Finishing layer plaster cement effect – Soul Cement – Metropolis by Ivas
Holiday Party Decor | All Things Adrienne

Holiday Party Decor | All Things Adrienne

– What’s up, everybody? (festive music) I am super excited because it is officially week two of the Holidays with Kin, and we are throwing the coolest holiday party. I’m excited that my part is creating some beautiful decor. To check out what everyone else…

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Michigan Home Decorated with 60,000 Ornaments

Setting up the Christmas Walk takes a lot of teamwork and a lot of man-hours. Probably from August until we start the Christmas Walk in December we spend at least 40 hours every week putting up the trees. My name is Diane Kodet. I am…

Christmas Wreath Tutorial | DIY Wreath Idea | Christmas DIY Decorations 2019 / 2020
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