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Home Decor Trends 2020| Colors and Styling

Home Decor Trends 2020| Colors and Styling

Hey, it’s Karen welcome back to another episode of Sweet Magnolia Home. Today we’re going to be talking home decor trends of 2020. So about every five years you see a drastic change in home decor and starting 2020 You’re gonna see that change so…

How to Paint Walls : How to Paint Base Board Corners

How to Paint Walls : Supplies for Painting Walls

Hi, I’m Dan and today I’m doing demonstration for We are going to discuss the basics that you need to start painting projects in your home. You would need your paint, you need to choose your colors, and there would be a few simple…

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Painting Doors | Benjamin Moore

Painting Doors | Benjamin Moore

Many professional painters suggest removing doors and placing them on saw horses or blocks to make them easier to paint. Now you wanna take out the hinge pins to remove the door. If you have the time and space, this method will give you the…