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Mixed Media Art On Canvas – Painting Tutorial

Mixed Media Art On Canvas – Painting Tutorial

Gesso Stencil Homemade modeling paste Laser cut wooden objects Cheesecloth Scented Stone Gesso Scented Stone Glue them with a strong adhesive Gesso Acrylic paints Water Magenta Pistachio Green Turquoise Brown White acrylic paint I want to add some shining with transparent cristal modeling paste Adding…

I PAINTED OVER One of My OLD Paintings…?? | 12 Days of Giving
Low-cost DIY Wall Decor | Acrylic Art

Low-cost DIY Wall Decor | Acrylic Art

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever,” said John Keats. The thing about beautiful things is every time you look at them, you just feel a little bit better about yourselves. You might be having a hard day but just looking at that beautiful…

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acrylic painting on canvas | Flower painting technique | BLUE | easy canvas painting for beginners
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