47 Wonderful Tile Home Decor Ideas [P2]

LEARN TO PAINT-Art lessons ,abstract modern contemporary art

WOMAN: Glenn Farquhar’s artistic expression and vast range of works capture one’s inspiration, imagination and appreciation.>>GLENN: And now I’m gonna show you something a little bit different. What I like to show people is, how simple and easy it is to create artwork for your…

Low-cost DIY Wall Decor | Acrylic Art

Low-cost DIY Wall Decor | Acrylic Art

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever,” said John Keats. The thing about beautiful things is every time you look at them, you just feel a little bit better about yourselves. You might be having a hard day but just looking at that beautiful…

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10 DIY Decor Project for White Living Room

10 DIY Decor Project for White Living Room

When you can’t decide what colour will be the best backdrop for your living room, you can always rely on white as it is clean, serene, and easy to the eyes. However, it can be stark too, which can make people feel reluctant to stay…

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