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Think you can spot a bargain. This living room is filled with affordable home decor ideas you can use. In a room without any built-in fireplace or trim work, add structure with a two-tone paint jack. Use a light and dark shade from the same…

Tour of My Home Decor Store!

Tour of My Home Decor Store!

Hello, my name is Jennifer Davenport and today’s video is going to be about JD’s, my store. I thought I would give you a tour so let’s start walking through I want to show you some areas. At JD’s we try to create different vignettes…

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Hello I’m Jennifer with Jennifer Decorates and in today’s video it’s all about a home tour of one of our very favorite clients- stay tuned. Well it was decorating day and I took along my daughter-in-law, Alice, which you’ve probably seen in a video before….

Interior Decorating Ideas : How to Arrange the Family Room
Model Home Tour | Interior Design

Model Home Tour | Interior Design

I’m headed over to the model home. I’m so excited to show you because it’s been a several month project that the JD’s team has been working on. I’m very excited that the Jones company hired us to decorate this model we decorated it from…

Interior Decorating Ideas : Choosing Color Schemes to Decorate With
36 Blue Home Decorating Ideas | Interior Design
DIY Crystal Scoppio Spheres | Luxe Decor For Less | Z Gallerie Inspired – Home Decor Ideas
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