SWTAD Nerlie Preschool Nursery Rhymes ! Toys and Dolls Fun for Kids with Toy Babies & Toddlers

Storieswithdolls: This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home. This little piggy had roast beef, and this
little piggy had none. This little piggy cried wa-wa-wa, all the way home! Hi everyone!! Stories With Dolls here!!! Today we’re here with the babies at school
singing some nursery rhymes for circle time! In another video, I went through and described the babies’ entire school routine, and during what time they do each thing. If you haven’t seen that video, I’ll leave the link here and in the description box! Atole: Can we show our Stories with Dolls
friends the Humpy Dumpy poem? Churro: (laughs) Atole: Why are you laughing, Churro? Churro: Because you said Humpy Dumpy! And it’s not called Humpy Dumpy, it’s HumpTy DumpTy, with a “t”! Humpty Dumpty! (laughs) Atole: I can say it however I want Churro! Storieswithdolls: I know what’s wrong. Humpty Dumpty is an English word, so it’s a bit hard for the babies to pronounce it at first. And speaking of English, today I wrote “good morning” on the board, instead of “Buenos dias” which is good morning in Spanish. Since the Distroller store has officially opened in the US, I decided it would be a good idea to start teaching the babies in English, since they were originally learning in Spanish. But going back to Atole’s idea, yes of course Atole! I can say the Humpty Dumpty poem again, so that all our friends can hear it! Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king’s horses and all the king’s
men, couldn’t put Humpty together again. And now, let’s move on to another really
fun activity! Today I brought a Beauty and the Beast surprise egg! Atole: Yay! Beauty and the Beast! Storieswithdolls: Ooh, this egg is so pretty! And it says we push here to release the surprise. Oooo they’re jellybeans! Zygotihoppy: Aww, I wanted them to be surprise toys! Storieswithdolls: Oh, don’t worry Zygotihoppy! Because the next activity we’re going to
do has surprise toys! And I hid the surprise toys in these containers filled with slime! Now, these slime containers are really cool, because they’re supposed to be from different planets. And now, let’s see what surprises we find
in this space slime! Let’s start with the sun slime. It’s a fire red color. Ooh, I see the surprise there! And it’s soft, and kind of wet-ish, kind of cold. A pair of feet! And a hand! Okay babies, who do you think it is? This surprise has blue hands and white feet. Navarie: Me! Me! Storieswithdolls: Ok, Navarie, tell us who you think it is. Navarie: A smurf! Storieswithdolls: Friends, Navarie thinks it’s a smurf. Let’s see if she’s right! (laughs) Yes!! Navarie was right!! It’s a smurf! I have to save him from all this space slime! Here he is!! I don’t recognize him… It looks like it could be Clumsy Smurf, but
I’m not completely sure. Oh! And here we have something else! What could it be? Let’s see. It’s like a scorpion or a dragonfly! This insect is super weird, but it’s the smurf’s! And let’s go in order of the solar system,
so Mercury is next! Mercury is the closest planet to the sun. Wow! The Mercury slime is super galactic. Look at what a pretty silver color! And let’s see what we find in here. Friends, I have no idea what this could be. Let’s see if the babies know. Okay babies, what do you think this Mercury slime has? Because it’s several different colors. Here we have green, here we have blue, and here we have red. Churro: I know! I know! Storieswithdolls: Okay, Churro, tell us!! Churro: Laser fingers! Storieswithdolls: Laser fingers?! Oh! I see, we put them here, and this light turns on, and they’re different colors! So they’re like colorful flashlights that go
on your fingers! How fun!! We saw the sun, we saw Mercury, what planet comes after Mercury? Pepito: I know!!! Storieswithdolls: Tell us Pepito! Pepito: Venus is next!! Storieswithdolls: Yes! You’re right, Pepito! And after Mercury is Venus! And look at what a beautiful color Venus is! It’s like an orange color. But it also looks like the sun, because there’s some yellow here. But here on the bottom it’s more orange-y. Ooh, I found the surprise! Let’s see what it is, what could it be? Oh, I think I know what it is! It’s Bubbles, from the Powerpuff Girls! And she comes with a stand!! Let’s rescue Bubbles from the Venus slime. Bubbles is so cute!! Atole: I like Bubbles! Can I have her? Storieswithdolls: Yes of course Atole. Here’s Bubbles. Atole: Yay!!! Storieswithdolls: Okay babies, what planet comes after Venus? Oh, none of the babies know. Ohhh, well I’ll tell you! It’s a planet that’s super important for us. It’s the planet Earth! Where we live! And the slime is like a beautiful galactic
blue slime color. Wow! How pretty! (laughs) that looks like an eye! Or–or an octopus!! Let’s see what surprise the planet Earth
comes with. Let’s look over here. Ooh, it’s yellow. Hmm, what is it? It’s so weird! Ohh, it’s a chicken!! (laughs) And they’re rubber!! They can stretch, and I think they’re for
jokes or pranks. Maybe you’re supposed to throw them. And our next planet is Mars!! Mars is my favorite planet!! And let’s take a look at the slime! It’s like a metallic red color. Ooh! It’s falling! (sing-songy) And it fell! Let’s see what’s inside! What could it be? Hmm, it’s a brown foot. What could it be? It looks like a dog! Oh, who could it be, who could it be? (gasp) It’s Suma! From Paw Patrol! (laughs) And here we have another one. Who could it be? Another doggie from Paw Patrol!! Her name is Sky!!! Yay! We have two of the Paw Patrol dogs!! Churro: I want the Paw Patrol doggies!! Storieswithdolls: Okay Churro, here you are! The next planet is…Jupiter! Churro: Jupiter! That one’s my favorite! Storieswithdolls: Tell us Churro, why do you like Jupiter? Churro: Because it’s the biggest one!!! Storieswithdolls: Oh yes, you’re very right Churro. Jupiter is the biggest planet of all! And let’s see what surprise comes in this
Jupiter slime. Sandi: I know what it is! I know what it is! Storieswithdolls: Tell us Sandi! Sandi: It’s a Rubix Cube!! Storieswithdolls: Oh, it looks like Sandi’s right! Let’s see, let’s take it out of here. (gasp) Sandi’s right! It’s a Rubix cube! Ohh, how fun! And it’s just the right size for the babies
so that they can play! And after Jupiter, we have Saturn! Zygotihoppy: Saturn is my favorite planet!! Storieswithdolls: Ooh, very nice Zygotihoppy!! I bet it’s because of it’s cool rings, huh? And it comes in a beautiful combination of colors. It’s yellow with light pink. And let’s see what surprise it comes with! Let’s see if I can tell… Ohh, I think I know what it is!! Churro: It’s another Smurf!! Storieswithdolls: And Churro is totally right!! And I know for certain that this one is Brainy Smurf, my favorite! (laughs) And with his glasses we always know who he is! And it looks like he comes with something. Ooh, it’s a ladybug!! Next planet!! Uranus!! And it’s like a purple color. Mmm, this one smells like grape. Hmm, what’s inside? Oh! I know who it is!! It’s one of the villains from the Powerpuff girls!! And just like Bubbles, he comes with his stand. Friends, if you guys know what this character’s name is, if you could please tell me in the comments! And it looks like he’s surfing (laughs). And since they said that Pluto is no longer a planet, that means that the last planet in our solar system is Neptune! Oooo the slime looks like the same color as Earth’s! It’s out, it’s out!! It’s falling, it’s falliiiiing! And it fell (laughs). Let’s see what surprise Neptune has for us. Hmm, what could it be? I have absolutely no idea what this could be! Oh, I know what it is!! It’s a Palace Pet!! And it comes with this trumpet, and with this crown that I think goes here on her head. Oh! And I found this little stage to put her on! Friends, in the comments, let me know which surprise you liked best!

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