Synthetic Indoor Snowballs

Synthetic Indoor Snowballs

Start an indoor snowball
fight with Snowtime Anytime. Aren’t you hot in
that coat, dude? The synthetic snowballs
transform your living-room into a winter Wonderland. Although they’re made of dry,
soft, cotton-like, fibrous material, each snowball feels
like crunchy, compact snow. You might imagine
throwing them would be as difficult as
throwing a wad of cotton, but you can really wallop
someone in the face with these. It doesn’t even hurt. And Snowtime balls are
unlikely to break your stuff, no matter how you throw them. Challenge accepted. Siri, play my
snowball-throwing music. The time is now 4:43 AM. Come on. I told you I could
break something. Each case of Snowtime
Anytime includes 30 balls, which is enough for
everybody to join in the fun. Buy Snowtime Anytime
now, at Vat19 dot com. Set your cameras to slow motion.

100 thoughts on “Synthetic Indoor Snowballs

  1. Thanks vat19 because it NEVER snows here in california or arizona OR mexicali its all desert sooooooooo hot sadly if you buy 🍫 chocolate it melts in a minute 😭😡🙄

  2. 0:25 when Everyone is laughing and I don't understand the joke
    0:25 When I wake up in the morning
    0:25 My mind on the test and the snowball is me punching my brain

  3. 0:34 they obviously don’t know what it means to be the professional breaker in the house 😂 totally pointing at me

  4. By the way my snowballs hurt because I crush them down to ice and then I lob them at people's backs when they're bending over to pick up more snow

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