Meet the Red Reef Wall Mural Artists – Kristin Pavlick
Jessie and Katey to Design New Mural at MICA Dolphin Design Center
Alley Cats Mural – San Francisco Firehouse Station 1 – School of Fine Art
“Urbs in Horto” – A New Mural by Louise “Ouizi” Jones
Fantastic Food Garden Mural, Exquisite Corps, Featherwood  Frames, Art-o-Mat
Banksy murals sell at controversial auction

Banksy murals sell at controversial auction

Two murals by the graffiti artist Banksy have sold for less than expected at an auction in the United States. The two pieces fetched £90,000 between them at an event in Beverly Hills. One of the works up for auction was a large street mural…

Unveiling the Mural Inside UK’s Memorial Hall: What’s Next?

We’re unveiling the mural this week it’s been covered for several months. We triggered a conversation campus-wide and throughout our community and through the conversation broad-based, recommendations, faculty, students’, community members we see a path for it. The mural as it stands alone projects an…

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