvac, as you will see in the videos, to go around the edges and to do the expansion joints. To clean the mechanical room, to clean the steps, I did use a shop vac for those spots. I wouldn’t use a shop vac to clean all the sweeping compound up. I did put it into a garbage bag to get rid of it. Overall, I am really happy with the
results. It’s very clean down here. In the second application I did not have debris in the air like I had the first time. So it did do the project very well. Is it 100%? Absolutely not. If there’s any questions you have, put them down below. If you liked what you saw please share and like my videos. Subscribe. I do read the questions and the responses. If you have a question I’m more than happy to answer it for you. Thanks for watching.

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  1. I showed this to a friend who didn’t know about this product. You explained it very well except you didn’t mention that if you have any left in the bag you gotta get the air out and close the bag up.

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